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  1. You are not the only one, I have been looking for it for hours, and haven't find it, either. I was about to write a post with the same request, myself Thanks @andrewilley, that is very useful for car navi.
  2. Looking forward to it! It would be great if more care would be given to landscape mode and the organization of items on the screen. While portrait mode looks worderfull and the screen is optimally used, in landscape mode on a tablet (in my case - Android Car Navi) lots of space on the screen is waisted, and the most crucial items (next/prev buttons, seek bar, song title, etc) are small and difficult to handle, while half of the screen to the left and right of the album photo is empty. Its nowhere near ergonomic (except swipe left/right and up/down gestures which are great). And it doesn't look good in any way. Could there be a few options for landscape mode made available? Or this will be done by themes, when they become available again in a beta/final release? That being said, I must admit that the audio quality and the speed of the app, which, in the end, are most crucial, are absolutely to the galaxy! Best sounding app on Android I have ever tried. Now 24bit FLACs sound like studio recordings, as they should, and not like MP3, like in any other app I've tried. Great job!
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