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  1. It's probably because as max said: Custom volume levels is a potentially non-working setting as the attached screenshot shows, so it could be reset to default when updating. However, I do wish the automatic reset removed so the feature becomes usable for everyone who's still using it.
  2. That makes sense. Though, it's an option that I still use a lot. I wish I could use it until it doesn't work anymore... Also when enabling this option, is it possible to at least pause the music for a moment? That would make my ears much easier 😁
  3. @andrewilley It is a regular recurring issue because I have to manually re-enable the setting each time when Poweramp is updated. It wasn't saved for some reason. @maxmp Yes that's true, but it's too many for me, so that's why I set Custom Volume Levels to 30. Also, I believe this bug can be easily workaround by pausing the music for a moment when enabling this option. p.s. I've got my exported settings attached here. (Remember Custom Volume Level is likely not saved due to the update bug I've talked about.) Aug-29--2023-14-39-11.poweramp-settings
  4. I need to mention the volume bug only happens when the music is playing and at the same time enabling custom volume levels. As you said the culprit is probably MIUI's smoothing effect when adjusting system volume. (Probably because Poweramp started playing sound before the smoothing effect finishes, meaning the volume stayed high for a sec.) Would you please make Poweramp to pause the music for a sec when enabling this option? Also, I frequently change this setting because of the other bug: This setting resets after each update of Poweramp.
  5. Anyone interested in this topic? The max volume bug still exists in build 974. However, I need time to further confirm if custom volume levels is saved or not when installing newer versions.
  6. I believe that's a buffer problem, or your DAC's broken. Try setting the buffer to very large or larger see if it fixes.
  7. Advanced Tweaks -> Volume Levels resets after each update. Also, changing that option will likely cause temporary max volume, blow my ears up. Otherwise works well App ver: build-973-bundle-play Model: Xiaomi 12S Ultra Android ver: 13 MIUI ver: 14.0.3 stable
  8. Somehow I now couldn't reproduce the distorted sound part. Though the constrained audio pipeline is still there with AAudio output. I hope we could get full 24bit support. Update: Although constrained audio pipeline still exists with AAudio, Hi-res support for MIUI had improved (added AUX Out, in October). I'd say the sound does feel a bit more detailed and is smoother to my feeling.
  9. I think I've got a different but similar issue:
  10. Poweramp build number: build-943-bundle-playDevice model: Mi 12S UltraAndroid version: 12Custom ROM name/version: MIUI to reproduce: Select AAudio as output and play a music file. You see a constrained audio pipeline like this: Also, if you turn on "Float32 Sample Format" in either AudioTrack or OpenSL ES Output, you get very significant distorted sound when the music gets loud.
  11. Here's an update: This issue still persists within the latest version (build-943-bundle-play) -12dB didn't help fixing the issue Is there anyone else experiencing the same issue? Another update: Since the update of improved Hi-res support for MIUI (added AUX Out, in October), I switched to that and never experienced this issue again. I did try to switch back to AAudio for a minute and have not yet experienced this issue. But don't take my word for it because I literally only listened for a minute or two. More updates: I've listened ~5min with AAudio and found the volume still dips/increases after a minute or two. Seems like this issue is not yet fixed at least with AAudio.
  12. Yes. That's exactly what I did. @MotleyG Because that makes pa play the default sound which every other player makes, it shouldn't perform much different from the other players. (Though apparently it did.) I'll probably backup and try Flat -12dB tonight. Though I think all it does is probably making me harder to notice the volume dip/increases since this will drop the overall perceived volume by quite a bit.
  13. Yes. I have already confirmed the issue still persists even after clearing & resetting Poweramp. The following quote was about switches I've tried during the factory reset. Btw, I don't think +12dB will trigger any kind of protection since I only put at max 20% system volume on my device, while also having DVC turned on to prevent clipping.
  14. Andrew, I appreciate your help here! Yes but not completely. I got 192kHz output working but stuck at 16bit. On the previous Android versions (specifically Android 9) I could get 192kHz/24bit to work. I have not turned on the Limiter. I also tried switching on "No Equ/Tone", "No DVC", "No Duck", "No Headroom Gain" and tried all 3 native outputs as well as switching off "Enable Direct Volume Control" on the dedicated DVC page, but am still getting the volume dips/increases. Also, I've got "Smooth Equalizer/Tone Gains" turned off even during normal usage. The volume dips/increases are not temporary (or are said to be less than 1 second). It persists for ~10-30 seconds before the next change. Each change has a soft stepping (either the effect from system or Poweramp itself) and the volume will be overall louder/weaker after the change. I have also tried to increase buffer size to large though I don't think that's the problem. Since if buffer is too small, the music will sound stuttering and hitching. However, for this case that is not what I heard before so it shouldn't be the culprit. Hence, I suspect it's something to do with Poweramp's volume control. I also tried other players, i.e. MiXplorer's built-in audio player and YouTube, but found no such issue. Attached images are some more info on the audio.
  15. Checkout the attatched archieve. It contains: a logcat captured when the bug happened a spectrogram/explanation video at the same time when the bug happened a music file used recreate the bug a note on what time (internet time) the bug happened Timestamp & clock is shown in the video. Tell me if you need anything more. Also, please consider adding hi-res support for Android 12 like what we had in Android 9. Poweramp build number: build-941-bundle-play Device model: Mi 12S Ultra Android version: 12 Custom ROM name/version: MIUI Steps to reproduce: Clean install of Poweramp, play a song (particularly with medium to large volume difference in different parts of the song) and listen for the volume changes that shouldn't be there. 941-issue.zip
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