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Found 54 results

  1. Irene C.

    embedded lyrics

    Would it be asking of the moon, if I ask, nay, beg for embedded lyrics option? Or , at least, does one know an alternative to musicmatch? Cannot stand the ads! How can I embed lyrics in Poweramp? @flyingdutchman can this be done through New Playlist Manager? Thank you
  2. Requesting support for showing lyrics with Line Time Tags from [LYRICS / SYNCEDLYRICS / UNSYNCEDLYRICS] tags. Poweramp can show the lyrics with line time tags, (first image) but does not support recognizing them, unlike the one from Blackplayer for example (second image) where the lyrics are synced and shown accordingly, which is the only feature stopping me from using Poweramp aside from Android Auto support.
  3. I think it would be a biggest time saviour thing made in history. Make this possible guys!
  4. Hello, I love the lyrics Poweramp lyrics feature. Most of my songs I added the lyrics with foobar. The foobar player makes it possible to add tags like unsynced lyrics. This works very good for me. But some lyrics are not shown completely in Poweramp. When I'm looking in foobar the lyrics are complete, but Poweramp stops showing at some random point. In most cases the lyrics are very long. Are there some limits? (only XXX characters?) Why Poweramp is not showing the complete lyrics, that are saved?
  5. Hi.I'm a user from China. Thanks for the lateset update. I used to use .lrc files to storage lyrics. But I have 1000+ songs in my phone so it's too inconvenient to edit every music tags and add lyrics into the tags. musiXmatch is rubbish. It takes up too much screen space. And for some political reasons it's extremely slow and instable in China. So could you please add a feature that allows Poweramp to read and show local lyric when playing music? Other music players in google play like retro music are all supporting local lyrics. Thansk a lot if maxmp or andre can read this topic. p.s apologize for my poor English...
  6. I tried to figure out what's the latest on Musixmatch "plugin", should it work "from within" Poweramp or not? In other words, should it be possible to hit "lyrics" from within Poweramp and Poweramp would then call Musixmatch in order to retrieve lyrics. In 709 there is a setting for lyrics under Player UI, where you can select "Ask", "Auto", "Musixmatch plugin" or "From Tags". Regardless of setting I always get the same "No lyrics tag found in song" when I ask for lyrics. In 795 the setting for lyrics is gone and if I ask for lyrics, then I get first a "No lyrics found in the song" and the option to SEARCH, if I search I get the message "all programs connected to this action are either disabled, blocker or not installed" (freely translated from Swedish). Should it work so that lyrics can be requested from within the Poweramp GUI? I really don't want to have the floating Musixmatch running in the background, as it's quite rarely that I want to check lyrics. It was just great the way it worked in v2.
  7. Hallo I searched a while till I found how Poweramp handles lyrics-tags: it is in the mp3-tag "LYRICS", very easy When I need a unsynced Lyrics-Tag in a song, I use Vanilla Music with the Lyrics Plugin and write it with that. A feature in Poweramp to download directly into the tag would be nice. Android 7.0 with Poweramp beta-build-793-play (Full version). Thanks, frank
  8. I see that musixmatch opened API for developers @Max can you make it work for Poweramp V3. May be it's a subscription based service for the users or Dev have to pay for once I don't know how it's going to work but if you can do this it will be great thing to have https://developer.musixmatch.com
  9. ultimat3pro

