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  1. Tried that. Many times! Traxformania - what firmware are you running just out of interest? I'm on Hal9K ROM latest version of Android 8. Haven't upgraded to 9, hearing lots of problems.
  2. Hi all, I'm using Poweramp on a PX5 type android headunit (Xtrons branded) and really need to find an answer to this issue as Poweramp has far and away the best interface for in-car use. I'm on V3 build 823 - full version installed on an Android 8.0 custom ROM. I'm using a 128gb micro SD card to store my mp3s which is almost full. The folder structure is Audio/Artists/Artist1/Album1 etc, etc with multiple artists and albums inside the relevant directory. If I add the Audio file as a whole to the library and then scan it will take around half an hour but then either find a few random tracks, or none at all. The only workaround i have found is to add them in batches (eg Artists A-C, then D-F, etc). Is this a bug with the scanner, am I simply overloading it? Many thanks for any help.
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