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  1. @maxmp Thanks for the reply, however the guy still claims that the current implementation lowers quality, is that true? (see below) Tbh I noticed that the PEQ preset I use on my PC has different effect when imported to Poweramp Equalizer but that could be also because of the different hardware (sadly don't have any other device to test it).
  2. @maxmp Thanks, I deleted data for both Poweramp Equalizer (908 beta) and AM (3.6.0), restarted my phone and now it really works out-of-box without changing any settings (incl. crossfade). I'll continue testing it and let you know if it starts bugging again.
  3. Apple Music is bugged for me as well, the equalizer works only about every second song even with manual crossfade.
  4. Hi, is there any reason why the parametric EQ has forced Auto save? Also somebody on reddit is claiming that the equalizer is not really parametric, is that right? Thanks
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