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  2. Found this old topic: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/8250-buy-Poweramp-as-gift/ It is still possible, to buy (unlocked) Poweramp via website store.payproglobal.com for a Friend? If so, please, what is neccessary below Payment-Data in the field "Your Device Google-/Mail Account..." The Friends Google-Account-Name or Mail-Adress like: example123@gmail.com ? Thank you.
  3. I know this has been asked alot, but never ever solved. Please this is a needed feature to organise once music library speacially if it is large enough like mine. So please add the feature, where we can add multiple artist in the file tag and it understands each artist and shows the song under each one of them. you can use the standard format (i.e. // ; , ) or any other if you like, but please be specific.
  4. Having an issue when I add music to library, it doesn't sort by date added to library. Instead it seems to sort by date added/modified. For example I added a song to by library that was modified in 2014. It shows in my library but does not show in my recently added. Is there a way to get this to work without manually editting the file metadata?
  5. @andrewilley sorry for the late reply, it varies from 1200x1200, 1400x1400, to 2000x2000 and with every res it scales them down
  6. Nice workaround and I also do this! What the OP means, I assume, as I also have in my albums' tracks properly tagged with Disc Number. You can check out MP3TAG. It has a field and detects the disc number should an album came with it, in this case a double album. Am I right, @The8ball?
  7. If you want it like this all the time just change the album title Album (Disc 1) Album (Disc 2) It should now show as 2 discs.
  8. Last week
  9. Huawei Mate 10 ALP-L09 (non pro version) running Emui (Android Pie), not rooted phone. 32bit 192khz from 3.5mm audio jack works. Test conditions: Huawei Histen sound effects (Huawei's own equaliser for earphone/headphone use) is disabled Poweramp build 853 Volume steps of 2 clicks up from silent Enable direct volume control: On No DVC: On For some reason, audio on Hi-res output is quieter compared to OpenSL ES output. Weirdly on Hi-res output, setting the sample rate at 44.1khz and 176khz, the music speed is faster. On 48khz, 96khz and 192khz, music is at correct speed. Preset equalisers with higher bass and treble sound harsh. Is there a way to get Hi-res audio output to be alittle louder, especially on lower volume; or is that how Poweramp works on Huawei phones with 32bit 192khz audio?
  10. Normally Albums appear first in the search results. I wonder if you've got them disabled in the Search List Options ? Tap the three-dots icon in the search screen and use List Options to choose what type of results you'd like to see, and in what layout. Andre
  11. Thanks! I appreciate it. In the next update, I will give more accent colors like that Thanks! Umm maybe you forgot to disable Transparent Status bar?
  12. It would be awesome, if we get a feature on how much hours a song is played and top songs played, most repeated songs. Each song having a percentage based on hours watched.
  13. The option Lyrics App could also work on lyrics search, it looks like search uses only google. I appreciate the return
  14. Hi, when I search for an artist, the list of all the songs of the artist appear but I want to have first the albums of the artist ... Is there a setting that I miss ?
  15. If you have "Folder.jpg" files in each of your album folders you can embed them using DBPowerAmp on a PC. DBPowerAmp is a Windows ripper/converter application that I use to rip my CD's. It has a utility codec addon called "ID Tag Update" that can take the "Folder.jpg" and embed it in the music files in the same folder. Using the Batch file converter in DBPowerAmp you can do your whole library in one shot. It will go through your entire library and all album folders with "Folder.jpg" files will be embedded into the ID tags of the music files in the same folder and then moves to the next folder and so on. One of my MP3 players is a Sony NW-A45 that only displays cover art that is embedded in the actual music files. So when I put new music on that player I attach it to my PC and use DBPowerAmp to embed the cover art in the music files.
  16. Being December I've loaded my Queue to Genre = Christmas and shuffled. 'Tis the Season.
  17. Awesome update thanks for your continued support new album art shadow looks really nice. But after the update I'm experiencing a issue text on status bar messed up with library screen text no matter what color i chose. I always disabled status bar in Poweramp ui settings that's why I can't say if the issue was already there or not
  18. Damm what a difference a color can make, that looks amazing, and this combination of colors is very easy for the eyes Thanks for considering my suggestion, this looks absolutely wonderful even so it already did before. I found it that even with all the text using the accent color looks better now Also the new alternative accent colors looks nice as well, some of them look crazy with the full dark background, you're doing a fantastic work Same, sorry for not noticing your tag before as that message was from like a week ago XD
  19. Данная ошибка появляется при нажатии кнопки "включить".
  20. As I said, that's by design. There is a background process to allow audio playback while you are doing other things with your device. It does not need the main player interface to be loaded in order for it to continue. Just press the pause button, much easier than messing around with swiping things away from the recent tasks list. Andre
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