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  2. Would like a way to create a play list for a specific folder and play in the order of least played. I understand the logic issue with a playlist of least played, since once a song is played it now has an additional count, and could cause the play list to re-org and have to recalculate after each song. My thoughts on this are when the play list is selected it calculates, and runs that play list static until the next time the playlist is accessed. I used to use PlayerPro and it had this ability, but it had other issues that made me finally switch out. This is really the only feature I am missing from the previous player.
  3. How about a little help over here guys. You said you needed some info before helping us, there were your info, where is the help anyway? Really appreciated your help, I'm frustrated with the crappy sound of my phone while It could be way better.
  4. Hi, in case you sort by Artist, can Poweramp to sort as "Surname Name" AND display as "Name Surname"? For example, "Nana Vasconcelos" should appear as "Nana Vasconcelos" but should be ordered as "Vasconcelos Nana" at the letter V near the end of an ascending alphabetical order. Many thanks, Enrico
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  6. No, as long as you installed the unlocker from the Play Store when you first started using the app, there's nothing new to do. You can just over-install with a new download from the website. Andre
  7. You may have to download the "Poweramp Unlock" app for the full version. Playstore should automatically detect you as a full version user from there.
  8. No, you can update using a website download whenever you like, the licence status stays from your initial Play Store install. And you will still get later updates from the Play Store automatically as and when they are released there. Andre
  9. I think it's basically just a difference in styles between apps. Poweramp has always been intrinsically based on library categories and their associated sorting orders, which rather preludes moving songs around 'on-the-fly' during playback. You can move backward and forward through the various songs and categories of course, and also tap on the album art to see what's coming next within the current category and what has just been played (and even tap on a different song to restart playback at a new position). And if you want to listen to your music in a more user-specified manner, you can easily create as many Playlists as you wish (even for complete albums or even whole artists) and manipulate them at will. And finally there's the Queue as a way to temporarily interrupt normal playback for an odd song or two. Overall it is pretty flexible, but it is not necessarily the same as some other players - nor would just copying someone else's interface be especially productive. Poweramp is what it is... just as Blackplayer is what that is too. Andre
  10. Thanks andrewilley. If I download the newest version directly from the website will I have to pay again for the full version at the end of the 15 day trial? I have only installed things through the playstore before so not sure how this works. Sorry for lame questions this isn't my area of expertise!
  11. Ay@andrewilley that was very helpful. It solved a problem and I feel much more at peace rn
  12. Sounds like you have changed the option for Settings > Look and Feel > Start at Library, but you haven't yet made 'All Songs' your default library starting page. Go into the top level Library view, tap the three-dots menu icon (top right) and choose List Options. Then long-press on whatever category you want to use for your main Library view, thus (note the extra icon that now appears to the left of All Songs): Andre
  13. So @andrewilley everything you said is a something I know. But a dedicated Playlist would still be awesome. As of now the play next option feels very forced. When I click play next for a song it says a new queue is created. Then after the song has ended if I want to hear it again I can't press the previous track button cause that song was removed from the Playlist. If I want to change the order of the current Playback list, I can't do it in any easy way. It's very convoluted. I'm not trying to propagate the app but just give blackplayer a look and see what I mean. I love those customisation options.
  14. You're right @andrewilley It may not be useful in a sense. But, it's is a purely an aesthetic feature. I'm sure many people will prefer that. I don't say I wanna make it a default for everyone but still I'd like to have the option. The solution@6b6561 gave works for the button in the now playing page but still my Poweramp still starts at and exits from the library page. The reason I don't like it is that the library page is dull, but the music artwork I have is colorful. So I like to see that at startup. Most music players have tabs that can be switched by swiping left and right like the artists, album, tracks and so and so... and the person using it can choose whatever tab it starts at. Its good to have an option to customize to fit the needs of different people. And I definitely don't want to see the now playing page and the library page at startup.
  15. Settings > About will show you the build number. Play Store is at 882 at the moment I think, so it might be worth downloading the latest 884 from the website as there have been some minor Android 11 tweaks in the last few builds: Unfortunately Android is a bit of a moving target for app developers, and Google keep moving the goalposts (especially regarding file system access). Andre
  16. As @6b6561 has said, you can indeed set PA to start in the All Songs list... but is that really especially useful? I'm not sure one huge long list (in my case, 7,000+ songs) is a particularly convenient way to find what you are looking for... Andre
  17. No idea...just the paid for version that is on the play store.
  18. That's exactly what the queue is already for. It's a way to temporarily interrupt your regular playback at the end of the song that is playing now, play a song (or songs) or your choice, and then return to continue with the next song in your original order. Settings > Library > Queue allows you define whether a newly enqueued song starts immediately, or after the current song (default behaviour), or after the current category (i.e. play the current album/folder/etc before playing the queued track). Other than in Shuffle mode, Poweramp does not exactly have a visible playback "list" in the sense that you describe. The order of songs is determined by the library category that you have chosen (Folders, Albums, Genres, Years, etc) and how you have decided to sort that category and its song list (e.g. by Artist and Album name first, and then by Disc#/Track#). One possible listening category is Playlists of course, which does allow moving and mixing up any songs in any order you wish. Andre
  19. In settings turn on "Start at Library" under Look and Feel. In library press the three ... on upper left for settings -> List options Long press "All songs" to make it default for your library view.
  20. I would love to see a playback list button in the order of playing in the songs in the now playing screen. And I'd love to see a play next option that does not make a new queue. Just simple addition of a song between the song playing now and about to play next. Also it would be awesome if the playback list allowed to modify the order of playback in any way we want very flexibly. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out blackplayer. I migrated from blackplayer. It has cool features that I miss in Poweramp. But Poweramp is much better in many different areas. When it comes to aesthetics and feel I like blackplayer more.
  21. How to make the startup screen to all songs instead of library or now playing page? I find it very inconvenient. The start page should be all tracks and there should be an option to modify it.
  22. Poweramp(v3-883) on Galaxy A20 Android 10 having issue with audio when music is being cast to Vizio Soundbar Audio cast. No sound comes from the Soundbar. This is only happening with audio cast because it works fine with Bravia Chromecast. Also this issue doesn't persist if Samsung's SmartView is used.
  23. Try reverting your settings to defaults (uninstall/reinstall may not be enough if Google restores your data, so delete the app data via your device's Android App Settings). You should make a backup of your current settings and any internal playlists first so you can restore them if it doesn't make a difference. I'm the same as Max, I can't reproduce this issue at all, even following you method to the letter. Andre
  24. it seems I've managed to go back to 24bit/192khz !!! Do let me know if u r interested, thx
  25. I can reproduce in every category 100% of the time. It's not the skin because i swapped over to the built in dark theme and still reproduceable every time. Maybe in settings somewhere.
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  27. Are you using build 884? Andre
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