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  1. when playing stream, enabled prefer track cover for streams option, media notification artwork not updated after track name updated. crDroid 9 / Android 13 Poweramp 945 play stream server deploy using icecast2
  2. Recently, I faced one issue. The issue is related to 'album art'. So, whenever I'm trying to change a song's album art, which has the same artist name as the name from another song from the same album, it changes the other one's album art as well. To fix it, I have to change the album name of either song or the artist's name of either song. Please tell me the fix, or fix it through your next update! The issue is on ALL Android/iOS devices, and on all Operating Systems with every version. but still as the site requires the specific model & version, I'm writing mine. Android 11. Model name: Samsung A50s. Build no/version: build-945-bundle-play Thanks.
  3. Hello, I think I found a bug. When i connect to bluetooth speaker with Hi-Res output there is no base. But if I switch off Hi-Res output and then switch back on it is fine (more base). This no base issue happens every time I connect to speaker. Other outputs are working fine, but I prefer this one.
  4. Checkout the attatched archieve. It contains: a logcat captured when the bug happened a spectrogram/explanation video at the same time when the bug happened a music file used recreate the bug a note on what time (internet time) the bug happened Timestamp & clock is shown in the video. Tell me if you need anything more. Also, please consider adding hi-res support for Android 12 like what we had in Android 9. Poweramp build number: build-941-bundle-play Device model: Mi 12S Ultra Android version: 12 Custom ROM name/version: MIUI Steps to reproduce: Clean install of Poweramp, play a song (particularly with medium to large volume difference in different parts of the song) and listen for the volume changes that shouldn't be there. 941-issue.zip
  5. This is bug was probably introduced after introducing settings backup. After a restore, searching settings stops working. Galaxy Note 9 Android 10. Version build-943-bundle-play Screen_Recording_20220911-185755_Poweramp.mp4
  6. Hi all, when I try to set album art for my music, it doesn't show me any options and when I pick an image from my gallery, it doesn't take effect. I've done all standard things like clearing image cache, data, reinstalling etc. and the issue persists Anyone got a fix?
  7. The Thumbnail is not showing up when the image is high resolution. 1400x1400 Is there a fix for this?
  8. Summary Deselecting a child folder from the library ignores music files in the root of the library. Expected Behavior Only the music files in the child folder should be ignored while the music files in the parent folder are still included. Steps to Reproduce Note: the music files that are being ignored are folderless. Music > music-file1, album-folder1, music-file2, album-folder2 > album-music-file1. Deselecting album-folder2 to ignore album-music-file1, also ignores music-file1 and music-file2 that are in the parent Music folder. Poweramp Version Build-933-bundle-play Full Version 64 bit
  9. So this is a weird issue. Every time i use Poweramp on my g8x with wired headphones and put the phone into sleep mode it will crash randomly every 5 to 29 minutes. When i open Poweramp again it thinks it was killed but power saving exclusions are on for Poweramp and i dont have any ram managers installed. This issue does not occur with bluetooth or chromecast output.
  10. I encountered a bug with v2 and even v3 on multiple android devices. When connected to a bluetooth device, Poweramp resets my EQ settings each time I change a song or exit Poweramp. The EQ settings are being set to a certain preset that I once set up for a bluetooth device, although I have meanwhile deleted it even. I tried to get rid of the bug by resetting all presets via the option in the preferences and also reinstalled it without success. Help is much appreciated.
