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Poweramp player Carlinkit T-box 8G-128G

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Greetings to all from Spain.
As the title says, I have a Carlinkit on my new MG4, I acquired the Poweramp license and installed it, then I started copying audio albums, about 1600 tracks, mostly in mp3.
Everything went well at first, very fluid and good audio quality, but after weeks of use and I don't know if it was due to the installation of a SIM "Internet/calls", the audio started to sound bad. I got very low tones or alternating and meaningless highs with distorted voices. I started checking parameters and even restoring them to default but without results. Today I decided to format the 64GB TFcard to NTFS since I read in this forum that the transmission rate is higher. I work on copying the tracks, I was surprised that it is not recognized and I have started passing the tracks in exFat format again.
Now I hear it perfectly but I don't know what the reason could have been or how long it will last, any advice is welcome.
I think the Carlinkit can go a little fair although it is an Android 13 Qualcomm's QCM6125, Quad-core ARM Cortex™-A73,2.0GHz 8GB LPDDR4 RAM+128GB UFS ROM.
Thank you very much in advance.

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Most Android devices cannot properly handle NTFS drives. Some can read them, but very few can write. Stick with exFat, it's plenty fast enough.

It's possible your drive's file system had become damaged and reformat has resolved that, but it's unusual for such issues to result in poor sound quality - files either play or they don't (or possibly they skip badly).


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Thanks for your reply andrewilley
The way it sounded is as if the CPU was at 100% or the buffer was full for processing the audio from the Carlink, but as you mentioned, the playback never stopped. I tried closing all the apps open in the background "there were only 2" and cleaning residual memory, but it didn't help.
I have formatted it to exFAT and so far it seems to be working well, it sounds clear and fluid with the passage of tracks. Another possible cause that I have in mind is the "madeAli" TFCard and if it fails again I will replace it with something branded.
I will comment on the progress and any ideas will be well received.

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