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  2. Well, may be. But I can't imagine how Android OS can make such a limitation. Currently I've found foobar2000 that supports multi-comment for Artist, both on Windows and Android. Though it has some problem on Android like that it doesn't show all artists in listviews, but I can search all artists that exist in the vorbis comment, and the results, the songs related to those artists, is able to show. I doesn't use any sync utils for foobar in Android. Thus, analysing multiple tags(vorbis comments) is still possible, I think.
  3. The most played song it's a song that I don't listen but it's there just because its in the first folder of my phone, and when the app sometimes resets itself it starts with that song, my guess its that Poweramp count songs as listen just by being selected. There should be way to select what percentage of the whole song should be counted as played and not just because its randomly selected by the app.
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  5. I was limited to 20, so I picked the most common Requests I saw in the first 10 pages.
  6. I vaguely remember someone saying this is a limitation based on androids os. It's only possible by a few apps that are embedding additonal information during a PC to Phone Sync and it's not possible using a tag alone. You would think it would be possible to circumvent this if you really wanted to.
  7. It doesn't matter if you select an image that already exists on your device or from the built in Poweramp web search, Poweramp automatically saves whatever artwork you choose to your internal memory @ /android/data/_com.max.mpz.audio/selected_aa/ All you have to do is Copy+Paste this folder to your SD Card or Computer and Copy+Paste to your new phone. Restart Poweramp. In short, backup that folder to your SD card, backup your SD Card to your computer = no worries. This also works for all the other folders that hold the chosen artwork: /selected_composer/ /selected_artist/ /selected playlist/ /album_art/ Backup all of those as well. Copy and paste. No losses. /album_art/ is how you manipulate Poweramp to show a certain artwork for the album, but not on any of the actual songs. Last I checked you had to manually put an image in here to get this feature to work. It basically makes Poweramp act the same way as it does in Folder Hierarchy view when it sees folder.jpg
  8. Thx, so there's room for improvement here 😀
  9. Thx, should, but does not. In the screenshot, Non-Klassik\Ic3peak is the current folder. What we see is the subfolders of it. But PA plays the first track of the first folder ("Non-Klassik\_Various"), which is on the same level as the Ic3peak folder. And outside of what can be seen on screen. Edit: When there's only subfolders, it goes up one level. When there's files and subfolders, it only plays the files.
  10. Guys, better embed the Album Art to your songs using a software like mp3tag in your computers. That will save you big time. Plus, you can edit and assign complete tags. Afterwards, copy over to your phone's storage. In my end, I have a library of songs saved and backed up in a hard drive, so just in case micro sd fails (knock-on-wood), I won't regret anything.
  11. Why isn't this possible?? It was a nightmare to get the right cover for my fairly big library. Picking the right covers all manually. At least I want to be sure my work won't be for nothing if I switch phones. I'm begging you add this feature, so many people request this.
  12. At the moment, Poweramp does not support multiple artist names for one song (so the entire name "Ed Sheeran ft. Justin Bieber" would be considered one unique artist name, just like a multi-word band name). In the longer term, it is planned to allow separating multiple artist names in the same way you currently can with Genres. The default is to use ";" or "//" as separators, but that is already user-configurable - simply using "&", "/" or "," is not such a good idea as those exist within existing group names such as "AC/DC" or "Crosby, Stills & Nash". Andre
  13. Playing songs by ARTIST isnt organize When you tag the following songs eg. 1. I Don't Care : Ed Sheeran; Justin Bieber 2. End Game: Taylor Swift; Ed Sheeran 3. River: Eminem; Ed Sheeran 4. Perfect: Ed Sheeran 5. Beautiful People: Ed Sheeran; Khalid this will show in the ARTIST tab as 1. EdSheeran 2. Ed Sheeran/Justin Bieber 3. Ed Sheeran/Khalid 4. Eminem/Ed Sheeran 5. Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran I tried tagging songs like 1. I Dont Care (ft. justin Bieber): Ed Sheeran 2. End Game (ft. Ed Sheeran): Taylor Swift But the song End Game wont be shown in Ed Sheeran's. How about songs which two or more artists are credited; like 1. Power is Power: SZA, the Weeknd, Travis Scott 2 1000 Hours: Dan+Shay, Justin Bieber?
  14. После последних обновлений перестали нормально работать кнопки перемотки, плей / пауза. Чтобы вернуться к следующему треку, нужно нажать несколько раз (2-3) на кнопку, аналогично вернуться к предыдущему треку и плейза. Телефон Huawei p8 Android 6.0
  15. I've tried this many times, and just restored them right now for good measure, still nothing 😕
  16. Last week
  17. Only mine i think... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=spectrum.Poweramp.vis https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=modern.Poweramp.vis https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=club.Poweramp.vis https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nature.Poweramp.vis https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ice.Poweramp.vis https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fire.Poweramp.vis https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cloud.Poweramp.vis
  18. Its hard to release by milkdrop, but may be maxmp create special function "VU meter"
  19. It does sound a bit that way, but I see why it would be useful to you now. Andre
  20. After Pie has been installed, it might be an idea to reset all the Output methods back to their defaults, as the appropriate settings might now be different. Settings > Audio . Output > Restore Defaults. Andre
  21. Thank you, turns out it have never ben active.....and i have missed some items lolz
  22. I rate my tracks by play count. The 5 stars rating isn't enough. If I like a track, I'll artificially boost its play count by adding it X number of times in the queue (and quickly swipe through the queue). So having it in the now playing screen would help me quickly see its play count number and increase it need be. I could achieve the same thing with playlists, but I want something more permanent and embedded in the file tags. Niche use case I reckon. BTW, will Poweramp ever support user customizable live/smart playlists?
  23. Have you checked if you have Bluetooth absolute volume enabled? In case your problem is with headphones/wireless speakers of course, if its only on the speakers of your phone, then its probably a problem with Samsung.
  24. Stopping playback (rather than just pausing) would probably reset the shuffle list, yes. You could try making 're-shuffles' less common using the new experimental option in Settings > Library > Lists > No Reshuffle. Andre
  25. Hello, I have a folder hierarchy and want to shuffle through all of it. This works fine by going to the root folder I want to suffle and pressing the shuffle button while there. The problem which I face is that if I stop listening and close Poweramp (swipe it away), the next time I open Poweramp back again it will switch by itself from shuffling all songs and folders to playing the current song's folder only. It is like it forgets the shuffle list and just plays the current folder. To go in more detail, say I have Folder A which contains 3 folders B,C,D which each contain 10 songs = 30 songs total. I navigate to folder A in hierarchy and press the shuffle button. This works as expected and starts playing in random order song 1/30. Let's say I stop on song 4/30 which happens to be in folder C. Later when I reopen Poweramp I can still see for a few seconds the progress being 4/30. However, going to next track will instead switch to song 2/10(!) and only play the songs from folder C. I now have to go back to the initial folder A and hit shuffle again. Am I doing something wrong? All I want is to keep the 4/30 position I left it at and continue from there the next time I start Poweramp. I tried going into List Options and checking List Memory -> List Position but it doesn't seem to help with this specific behavior. Hope my issue makes sense. Regards, Seerix
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