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On BT Connect, HTC One starts Poweramp and plays random file

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I can understand the desire to have a music player resume playing a track I was listening to when it connects to BT.  However, I do not understand why it would be desirable to have one's phone start a music player that was not open and start playing a random track from the phone's storage.  This is what happens every time I get in my vehicle ('11 Toyota Tundra) with my HTC One.  As soon as my phone connects to the truck's bluetooth, Poweramp starts up and starts playing an audio file of a recording I made of a training class.  It was the same file every time, so 'random' in that I hadn't listened to or played that file in over a year.  I deleted that file, and now it plays another training recording I had made.  It seems Android OS is issuing a 'Play' command as soon as it detects a BT connection has been made and opens the default player and starts playing "something".  


To say this is maddening is an understatement.  I get in and out of my truck maybe 10-15 times an evening due to my business, and every time, I hear this trainer's voice come on and have to kill the player.  I've tried apps like Media Button Router and BT Connect & Stop, but while they sort of work some of the time and make this more tolerable, sometimes when they kill the player, I then can't play anything to my truck from any other app until I reboot my phone or re-start the vehicle to reset the BT connection.  And then it happens again...


My phone was doing this with the default 'Music' app, and when I saw that Poweramp had a setting to disable 'Resume on Bluetooth', I was hopeful.  I was even more hopeful when Poweramp was the player that my phone started the next time I got in my truck.  Unfortunately, however, disabling 'Resume on Bluetooth' doesn't seem to change anything.  Now I just hear the same fellow's voice playing from Poweramp each time I get in my truck.  


I'm coming off of an HTC Rezound which did not do this (same vehicle).


HELP!!!  If you can solve this you are my hero and I'd pay much more than $5 for your registered version!!!  I'm considering getting rid of my HTC One I just got if I can't figure this out, I can't tolerate how annoying this is!  Thanks in advance!  


I posted this under 'Bugs' because it seems that setting was intended to prevent this from happening, but it doesn't.  If it's something different, please move this post to Feature Request.  Thanks!  I'm happy to work with you directly and be your guinea pig if you want to test a fix.


Phone:  HTC One

Android Version: 4.3

HTC Sense version: 5.0

Poweramp: 2.0.9-build-544-play

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