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Autostart playing music when Poweramp is started

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Please make this small features for us.

Autostart playing music when Poweramp is started.

We need this when we start our car DVD with android.

Poweramp starts but not playing automatically.

(Will be perfect if set to autostart, but this not very important)

Please, develop this.

We bought Poweramp. (sergey04704@gmail.com)

Thank you.

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Great idea, but it's not 100%, it will cause play/pause everytime Poweramp is open from the background... :-/ (also with only first Llama task enabled)

scenario how I'd like to have this feature...  (in mobile phone, but I have this app also in my Android Car audio unit like sergey04704)
start Poweramp
back to OS, looking for something else (games, texting, emails...etc),  and Poweramp is still playing from the background
back to Poweramp
and here do not stop, do not pause... continue playing

So the autoplay feature would be really helpful and valuable!

Or how to do it with Llama?
There is play/pause task, not only play :-(
Maybe some workaround, like "don't play/pause when back from the background" ... I'm still playing with it, I've tried several options, but without a results.

Is there any other known option?

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Just set Poweramp Settings > Audio > Audio Focus > Resume on Start. That will cause Poweramp to start playback as soon as the app in first loaded, and it won't stop until you tell it to (even if you are doing other things in other apps in the meantime).


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On 17.05.2016 at 1:47 PM, Jyrgen said:

OMG it's really there! :-D I've spend a lot of time in the settings menu, how I can overlooked it?....

Big Thank you Andre!!!

You are not the only one, I have been looking for it for hours, and haven't find it, either. ;)

I was about to write a post with the same request, myself ;)

Thanks @andrewilley, that is very useful for car navi. 

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Hi there,

I have a similar problem which I will try to explain and hopefully get some suggestions or something that could help. 

I have a retrofitted Chinese Android unit in my car which is amazing, however the stock music app lacks a lot and does not even have a "shuffle folder" setting, which currently is my main problem with it as I have about 20 folders on my SD card. When I start my car, it automatically starts playing which is nice, however from the stock player and I have not found any settings that would allow me to set Poweramp as the default player. If I open Poweramp it automatically stops the stock player and starts playing music from Poweramp, however to do that, I have to open up the apps drawer and find the Poweramp app which is a bit of a hussle as I have to scroll through a few screens every time to get to it, so my question is: Does anyone know a way to make Poweramp start immediately when the android device boots up. Sorta like the startup apps on Windows.


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53 minutes ago, Tamati said:

@kamil_w hello, can you kindly take me step by step on how to make llama autostart Poweramp

You do know you are commenting on a ten-year old post, which would have been about a previous generation of Poweramp, and that particular user has not been online here since 2015. Best to ask in the support forum for that software (if any, as that app has not been updated since 2014 and I doubt it works on most modern devices for security permission reasons).


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