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  1. Honestly I feel like we just need to move on I stead of using an outdated player, app... Just download something that is actually supported. Stellio Player is pretty nice Retro music player has customization There are other options folks. It's what I did. Max is just stringing folks along, not answering and yet you all sit and wait. He's not giving us anything.... He doesn't feel he should at least say s word of how development is going... Which is a poor sign for a developer.
  2. I second that. I've been silently watching this thread for a while and nothing is changing. I just took Poweramp off of my phone. It takes up space unnecessarily. Max released a half-ass alpha like build and has still not even touched basis with his community. Which is pretty piss poor service honestly. If you don't have time for the project just give the app to devs who have time for it and will take good care of it. That goes without saying there are still better and more potential apps on the play store anyway. I dabbled in the room Dev scene a while back and one thing I know is as a developer of any sort you at least as a decent person update your support base with what's going on. Not drop false dates and then when the time frame passes your just a complete ghost.