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  1. OMG it's really there! :-D I've spend a lot of time in the settings menu, how I can overlooked it?.... Big Thank you Andre!!!
  2. kamil_w: Great idea, but it's not 100%, it will cause play/pause everytime Poweramp is open from the background... :-/ (also with only first Llama task enabled) scenario how I'd like to have this feature... (in mobile phone, but I have this app also in my Android Car audio unit like sergey04704) start Poweramp autoplay back to OS, looking for something else (games, texting, emails...etc), and Poweramp is still playing from the background back to Poweramp and here do not stop, do not pause... continue playing So the autoplay feature would be really helpful and valuable! Or how to do it with Llama? There is play/pause task, not only play :-( Maybe some workaround, like "don't play/pause when back from the background" ... I'm still playing with it, I've tried several options, but without a results. Is there any other known option?