    Synchronized Lyrics

    I know the lyrics feature is not implemented in version 3 yet. Is it possible for us to get synchronized lyrics from tag (something like what MusicXmatch does, but offline by reading it from the tag)? Of course this will require the lyrics to be written in format (timestamped) where it can be read based on what part of the song is playing. May I suggest what you get when you open a .srt file with notepad. srt files are typically used to provide subtiitle/captions in youtube . Because of this,the output when you open .srt file with notepad is typically timestamped in this fashion: 1 00:00:34,133 --> 00:00:44,956 some lyrics...........some lyrics.......some lyrics 2 00:00:45,805 --> 00:00:52,973 some lyrics...........some lyrics.......some lyrics 3 00:00:53,281 --> 00:00:58,066 some lyrics...........some lyrics.......some lyrics with this, lyrics can be probably displayed in sync with the part of the song being played. A little of UI modification can also fully accommodate this: Possible suggestions: 1) a settings that allows the user to choose between visualization or synced lyrics (when present) 2) There is a little bit of space left for a new button between the timer and repeat button 3) The lyrics button under info/tag in the triple dot menu should also be fine as long as it updates as the song goes along.
  10. * Add an option to edit/attach lyrics to a song manually. * Add features to Poweramp as on mp3tag editor and metaX. * Add a feature to identify a song, like soundhound or shazam , which helps to identify song immediately. * Add ftp support for hear from another machine. *Add features like surround compressor , support vst plugins available on Audio workstations like Sonar platinum. Cubase pro , Fl studio.
  11. So as far as PA 704 goes (790 still doesn't have lyrics implemented), it can show lyrics in this sort of a pop up window, but whenever you tap ANYWHERE, the lyrics window disappears, so you can't control the track while reading thr lyrics. My request to be able to see the lyrics while still being able to control the sound track. Maybe have the lyrics replace the album art area or something. I dont know. Thank you.
  12. Hello, I do not know if you know Metatogger, this excellent tag editor that works with Windows. It offers many functions to do mass treatment. Among other elementary functions, it allows to introduce embedded covers but also lyrics that will automatically load from the database Wikia.com Everything is fine when I get these tags with Poweramp except for lyrics. When I use the Poweramp "lyrics" feature, I get the message "no lyrics found in the track tags" Who could give me an explanation Who could tell me how introduce lyrics in Poweramp Is there a possibility to recover the lyrics that I registered with Metatogger? Thank you for help
  13. Version & Build No: 2.0.10-build-588-uni Device model: GT-S5360 Android Version: 2.3.6 ROM: Stock Screenshot: : Extra Info: The lyrics are stored in the MP3, but I checked the MP3 on Mp3Tag and the lyrics is complete. This also happens with several MP3's as well.
  14. Hello... I need assistance here I had mp3 with lyrics embedded on it.. i used pc software called mp3tag in tagging lyrics... The lyrics was tag under "UNSYNCEDLYRICS" on mp3tag.. Then when i play it on Poweramp the mp3 was playing just like normal but after i command it to show lyrics on the upper right menu it prompt that the mp3 has no lyrics tag on it... So i want to know if tagging lyrics on "UNSYNCEDLYRICS" is right or ill need to change it?
  15. Please día can you add download lyrics please?
  16. Hi all, I am currently putting lyrics for all songs into the tags of my music collection, but I wonder in which tag Poweramp expects the lyrics to show for the current song. I am using mp3tag and tried putting the lyrics into the fields 'UNSYNCEDLYRICS' and 'LYRICS' - both did result in Poweramp saying it could not find any embedded lyrics. So which field do I have to use to make Poweramp recognize the embedded lyrics? All files I use are in Ogg Vorbis format, so the tagging technique is Vorbis Comment. Thanks for any help!
  17. AudiOw


    If I add lyrics via mp3tag to the Unsynced Lyrics, would they properly appear on the Poweramp player when playing the song? Or do I need to add them to another tab in the mp3tag?
  18. Please make a fast and easy, 1 tap access to lyrics. Make a button. If you don't want more buttons on the interface you can make this button to be enabled in options. But better of all you just copy how lyrics show works in Apple iPod/phone, by tapping on cover art lyrics appear on transparent black layer. You can make this switchable on and off in options too, but this may be more useful than long press to search for cover art actually. Also lyrics must not vanish away if i want to switch track or do something else like they do now. I like the direction which Poweramp moves, please don't stop and disappoint me. I will be very happy if this request will be implemented in Alpha builds.
  19. Hi, noticed the lyrics plug-in for musixmatch is not working. Is there an extra setting besides the one in graphic interface for using the plugin? Or is it not available in the beta?
  20. viktorskl

    Lyrics fix

    add two simple things please. 1. the ability to copy the lyrics. 2. When the lyrics open and switch to another application and then back . window with the lyrics of the song closes
  21. Daniel Mariani

    Lyrics integration

    I had used the musixmatCh app integration for lyrics, but now it's become a full blown music app and it's unwieldy, Could you dearly integrate the genius app or link into the app, to visit lyrics in app? Poweramp is an absolute killer and have been using it every day for four years since I bought it!!!
  22. I know you have "compatibility" with musixlyrics, but gawd that app is awful. I downloaded it, saw it infested with apps and not even a "pro" option to get rid of the app, gets invasive with stupid notifications... Basically that app didn't last longer than 5 minutes on my phone. The "HTC Music" app does this job spectacularly. If you want to see how lyrics are properly integrated in a music app, look no further than HTC Music. Unfortunately HTC discontinued this app on the HTC 10 and went for stupid Google Music again, so I bought Poweramp. If Poweramp could do something similar, it'd be gold.
  23. Hello, I wanted to write a little about my experience of getting lyrics to display in Poweramp. If anyone has the same problems as me, maybe they'll find this through a search engine. I was trying to write Japanese lyrics to id3 tags in bulk on a Linux system. Firstly I found that there are a plethora of tag editors, but some don't include unicode support. I also wanted command line support to allow for bulk writing with a for loop. The tool that worked for me was eyeD3, which I downloaded via pip. It has an option to add lyrics from a text file, but I had some problems initially. This option writes to the USLT frame that is read by Poweramp. The USLT frame takes the "description" and "language" options, and I found that setting the language as Japanese resulted in the lyrics not being displayed. After that, running the "add lyrics" option without specifying description or language (so that it uses the default English) worked for me. Success!
  24. Hello, I searched but couldnt find if anyone else was having a problem with the latest version when trying to view lyrics with the musixmatch plugin installed. i always get a "no lyrics tag found in song" even when i have enabled the musixmatch setting and when looking for a popular song. this has been working fine forever, it just all of a sudden started to happen for me any ideas?
  25. When lyrics are with 1 or 2 sentences, Poweramp says there isn't any lyrics in song's tags and when lyrics are too long, Poweramp cuts them.