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Save liked/favorite songs to exported settings file & bulk add songs to the liked category

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Probably less of a feature than it is an implementation. Honestly for one I wonder if it's possible and for two I think it would just be nice to be able to I have our liked or favorite songs also be backed up with like our layout settings theme settings and everything else that gets backed up when you export settings in Poweramp to make that backup file. It'd be really useful for when you're switching the phone or you have to reset your phone completely you could just have everything and I mean everything saved to that file instead of just the settings there's also your favorite songs as well so you don't have to basically restart a favorite songs list, you know? If you have a lot of music and you have your entire library on shuffle and you come across all these songs that you really really like that stand out from the rest it's really a pain to have to go back and try to find those exact songs so having the information of the like song list preserved some sort of way within settings would be a great addition.

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I've suggested expanding the Export feature to allow it to be more of a 'Backup & Transfer' facility for new phones: 


However in the meantime, the third-party app New Playlist Manager can backup and restore ratings (and even write them into music files directly). There is also an extra option in Poweramp's Playlist Export feature that stores ratings in playlist files - so if you create a new playlist containing all of your library music (e.g. from the 'All Songs' list) and then export it, you can restore those ratings later.


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