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Found 16 results

  1. I love the fact that you can cast to groups and chromecasts through the app, but it'd be great if it was possible to change what you're casting to instead of disabling the cast and then re-casting to the new device/group. So, whilst casting, you can still see the other groups/devices available to select. Google themselves only just started doing this recently, so not sure if it's available for others to do, but it'd be great if you could!
  2. When casting the screen displayed is too static. There needs to be a screensaver of some kind or it will leave permanent burn marks on my OLED TV screen.
  3. build-905-arm64-play Samsung Galaxy A50 Android Version 11 No custom ROM Steps: I often enjoy casting it through chromecast to my tv and for months it has worked flawlessly, not losing sync, and showing the same album art in both phone app and tv screen, no complaints. Recently however, there has been a strange glitch, in when I click the cast icon and select my tv, it will show all the corresponding info in the proper places and everything seems fine except its missing the album art. Then when I click the play button on cell phone interface no audio output whatsoever, neither from the tv through chromecast nor through cell phone. On the cell phone the little progression visualizer on the bottom will advance for a small duration (like 3 sec) and then revert back to original position with no audio output whatsoever. There will be the indication that it is casting, and that it has an established connection to tv. I've tried turning the tv off, and restarting my cell phone, and I've assumed that maybe a prior casting connection (like from youtube or netflix) could have messed it up, although that's all speculative. However no combination of turning on/off tv or application or cell phone has worked out for me thus far. I'm really really upset about this since the only good speakers I have are the ones in my tv and the only reason I purchased Poweramp is for the chromecast functionality. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated. thanx.
  4. Hello, I saw there were other threads about this but I didn't want to necro something a few months old. I've pieced together all the advice from various threads and tried everything, but I'm still having some of the problems others have described. I figured a new thread with everything laid out (+ an error log to accompany this thread via email) would help with troubleshooting Poweramp build number: build-893-arm64-play [893004-dd1054bc] Device model: Samsung Galaxy S10e Android version: 11 ROM name/version: N/A (stock/not rooted) Steps to reproduce/bug description: 1. start casting to Chromecast w/ Google TV 2. hit play 3. the first couple seconds of audio are heard, followed by 14~16 seconds of silence, and then the audio picks back up and the rest of the song plays through Mitigating things I've tried in various combinations: - Forced output to 44.1 kHz / 16 bit - Set buffer to max value (4000 ms) - Tried stopping (i.e. long-press on the pause button) and starting the music - Tried different bitrates of MP3s (192 kbps, 320 kbps, VBR) - EDIT: Also turned off background power saving for both the app and the unlocker. Other notes: - My WiFi signal is quite strong. The router is within 5ft line of sight to both my phone and the Chromecast. (I know other apps stream from the cloud, but I had Steam Link games working earlier and it tested my Chromecast's connection at >100Mb/s.) - I can stream music from my desktop to the Chromecast just fine (MP3s, not radio apps) - I've never had trouble casting to older Chromecasts with this same phone/app. My friend's older-model CC on a lower quality WiFi network works just fine and I've never had to mess with Poweramp's settings to get it working. - I've attached my full audio info chain as an image - I'm emailing a support log and referencing this thread I hope this is everything you need to be able to troubleshoot this. It looks like I'm not the only one with this model of Chromecast that's having this problem!
  5. Casting audio from Poweramp was working fine a couple months ago. Then I went on a trip and didn't use the app for a while, and it no longer works. This phone wasn't in use, so nothing has changed other than app updates. I can cast both local and streaming content from Shuttle, Blackplayer, Netflix, YouTube, and my own device screen casting. So there is no issue with the actual connection to the Chromecast. When I try to cast from Poweramp, the UI loads on the Chromeast, but the artwork does not appear. If I press play in the app, nothing changes on the Chromecast UI, but in the app the time bar starts to increment showing song progress but resets every few seconds to 0, and the elapsed time doesn't change. If I manually scrub to another time, it will update the time and timebar on the Chromecast UI, but again doesn't actually play music or show any artwork. I have attached a picture of the Chromecast UI. I have tried resetting all Poweramp settings and performing a factory reset on the Chromecast. I have tried a small, medium, and large buffer. I am running v3-853 on Android Pie. My Chromecast is version 1.36.159268. I have attached a picture of the version in the casting settings in Poweramp. Thanks
  6. I am the owner of a Chromecast Audio device and use it via its digital output to my DAC to play lossless via Poweramp Android. However, I would much prefer if the output from the Chromecast was of native bitrate and sample rate of the file playing - without resampling everything to one specific bitrate and sample rate defined by the user. Is it possible to include the option of 'sample rate is defined by the source file' to the Chromecast 'sample rate' and 'sample format' menus within Poweramp, so that the output adjusts according to each file being played? Due to the Chromecast's limitation of 24 bit/96kHz output; another option that may be necessary to accompany the above request is a setting to resample all 192kHz+ files down to 96kHz purely for Chromecast use. These additions would at least keep the output bit-perfect for everything 24/96 and below, other than 192kHz+ files that must be resampled to 96kHz due to limitation of the Chromecast. Bit-perfect playback is a much required necessity for those replacing traditional computer based systems for Hi-Res playback - allowing Poweramp to replace a computer for playback would be much appreciated.
