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  1. @maxmp yoooo, you're making a separate EQ app?
  2. Honestly I'm glad this is getting traction. Its showing folks have legitimate need/want and use for having a pitch slider 😊 here's hoping in the future the feature can get turned on.
  3. I like singing as well and pitch Shifting helps as well. I can't match some pitches and bringing the original to my own makes it more enjoyable instead of it seeming to be a chore
  4. When I updated to build 873 it seems like some of my album arts qualities went down and are noticably grainy now for some reason?
  5. It really would be quite a clean yet very simple look. Hopefully @maxmp will come in and let us know how possible such a thing would be. It's kind of dynamic since it would change so much based on covers but still.
  6. So I'm basically looking for a skin that'll do something like this as seen in the screenshots I took of retro music player. Maybe someone has seen or has made a theme that does this. Something that doesn't have a lot of color options outside of a light, dark and AMOLED black theme. But as far as the "now playing" screen, I'm looking for something along these lines. It's adaptive in color, pulling primary/secondary colors from the cover art of the music. Changing different elements like the now playing background, text colors possibly. Just something along the lines of what I could show.
  7. I'm not gonna lie it'd honestly just be nice to have that option/feature. There may be users out there who don't know about the forums and would look at it as a nice surprise that they've wanted but didn't know how to request. Also, since Poweramp can do this internally could we maybe turn this feature on in a future update? It'd be a nice addition, and it's just something fun to play with.
  8. @Fitzian thats what I'm essentially saying, for Poweramp to have to sliders or dials actually. Two separate ones would work great I just hope it can be/is implemented. I'm hoping a mod sees this to put a bug in the devs ear
  9. It'd be nice to have a pitch shifter just as a nice feature to go along with the speed changer. Not have them one in the same but a separate slider. I like changing pitch in some songs temporarily just for jokes or laughs, maybe even changes the mood for some instrumental tracks.
  10. It's a very odd bug indeed. I'm actually having the problem oh, the exact same problem write down to how to react to different button touches and how the application will basically lock out so I can function after pressing the search magnifying glass. The only difference is our devices because I'm on a Samsung Galaxy note 9 myself. honestly I thought it was because I'm in the beta channel to receive beta updates but even when I switch back over to just the regular updates and got out of the beta program and redownload Poweramp, it was still having the same issues.
  11. So I do know this is kind of a novelty feature but it's one I would really love to see in Poweramp. Poweramp has tons of great features but I'd love a pitch shifter just to have something to play with sounds. I love to mess with my music sometimes while playing to either make it more high pitched or low pitched without permanently messing with the file. Some songs tend to sound better, worse funnier or sadder when pitches are shifted. Lol I would appreciate it if you could at least maybe consider it. But if not I entirely understand, thanks for reading. In another player that I use called stellio, it's called tone. But stellio doesn't have the same quality and power as Poweramp does. Especially when it comes to sound quality and processing and all without distorting the sound quality.
  12. Honestly I feel like we just need to move on I stead of using an outdated player, app... Just download something that is actually supported. Stellio Player is pretty nice Retro music player has customization There are other options folks. It's what I did. Max is just stringing folks along, not answering and yet you all sit and wait. He's not giving us anything.... He doesn't feel he should at least say s word of how development is going... Which is a poor sign for a developer.
  13. I second that. I've been silently watching this thread for a while and nothing is changing. I just took Poweramp off of my phone. It takes up space unnecessarily. Max released a half-ass alpha like build and has still not even touched basis with his community. Which is pretty piss poor service honestly. If you don't have time for the project just give the app to devs who have time for it and will take good care of it. That goes without saying there are still better and more potential apps on the play store anyway. I dabbled in the room Dev scene a while back and one thing I know is as a developer of any sort you at least as a decent person update your support base with what's going on. Not drop false dates and then when the time frame passes your just a complete ghost.
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