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  1. Huawei P10 plus with EMUI 8.0 android 8.0 I'm afraid I agree with just about everything here, too. Why no long press on playlist->shuffle? Lockscreen is weird?!? Is it on or not? Rating. I've personally never seen the point, but respect that others might need it........but surely as a choice? Not in such a prominent position. Same on visualization. A option to look for if desired, surely? Not a prominent first page button? I love Poweramp and I'd never use another, but it feels as if this update was a tad radical. Edit: Also, how do I press stop? Before it was long press on play/pause to stop the song completely and return it to the beginning. This is an option that I used relatively often. How do I press "stop" now?
  2. Exactly the same problem för me, too. Not using Android 6 though. Obviously a bug as it's never been a problem before and it's across the board. Samsung galaxy SII Android: 4.1.2 Please fix!
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