  7. Not sure what's going on exactly, but I can't seem to use the chromecast feature. I have two google home minis in the house as well as the regular chromecast that you plug into a TV. It's not an older chromecast either, about a year old. My phone is an LG G7 and I'm running v3 build 822 (the one that was just released). Like I said, I can't seem to access the chromecast feature at all. The only indication I have is a faded out button in the small settings menu. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to use Chromecast and audio is cutting out almost every minute for about 30 seconds I've tried about every option on the net and it still is almost unusable, is there something I'm missing? Because this feature is the one I try to use most. Cheers.
  9. When playing songs (from album list) to chromecast, and I've set a volume, song plays as desired volume. When song ends, next song automatically plays, also at desired volume. But.... If before the end of the song i click the skip button (to get to the next song) the volume resets to the previous (usually louder) volume. 1. The volume should not change when switching songs 2. Not sure where this initial volume level is sourced... It is always louder than i have ever chosen recently. Again, I'm not sure if this is a related introduced regression, or an independent bug (at least, i consider it a problem for stress-free app usage) I suspect it is a regression introduced after changes made for https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/19248-handle-volume-with-hardware-buttons-while-streaming-via-chromecast/?tab=comments#comment-85263 As i only noticed it after that.
  10. Today I got the update for v3-build-821-play (beta user) with the new feature of casting via Chromecast. This doesn't work for me, the error message on the TV screen says "firmware to old", followed by the release numbers of Mozilla, Apple WebKit and Chrome (see attached screenshot). My Chromecast is a generation 1 model, is it to old?
  11. Poweramp v3-build-853-arm64-play. Sony Xperia XZ1. Android 9. Chromecast 1st gen and Chromecast audio. It's been some time since I use chromecast but I now get audio cut-out and visualisation jumping every time the phone is woken up.
  12. Hello, Yesterday my dad found out that you can stream via chromecast on Android TV (in my case Sony 2019 model). He has a Samsung Galaxy A70 with Android 10 and Poweramp 853 I have a Galaxy S9+ with android 8.0 and had the old Poweramp design build because i liked the design more and of course the chromecast was not available there. So updated to 853 beta through playstore and when i stream through chromecast there is no cover and no sound coming. I didn't change anything in the chromecast settings and even reinstalled Poweramp with stock settings it didn't work Does it not work on Android 8.0? Thanks in advance
  13. Poweramp version and build number: v3-build-853-arm64-play [853004-eab856f2] Your device model: LG-V40TQ Your Android version: 9 Cannot play the songs via soundbar build-in chromecast audio. And i have tested that with my mobile phone's build-in player and i see it is ok to play🤯 Is there any settings i need to do to play? Here is the screen of my mobile phone, please help😥 https://m.imgur.com/a/j5JbWb7
  14. Здравствуйте. Кто пользуется хромкастом, скажите, у всех в настройках частоты дискретизации выхода на хромкаст, три варианта: Авто, 48, 96 и при зтом, там нет варианта 44.1? Если у всех, то вопрос к разработчику.... собственно... почему там нет 44.1? Не знаю как с этим обстоят дела на Chromcast-ах с HDMI интерфейсом, но в Chromecast Audio, частота 44.1кГц нативно присутствует. Помимо теоретической потери качества звучания, имеем лишнюю работу для процессора.... Спасибо.
  15. Poweramp v3-build-830-play. Sony Xperia XZ1. Android 9. Chromecast 1st gen and Cromecast audio. When playing to chromecast, after a significant pause time (minutes rather than seconds), the playback fails. No sound is produced (after a short burst, sometimes) and the graphic plays forward a short amount and skips back. Have to disconnect and reconnect to resume. I had no instance of this with build 826. Added: IIRC there was an option in the chromecast output settings, something like "alternative chromecast handling", that I'd enabled and now seems to have disappeared? Not sure if that might be relevant.
  16. Hi, I filled out the bug report form for this - not sure if it's better to post here or both... 😕 Poweramp v3-build-826-play. Sony Xperia XZ1. Android 9. Chromecast (1st gen, I think) and Cromecast audio (exactly the same behaviour). When playing to chromecast, the last track to be played in a list (with no repeat) is terminated before (just a second or two) the actual end of the track. The exact amount of time seems to be directly proportional to the chromecast buffer size. Not noticeable on many tracks that fade or have a few seconds' silence at the end but increasing the buffer size can make it noticeable on more tracks. If I reduce the buffer size much below the default, I get glitches on phone wakeup. Really liking the app generally. 😀
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