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  2. What's the best setting for volume, etc for Rock & Progressive Rock?😎🎸
  3. @hrolf1713, yes I agree. that the issue as described by mapmp also exists on the Top playing screen itself although other scenes have a lot more text eg the libabry view. The themes you are referring to, do you mean skins?
  4. @andrewilley, I moved the TopSubAAButtons (as they are known in the skin sdk) down a little. The over;lap often happens when the text size selected is probably too large for the device On the albumart corner, the paid version has your subtle corner. I will work on the other items
  5. But that problem also exists as is in the now playing screen, with some themes that give the option to hide the label backgrounds. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  6. - Even the smallest albumart corner radius on the Player screen is a bit larger than I'm used to, hence my suggestion of an additional 'subtle' option which just smooths the corners off rather than making them too rounded (i.e. like the other skin which I showed above). - I can't find the option to change the black circle backgrounds of the Pro Buttons to MD Blue/Grey though, only to change the inner (white) control images? (probably me just missing it) - Moving the three-dots icon position would need to be an option obviously, I'm sure there are people who love it just where it is. I think I ought to buy the paid version anyway, as I know you've put a lot of work into this skin and you've been very responsive to user suggestions. Andre
  7. @andrewilley, Thank you for this feedback I will try and deal with each of the points. - the front albumart has the subtle corner option but is not carried through to text boxes which is a nice idea and will implement - "and the opaque/etc background chosen for the title/artist/etc fields in the Player screen also" yes, noted - "Are the Pro Button icon-background colours adjustable by the way", yes the full range of colours is available in both free and paid version. -"the vertical spacing in the Player screen for the Title and Album/Artist is messed up on my Galaxy A70 screen", will fix this - "place the three-dots icon on the far-right beside the Title text box? ", yes I can implement this and see what responses are. Note that I will in the first instance apply changes to the paid version. Over time they will end up in the free version. Working on 2 app simultaneously takes too much time.
  8. It would be aesthetically great if the Skin and Theme changed from Dark to Light and vice versa depending on time or using Android's dark theme. Just a small idea, I thought I should share. Not really needed.
  9. I thought I really ought to give this a try. I originally just settled on a skin that I liked early on, and never got round to looking any further. I love the configurability, but thought I'd post a couple of comments - some of these may be different in the paid version, not sure of the limitations. The Circle/Square rounding options for both the cover artwork and the title text boxes are perhaps a bit coarse, I'd ideally like a more subtle variant that just 'takes the edges' off the corners but without making them too circular. Just call the rounding option "Subtle" Here is an example from the skin I was previously using, which I think gets the rounded edges balance about right: In YAPS Category view, using Compact List mode, even using small rounded corners turns cover art into circles instead of squares with slightly rounded edges: Oh, and the opaque/etc background chosen for the title/artist/etc fields in the Player screen also needs to be applied to the headers in Library views too, otherwise white text vanishes against light artwork, as seen (or not seen ) above. Also, the vertical spacing in the Player screen for the Title and Album/Artist is messed up on my Galaxy A70 screen (possibly because of its quite tall aspect ratio, 1080x2240). The row of setting icons overlap with the lower text bar. Can the size/background colours of those icons be adjusted by the way? Might be nice to give them the same treatment as the three-dots icon. Are the Pro Button icon background colours adjustable too by the way? Finally (and this is just something I've personally got used to, and prefer) could there be an option to place the three-dots icon on the far-right beside the Title text box? I know it would slightly reduce the available space for Titles, but I just like having all the controls in one area of the screen rather than having just one little icon stuck up at the top over the artwork. Andre
  10. There could be some clever logic that looks at the Album Artist tag, and where it matches one of the Artist tags then the album is treated as being handled first, but if not it is treated as being a 'featured on' artists and so comes later in the list? But it's this sort of anomaly that makes me think there is probably more work in implementing this feature than initially meets the eye. Andre
  11. The nearest thing to that is the Recently Played Category, or alternatively you could use scrobbling to send your now playing info to LastFM and see the stats online in there. Andre
  12. @Handyandy180, I have not achieved any improvement other than disabling DVC, but this degrades the sound quality. I suggested recording a problem-playing video for the developer. @maxmp, any news?
  13. Hi. I am using FiiO M6 player. I tried several Poweramp app version 3 build 847 ~ 853. I heard "di di"sound on the left channel. It is about 2 times per second. The sound is not loud but can be heard especially at the end of the sound, fading out. I used the original music player by FiiO doesn't have this issue. I tried another earphone are the same. So, that's why I suspected it is the app issue. Thanks
  14. Amazing! Now I'm liking AA Blur (CT) even more. Back at it again. The all-square album covers are superb! Love the uniformity. Thanks so much, man! 🍻
  15. I've reset everything to default multiple times, fiddled with sound options on the app, and disabled built in manufacturer audio applications and nothing has changed. I don't think it could be on my end because I leave my settings alone. I believe that it could be some type of compatibility issue with the OS and Poweramp. I've been trying my best to investigate this issue since its occured but it's difficult to find anything. All I know is that Build 828 sounds perfectly fine, but anything after that build affects the sound. Also when listening to music on any build after 828, to get it at a normal volume I have to change the sample rate to 352.8kHz or higher. Even then the bass is still lowered in volume. Now what I recently just found is that when I am on Build 828, the sample rates work oppositely, with it sounding fine on 48kHz but when raised it gets lower in volume. So now I'm just assuming that the sample rates just got affected somehow with the subsequent builds/updates.
  16. Indeed. I hadn't considered a rescan, simply because I'd never had to do one since who knows when. Thanks again, sorry for the wild goose chase. And for calling you Andrew up and down this thread, despite you including your name in every post. Doh.
  17. I decided to experiment with this over the weekend to see what this would look like. I used Genre to make this happen (because it works with multiple tags like we want "Multiple Artists" to work) and I used the artist "Lil Wayne". I used him because I know he has tons of Guest Appearances. I tagged every single song in my library with him using "Lil Wayne" as a Genre and pretended this was a "Multiple Artists" enabled category. This is what I found: In the "Artist" category, for Lil Wayne, I have 171 songs and 42 albums listed. In the "Genre" category (that I'm pretending is "Multiple Artists"), for Lil Wayne, I now have 241 songs and 109 albums listed. You can see I have 67 albums that feature Lil Wayne and only 42 albums of his own releases. This is great that all of the songs with him are listed under Lil Wayne, but.. I found it congested because of the sorting. Most of the sorting options leave Lil Waynes albums lost in the crowd. Lil Waynes albums need listed first and then the list generated by the "Multiple Artists" designator should follow. It would be nice if this was set up something like Spotify, where all the main albums are listed, then the features are listed under "Appears On". I'm not going to be picky though. This could really just be a new category that generates a giant list and we keep the original Artists and Album Artists as is. That would be good enough for me.
  18. replay.music.apple.com like this we can watch how long that we listening to each artist.
  19. Hello everyone, I just released v3.3 which is focused on improving and optimizing the skins to make it better than ever. Luminous | Luminous Black | Aurora version 3.3 Changelog
  20. Should be OK (other versions have been anyway) unless they've broken something in newer ROMs. Andre
  21. Correct, using Search within any Category will now search through the current viewing level by default. Just tap the 'X' next to the category title to return to searching everywhere, or just use the search icon at the bottom of the screen instead of the one in the category header. Andre
  22. Agreed, but I'm not sure if having more tracks in the list than actually exist in the library would case any coding problems, that would be down to @maxmp anyway, if he decides to implement this at some point. Andre
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