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  1. kamil_w

    Support for "Album artist" filed.

    2 years ago you told "don't worry". 2 years ago... ech.
  2. I don't know what is going on, but almost every time when my Samsung Note 3 is connecting or disconnecting to the Internet, Poweramp is shutting down. What da hell?
  3. kamil_w

    Music Alarm Clock

    You can do it by Llama. When time is: XX:XX then set volume: XX and play playlist
  4. kamil_w

    auto play after the launch of Android

    For example in Llama: When restart (after restart) - play media. more or less... Temporary I do not use it and I don't remember how it exactly was.
  5. kamil_w

    Save last used volume

    You can do it using Llama.
  6. Auto play - the same story http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/5249-auto-play-after-the-launch-of-android/?view=getnewpost
  7. kamil_w

    Holo Interface

    For me this is not a feature with priority to implement. A lot of people is waiting for usability improvements such as sorting by album artist and using ratings from idtags.
  8. kamil_w

    auto play after the launch of Android

    No need to add this feature. You can use Llama, Tasker, Automate It, Auto magic etc.
  9. kamil_w

    Album List - Sort by Album Artist

    @defreeuk There were more than 2 releases... much more ;/
  10. kamil_w

    Album List - Sort by Album Artist

    May someone say when will be the Poweramp with Album Artist support? I am waiting for that 16 months.
  11. kamil_w

    Alarm Clock

    -1 You can use Llama for that: Add task in Llama: when time is ... then Player -> Play
  12. kamil_w

    folder location

    There is such an option in settings.
  13. kamil_w

    Autostart playing music when Poweramp is started

    @sergey04704 Install application called Llama. Then create a task: - when active application is Poweramp -> Player=Play ... and second task: - when application Poweramp is closed or in background -> Player=Stop