  11. Album art is automatically changes for audiostreams but it doesnt changes on android casting screen. its stuck with the first album art , but song tags are changing accordingly Redmi K20 Pro Miui Android TV
  12. The recent versions of Poweramp works best in android tv, it's the best music player for android TV so thanks for that But there is issue with visualization on TV, when I turn on full screen visualization and press "OK" key or any other key, the visualization doesn't fade and controls doesn't come back. To solve this I have to use mouse and press once with mouse and turn off visualization. And another issue with TV is with the forward or backword of music, we can't forward a track (by 5seconds or something) by pressing those fordward and backward button, coz that button isn't pressable directly. It can be pressed with only a mouse. And that's it, rest all is awesome af. Thank you soo much 🙂 Here's a photo - https://telegra.ph/Poweramp-tv-visualizer-issue-10-27 Edit: even the pause button doesn't work on tv. I'd love if you fix that
  13. I recently bought new phone and it's music player is ... Not good... And as I can not install S music I am trying this music player. So far I'm really impressed. The attention to detail is incredible. So far it is really good. The only problem is that the notification bar is really glitched out. When I start a song it will appear and then instantly disappear from notifications. If I close the app it sometimes reappears but mostly not. It seems that when I use the media buttons on my BT headset it shows the notification bar but even there are some inconsistencies. This happens no matter which of the notification bar style is selected. Still on try version of app. App version: build-905-arm64-play Phone and ROM version: POCO X3 Pro - MIUI Global stable 12.5.1
  14. Hi, I have noticed that quite a few people over the past few months have been experiencing a bug where the music in Poweramp stops playing at random and especially within ten seconds of the device being locked. This is not specifically a Poweramp issue as it happens with many other music player apps and is not limited to one specific device or even to one specific version of Android. Various settings have been changed to no avail and I myself noticed this problem occurring a few days ago on my own device (Samsung A5 2017 running Android 6.0.1) and could not find a solution. I then thought back to what I had changed in the days leading up to this problem occurring: I had set up fingerprint unlock. The problem was solved by simply deleting the saved fingerprint and reverting to code/pattern unlock. I also noticed that I had a constant notification of "Moisture detected in charging port" that has stopped since disabling fingerprint unlock, but that may be irrelevant. I surmise that as yet (at least in my device but possibly also in others), fingerprint unlock interferes with some features and I am personally happy to just use code/pattern unlock, but I would be happy to hear if anyone else still has this problem of the music stopping playing when the device is locked and if disabling fingerprint unlock fixes the problem. Thanks.
  15. The music plays straight from the folder but doesn't show up under artists. Done the usual, rescan, full rescan and a restart but still the same. build-905-arm64-play [905004-96b6d050] Full Version 64 bit Unlocker build-302 Samsung Note 20 Ultra Android 11, no custom rom. YouCut_20210605_135753837.mp4
  16. build-905-arm64-play Samsung Galaxy A50 Android Version 11 No custom ROM Steps: I often enjoy casting it through chromecast to my tv and for months it has worked flawlessly, not losing sync, and showing the same album art in both phone app and tv screen, no complaints. Recently however, there has been a strange glitch, in when I click the cast icon and select my tv, it will show all the corresponding info in the proper places and everything seems fine except its missing the album art. Then when I click the play button on cell phone interface no audio output whatsoever, neither from the tv through chromecast nor through cell phone. On the cell phone the little progression visualizer on the bottom will advance for a small duration (like 3 sec) and then revert back to original position with no audio output whatsoever. There will be the indication that it is casting, and that it has an established connection to tv. I've tried turning the tv off, and restarting my cell phone, and I've assumed that maybe a prior casting connection (like from youtube or netflix) could have messed it up, although that's all speculative. However no combination of turning on/off tv or application or cell phone has worked out for me thus far. I'm really really upset about this since the only good speakers I have are the ones in my tv and the only reason I purchased Poweramp is for the chromecast functionality. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated. thanx.
