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  1. Lock screen doesn't work for me as well.
  2. eddie_the_man

    I gotta say... The sound is amazing.

    Yes... That's what I'm using. Updated from Play Store.
  3. Besides the changes of the app.. I'm using version 793.. it is very clear that it has a very powerful sound... And that's the main point. The Hi Res works perfectly. I guess the look it's kind of strange now with some bugs.. still missing features from previous versions. The lock screen doesn't work for me. Shuffle is broken. Timer (who ever used it?) in the main player screen ..But .. updates are coming.
  4. So... Recently updated for 793... Disappointed with something's.. pleased with others... I use Android 8.0. - shuffle doesn't work (only on top rated) - why timer (never used) and visualization on player screen?! - ugly black color (album artist song) on player screen hiding the album art - seekbar very difficult to use - why top rated playlist displays the thumb in different direction? - I miss the ability to "choose album size" feature - lock screen don't work - no "hide status bar" feature - why some artist images are displayed in rounded shape and others in oval in the artist category? - don't agree by displaying album image in categories/playlists (like genres). - bugs on Bluetooth ... Button actions don't work. These are the ones that come to my mind now...Ok.. thanks!!
  5. eddie_the_man

    Please add this feature

    Don't you need hi res tracks for thenlogo to appear?! I'm using Sony phones for some time and I never saw that in the Music app.
  6. eddie_the_man

    A weird bug

    It worked by turning off DVC although the sound is not so good. @andrewilley
  7. eddie_the_man

    A weird bug

    Gonna try... Thanks. I even bought a Bluetooth earphones because thinking the headphone jack was broken. Update.. High Definition output options says that is impossible to turn off DVC. Always on.
  8. eddie_the_man

    A weird bug

    So... Im using XZ1 Compact.. android 8.0 Connecting earphones and I choose the High Resolution option output the headphone jack dont work... only speakers.. the other options work pretty fine. Any of you with similar problem?
  9. I want to hear music... no sound at all!! Need help! Gonna uninstall... its better.
  10. In me case the sound doesn't come out from speakers... Only with earphones.
  11. I updated it... But only works with earphones... No sound in the phone speakers. Using xz1 compact. Android 8.0
  12. My honest thoughts - after 5mns of using it... I had to uninstall it.. Like it says not ready for day-to-day usage. Misses many basic stuff.
  13. Does not work for me. Crashes. Can not even start. Oh well.. Using android 8.0 on xz1 compact
  14. So for the past week I had the "cant verify purchase" error/warning for like 3 times... and the app stops. I dont have an Internet subscription, its one of the reasons i prefer apps like Poweramp, and I dont have any plans to have it in the future - its simply not worth it... . I hope that this app doesn't become an "always online app" for that I go for Tidal or something similar.. Im using the latest version of Poweramp with a Sony XZ1 Compact with Android 8.0. thanks