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  3. escenkay

    Low Volume After A Call

    Hello, Thank you for your reply. I do own some flac files as well as a lot of wav files in my crates. I don't consider myself an audiophile but I am DJ and my ears can tell when something sounds really good. With that being said, you are absolutely right. If I'm just listening to bootlegs or rips than I could care less for hi-res. Music that's missing information to begin with won't sound any better, however due to having sensitive neighbors my car is the closest I'll get to a club-like experience for audio prior to gigs. The current feature and the way it is implemented is great, its just annoying when the volume is cut low after a phone call...
  4. Sandon

    Queue functionality missing in v3

    I just signed up for this specific reason. I just upgraded to v3 last night finally (still prefer v2 but v2 is laggy on the iBasso DX220 which is built on Android 8.1 yet v2 works fine on my Pixel 2 which has Android 9; go figure). Anyway, I've finally gotten used to v3 but am really missing the option to start the queue after the current list/album. I used that feature heavily in v2 and it seems rather odd to have something that simple missing from the new version
  5. w3wilkes

    Low Volume After A Call

    Just curious if you have any real "Hi-Res" music? If it were me I'd just skip the experimental Hi-Res and be done with it. Even with true Hi-Res recordings I doubt anyone could distinguish between Hi-Res and normal CD red book rips in a moving car with road noise.
  6. CiroConsentino

    Still no way to disable fade-in

    hi all, I'm using Poweramp v2 588 with a wired headphones, and I always get this fade in bug when "tap to play" a song while it's paused. It's not the phone or the Android version. It happens with 3 different phones of 3 different brands. I already tried 4 different headphones with 3 different phones and different Android versions, they all have the same problem. And it's not only at the beginning of the song. It you pause the song in the middle and "tap to play", the fade-in bug is still present. I've always been annoyed by this. I tested latest v3 build and it the bug is still present. Note: it only happens when player is paused. If you tap "next" or "previous", to this bug doesn't happen.
  7. I have not found a solution. I've given up trying to use the feature which is disappointing. I have to resort to picking up my phone and selecting music which defeats the whole purpose.
  8. Thank you so much for adding milkdrop visualizations to the app! These are great addition. Would it be possible to add an option to put the application in immersive mode (hide the notifications and navigation bar until swipe or screen action) when visualizations are full screen? I think this would make the visualizations far more pleasing to look at and will also reduce potential burn-in on AMOLED screens.
  9. Dont know where to put this..but anyone got an issue with fiio m6, m7 or m11 that when.. After 90min or so playing music with bluetooth, i pause the player and some seconds later the m6 shuts off. A restart and I can pause the music again without it turning off, so seems like pausing sometimes trigger the inactivity function of the m6 and shuts it off. I have inactivity set to 15 min.
  10. Last week
  11. geraldoneill100

    Audio problem

    hi. i have a galaxy s5 kernel 3.4.0-14131106. i find i cannot play anything without distortion unless i use eq with all settings on minimum. adjusted everything including number of volume levels and dvc but nothing really helps. the new app awesome and nice and loud and playlists working great. thank you. only issue is eq. if the minimum setting was actually 50 % or even 75 % meaning one could adjust all sliders to well below the current minimum it would be perfect. thanks v much. Gerald.
  12. escenkay

    Low Volume After A Call

    Build: v3 841 Device: Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Snapdragon) Android Version: Pie Rom: Stock Hello, I tried searching the forum but couldn't find anything related to the issue I have been having. I use a variation of Samsung Gear Icon X (2018), Galaxy Buds, & a bluetooth adapter in my car to listen to music via bluetooth (max volume on phone, control manual volume on the earbuds or car stereo themselves) with the Hi-Res Output setting (DVC on, no duck enabled) and when I receive a call and talk for bit and hang up the music continues but at a considerably lower volume. Trying to increase the volume doesn't put the volume levels back prior to the call. Was wondering if there was a solution to this. It seems like the volume returns to the same level when I turn off Hi-Res Output so think its related to this setting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This issue is quiet annoying when I take a call in the car and the music volume is very low afterwards. Can fiddle with my phone while I am driving Thank you,
  13. Martin Medrano

    The Music - What Are You Listening to?

