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Hi guys..  I'm a long time Poweramp user.. Can you guys add a home tab to Poweramp like Spotify which shows recently played tracks top artists and may be a welcome message with our name..  Almost every App nowadays has home tab in music players..  So it would be cool if you guys add this feature..  Thank you..  (sorry for my bad english) 😂images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQZXRHzNYhqTRaZavfvbEd

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Poweramp shows splash only when it knows it may lag a bit at startup (due to the update + database changes, and related). Usual startup is optimized to be ASAP to the main screen. Believe me or not, but some multi $ corporations and startups just forgot the word "optimize";-)

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Right. Then prrhaps this could be an optional feature with the definite ability to disable it in the Settings.

I'd envisage that it would be enabled by app default but upon first install of app a centre pop up menu could appear on the screen asking the user if they'd like to disable this 'Home' screen permanently. It can be re-enable at anytime in the Settings. This sounds fair. 😁 It's Maxmp final decision.

Btw, this request would tie in well with what monkeybutt recently requested in a separate topic regarding 'music usage stats'

I love the UX aesthetic of a Home tab showing the artist picture, animated picture transitions relating to recent tracks, least played and suggested Genre's (think a Gym fitness mode).

Artist picture could be pulled from online such as Wikipedia or similar server.

As aforementioned, it would tie in well with a Usage Stats feature that monkeybutt requested. I will post a screenshot mockup in a short while as I have a point to make about relocating a particular PA UI element. 😉


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