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EQ app stops working with Apple Music after certain tracks get played.


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Was using the Poweramp EQ app and while listening to Zankou - EP by Lamp on Apple Music, the EQ app stopped responding to the tracks. After closing Apple Music and opening it again the app starts responding to EQ again until I play any tracks from that EP. Has this happened to other people on other albums and can it be fixed? Using Moto G Stylus 5G 2022 running Android 12. Poweramp Equalizer version is "version build-940-bundle-play."

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I also have similar issue with Apple Music when changing tracks. Need to close AM and launch it back for EQ to works. Enabled "Multi-session" in Settings btw. Same EQ version as yours.

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@dooude Perhaps, this might help. Try turn off the crossfade in Apple Music settings. I have been switching between albums and playlists, none of the problem to comeback.

I will continue trial and error, and I will let you know if the problem reemerges.



The problem seems to comeback after I restarted my phone. No luck in trying turn the crossfade on and off. I don't have another music streaming app, so I don't know if the problem is exclusive to Apple Music, or specific to my phone only.

My phone: Xiaomi Mi A2
Android version: 10
Apple Music version: 4.0.0
Poweramp EQ build: 940-bundle-play

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I am plagued with exactly the same problem. I joined the group to seek an answer to just that. I am completely frustrated by the idiosyncratic nature of the app so much so that I left a stinking review on Google play hoping that someone would respond. 

Here's the screenshot... Someone please help 


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