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  1. I use to have a lot of tracks,cause a listen to new music every friday and have a lot of artists/albums that I love,also DJing,so I have a lot of tracks. I don't have to throw 2 rates away and change my point of view,in a system that is already made but not that useful for everyone.Everyone listen to music in a different way. Also don't wanna see one of my tracks ranked with 1⭐️ when I like that track. Has I said before I prefer ranking tracks: 2,5⭐️=5/10. 3⭐️=6/10 3.5⭐️=7/10 4⭐️=8/10 4.5⭐️=9/10 5⭐️=10/10.
  2. If we already have the 5 star system I don't really see a major issue to half them,it would be difficult to set by finger? Maybe,but still we have more things that are difficult to set by finger,I don't see that like a problem. But will be more grateful for users like me,I mean if you have more than 500 songs on your device is an obvious issue that you only can rate your tracks (like and dislike button and in a 1-5 range). Example:My library is full of 4⭐️ and 5⭐️ not a lot of 3 ⭐️ and zero 2⭐️ or 1⭐️ (cause what's the point of having a 2 or 1 rate in your music?) with halves my rates will be 2,5-3-3,5-4-4,5-5 ⭐️ (cause 2,5⭐️ is a 5/10 and 5⭐️ is a 10/10) having halves will desaturate our libraries and help us a lot I don't really know what are POPM Tags,but my point is that if we already have 5 stars just halving them can't be that problematic. It seems like the demand on this request is very low (maybe cause is a minimum change and not that important than other issues) but I've been using Poweramp for a decade now and never seen this feature. Is the only thing that bothers me on this music player cause everything else is so well done and this feaute will make it perfect IMO. Also thinks that nobody will have a problem with it and be grateful for it.
  3. I really love this music player I've been using it since my first Android device around 10 years ago,now I have more than 10.000 songs in my library but there's something that I really would like to see. With the currently 5 star system is really difficult to rank when you have a lot of music,I mean 5 is not even a par number and for us the music listeners,creators,reviewers,journalist,we rank those songs in 1-10 ratio or 5⭐ with half-star system. I don't use to have music that is ranked lower than 3⭐ in my library so I really see the current system so obsolete and useless in my case. There's more range than 1,2,3,4,5. Having halves would fix the problem with the current system,having the posiblity to rank in a more extense range and of course having a par system I don't know if somebody requested this before (I think so,cause is a cool feature and very useful tool for classify your music) I really don't want to leave Poweramp for this issue,I really love this player but my library is growing and I need to classify as better as I can.
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