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Apple music will not show up in known players


Go to solution Solved by Backsilent99,

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Ok, I reproduced the issue - Apple Music does not send Audio Session Id for 2nd+ track in playlists. They constantly manipulate Audio Sessions - rookie mistake, devs unaware of Android audio system internals.

It seems to work if Crossfade is enabled in Apple Music settings. Crossfade duration could be set to 0 if no crossfade is needed. Multiple sessions still created, but those are reported to Equalizer.

PS Sending one audio session id on player/track start is very hard for developers to comprehend, few do this right. I guess mostly due to the low number of the apps using this, lack of the user feedback, and lack of the documentation (actually, not), but we'll change that:-)

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@Backsilent99 see my post above - Apple music works out of box with the latest Equalizer build.

If it doesn’t work for you please be more specific regarding your device, Android, Apple music, Equalizer versions. This may help to reproduce the issue. 

Try resetting Equalizer Known Players / Apple Music settings to defaults. Also try setting Apple music crossfade to automatic. Thanks!

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Apple Music does not correctly handle audio session ID when Crossfade is disabled: No ON_OPEN_AUDIO_EFFECT_CONTROL_SESSION session is reported for 2nd and subsequent tracks. When Crossfade is enabled, multiple unnecessary audio session IDs are generated. Newbie mistakes!


Apple Music неправильно обрабатывает идентификатор аудиосессии, когда Crossfade отключен: для 2-го и последующих треков не сообщается о сеансе ON_OPEN_AUDIO_EFFECT_CONTROL_SESSION. Когда Кроссфейд включен, создается несколько ненужных идентификаторов аудиосессии. Ошибки новичков!

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