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    Notification buttons greyed out

    I have the same problem on Note 9, so I'm guessing there's still no fix for this.
  2. Human_Traffic

    Poweramp no longer finds album art

    Just downloaded the newest update from Play Store. I can confirm the issue is resolved, it searches and finds all album art! Thanks for the quick fix : )
  3. Hello all, First I would like to apologize if there already is a topic such as this (I was not able to find one) I am using Poweramp on my Galaxy S5 running PhoeniX ROM. For a while now I've noticed that Poweramp will not find any album art, I can see the circle spinning for about 2 seconds, but then it stops and nothing is displayed. I just updated to Poweramp 2.0.10 (build 587) but the issue is still the same. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!