    The carpenters let me be the one From their self titled album carpenters otherwise known as the tan album released in 1971.
  14. I'm also having this problem.
  15. w3wilkes

    The Music - What Are You Listening to?

    Toad the Wet Sprocket / Fear. A great Pop/Rock album from 1991. As an aside, listening in the car with my 6 year old granddaughter when she said "that song has bad words Papa" so I had to skip the track. Still a great album.
  16. Seems like this would be fairly straight forward if the albums were each in their own folder. If PA in it's scanning had logic that says a given album must be in a single folder. This way you could have Artist, Album Artist and Album title be identical, but with each album in its own folder then PA would treat them as separate albums.
  17. w3wilkes

    Wired Headset / Bluetooth Problem

    Just to be clear, I was listening over 3.5 and did not pull the cable, but when the car pulled into the driveway the music stopped when the phone connected to the car. Seems like that if music is playing over 3.5 cable PA should ignore the car when it comes in range. Then if the cable gets pulled PA could switch to Bluetooth if it's connected, but not if the cable does not get pulled.
  18. Oh hey, that is a great idea. What about support of using preset in AutoEQ. The database is really useful and I think it will come in handy
  19. That'd be great indeed, but as mentioned, it's not the end of the world. I totally agree on that it should be optional. I also have full understanding for the fact that it's already a lot of options in order satisfy the preferences of different users. One goal with the post was also to see if I maybe had overlooked something and that there already existed s solution I didn't know of. But if not I'll just edit the album tag and live with that and just change back if you should end up implementing it as an optional feature. Thanks for the quick reply.
  20. maxmp

    Wired Headset / Bluetooth Problem

    Yes, pulling 3.5 cable while playing over BT will cause that. This is due to AUDIO_BECOMING_NOISY event issued by the system which Poweramp should obey asap and pause. The event doesn’t contain any further info regarding what is disconnected and why. The details of actual audio routing switching become available much later (hundreds ms), so it could be a situation when actually nothing changed in audio routing but the player is paused already. I’ll may add some handling for this particular case, if it possible without breaking normal behavior, thanks for the request.
  21. Thanks for the request. Changing “fixed” equalizer this way may be not a good idea as it should be simple, but what is planned is parametric equalization with arbitrary number of bands, where you can go beyond those values and also apply same band multiple times (this doubling dBs applied and more).
  22. Technically it’s easily possible. But even introduction of album splitting by album artist upset number of users, so any change to library categorization should be optional, and the number of Library options is already out of any control... I’ll think about adding that though, thanks for the request.
  23. Probably not the most common 'problem' but still something I experienced today. I have some albums by an artist that often just release the albums as self-titled, e.g. Artist - Artist. Now, all these albums are released in different years and are individual albums, but if I browse music by artist, all these albums are put together under the same album entry under said artist, which is a bit annoying because then I can't listen to just that one album I want to at that moment without having to either make a playlist for the album or skip every two songs after every song. Is there any way to separate these so they show up as the individual albums they are without me having to change their tags and e.g. set album name to Artist (2008), Artist (2009), and so? Maybe it's possible to sort on both album name and year of releases when browsing music by artists?
  24. I've got a 2.5mm 4 pole to 3.5mm 4 pole cable (cheap adapter that came with my motorcycle helmet intercom). Unless you have something else in mind I can still send that your way.
  25. All of those options are already available (widget-style shortcut to launch a playlist, and you choose and start a playlist from within the app too) Andre
  26. @Fitzian I have the device, but I still need a balanced 2.5 cable to test it. As it detects it as speaker, obviously system is not reporting output properly and some workaround are required. I hope that will be sorted out in the next build.
  27. Bumping request again for this app to recognize line out and balanced connections on the FiiO X5iii as proper hi res outputs and not just "speaker" If you lack a device for testing, heck, I'll even send my own for whatever length of time it takes.
  28. shaishav

    Not working on pixel 2xl with external DAC

    also i can select the rates in opensl-es hi res driver but output stays stuck on 48khz
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