  17. Hello! So, i am using Poweramp for quite a few years, and as pro user, i have loved it more than anything. Recently, i had issues with my Android 11 custom rom, so I flashed stock rom in my mobile. Mobile: Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Android: 8.1 I installed Poweramp and its unlocker and I imported songs from my regular folder and Poweramp fails to play songs! I was like whaaat is happening. Will you please check it and let me know asap? I cant stay away from songs more than a day Screen recording : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcot6gyb2E4 (these mp3 played when i open them using other mp3 players, so mp3's are not corrupted) Poweramp build 905-arm64-play Thanks, Anup
  18. Hello, I saw there were other threads about this but I didn't want to necro something a few months old. I've pieced together all the advice from various threads and tried everything, but I'm still having some of the problems others have described. I figured a new thread with everything laid out (+ an error log to accompany this thread via email) would help with troubleshooting Poweramp build number: build-893-arm64-play [893004-dd1054bc] Device model: Samsung Galaxy S10e Android version: 11 ROM name/version: N/A (stock/not rooted) Steps to reproduce/bug description: 1. start casting to Chromecast w/ Google TV 2. hit play 3. the first couple seconds of audio are heard, followed by 14~16 seconds of silence, and then the audio picks back up and the rest of the song plays through Mitigating things I've tried in various combinations: - Forced output to 44.1 kHz / 16 bit - Set buffer to max value (4000 ms) - Tried stopping (i.e. long-press on the pause button) and starting the music - Tried different bitrates of MP3s (192 kbps, 320 kbps, VBR) - EDIT: Also turned off background power saving for both the app and the unlocker. Other notes: - My WiFi signal is quite strong. The router is within 5ft line of sight to both my phone and the Chromecast. (I know other apps stream from the cloud, but I had Steam Link games working earlier and it tested my Chromecast's connection at >100Mb/s.) - I can stream music from my desktop to the Chromecast just fine (MP3s, not radio apps) - I've never had trouble casting to older Chromecasts with this same phone/app. My friend's older-model CC on a lower quality WiFi network works just fine and I've never had to mess with Poweramp's settings to get it working. - I've attached my full audio info chain as an image - I'm emailing a support log and referencing this thread I hope this is everything you need to be able to troubleshoot this. It looks like I'm not the only one with this model of Chromecast that's having this problem!
  19. Hello friends. I don't know exactly if the problem is with my device or with the general power amplifier. However, when the Poweramp's speed is 1.22 and higher in the accelerator setting, the squeaking sound is distorted. Bass-like sounds are added to the songs at 1.33x speed, but these added sounds are definitely annoying and can disrupt my speaker. If this problem is not on my device, please fix it in the next update, fix it. Samsung galaxy j3 2016 Android 5 RAM 8 Gb ROM 1.5 Gb
  20. Poweramp build bug 904. the sound is drowning, small, and a decrease in sound quality the device used redmi 3x, android version 6 the default used settings, or the addition of the preamp 3,6dB. sorry if there is a writing error because I use google translation. thank you
  21. Hey! I knew about the bug of YouTube Music when I first tried the unreleased app through the Google Play App Store. I was instantly impressed by how good it was. It worked with every player I had on my phone (I'm a Musicolet user). Some days ago I noticed that the app started a trial phase, so okay, I bought the app, no problem. But now the app doesn't work neither for YT Music (even though the bug I know, but it worked flawlessly) or really any other player that isn't Spotify (which I don't use, I was just installing players to test what was going on). Neither the Poweramp Player works with the equalizer. It doesn't recognize any player. Last month I updated the phone from android 10 to android 11 but when I did, the app was working as expected. So, no idea what could be going on. My phone is a Xiaomi Mi A3.
  22. How to check my dvc is not working in my custom ROM? Why no dvc enabled for speaker output? Why no headroom gain enabled for speaker? What is Glitches in Poweramp? What is audio distortion in Poweramp? What is volume drop in Poweramp?
  23. Hi In "setting --> Library --> Lists" i changed for display album-artist instead of antis. In player all looks right, but in widget is still showing artist instead of album artist. How can i change it? My tags settings: In album-artist is album artist in artist are singers on featurings Than if song has someone in artist tag (featuring artists) than this artist is showing like album-artist in widget but in player it is in reverse and it is right and if song has not anyone on featuring, than in widget it is showing like "Unknown artist - Song name" Sorry for my english
  24. Build number: 875-882 Samsung Galaxy M31 Android 10 The shuffling doesn't work at all in the year category. It works perfectly in other categories like genres, artists. The problem is every time I click the shuffle button in this section, no matter what always the same track plays. In this case "Kipah - Bassata - 2015" And even the order AFTER the Kipah track is always in the same order so it's like always a fixed order, making it difficult to listen to tracks from 2020 in my library.
  25. I purchased Poweramp last month and i recently reset my phone. I wanna reinstall it now it requires a payment again!!
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