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  1. When scrolling up in a big playlist the header options should pop-up ... Avoiding the need to scroll everything until the top.
  2. Everytime I need to login to the forum I always need to reset password.. and.then if I try two times... I get account blocked. Never works. A fix would be nice.
  3. Yeah I know... But still all my.created playlists are gone as well with all my ratings. Vanished.
  4. So... I had this file that didn't disappear from library (even after deleted with an external app ... And rescan).. so I use the action "delete file" option. The app crashed.. all my playlists were empty, including top rated, most played and recently played. All ratings gone as well. Using Xperia xz1c Android 9.
  5. Great new update (finally search in settings)... But for some reason the album artwork just got bigger in the UI... Overlapping the song name.
  6. Yes I am... The alternative layout moves song name/artist/album below art... The 3 dots are still there.
  7. Can you remove the 3 dots from the top of the album art!! 😉 Thanks
  8. Yop!! Agree... It's annoying to not be able to read a song/album/artist name.
  9. When the song/artist/album name is to big... This is what happens. Also...why did you moved that info bellow the cover (great) and the 3 dots remain on top of it? Thanks
  10. exactly... very weird... the file its prety normal, works everywhere.. but Poweramp scan dont read it. good bug for the developer figure out.
  11. Hi! So this file doesn't work with Poweramp.. Other files in the same folder/album work as usual.. kind of strange.. and yes the folder is ticked/selected!! Can you try it for yourself? What was the result. Thanks 01 - Heading Out To The Highway.mp3
  12. Hei.. one of the files is this one... thanks...... Also the file plays in the phone default player 01 - Heading Out To The Highway.mp3
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