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  1. I really like bells and whistles ideas like this. So, all that is needed is Skins support for Album Art animation and other enhanced Ani support.
  2. I agree. Furthermore there is another feature from Neutron I really want.
  3. +1 I agree with this idea as there are so many tracks that I have that for some ignorant reason I choose to skip when I'm not at home. I think this request links perfectly with the 'Home' page request:
  4. Right. Then prrhaps this could be an optional feature with the definite ability to disable it in the Settings. I'd envisage that it would be enabled by app default but upon first install of app a centre pop up menu could appear on the screen asking the user if they'd like to disable this 'Home' screen permanently. It can be re-enable at anytime in the Settings. This sounds fair. 😁 It's Maxmp final decision. Btw, this request would tie in well with what monkeybutt recently requested in a separate topic regarding 'music usage stats' I love the UX aesthetic of a Home tab showing t
  5. I use button controls for Play/Pause on tmy 3.5mm headphone cable (aftermarket) that I have connected to my "idle" Bluetooth headphones. I never use Bluetooth so just use them as regular headphones 😊
  6. +1 Awesome idea and would integrate well IMO. If it gets agreed, implemented and enabled by default then there should allow for a Settins option to disable it. I wonder what others think?
  7. Going by the topic title, it would suggest to me that a Restriction feature could be added for songs with swear words 🤬. I guess that would rely on both LRC support and online matching. Update: Topic title changed by Mods 👍
  8. I feel the same passion as you but to another topic 😊
  9. Not quite exactly Rather, after selecting AB option from the long-press Repeat selection menu it would then enable the chooser mode so that a user can then choose the starting A point using the button on the Interface with subsequent actions of the same single button. The same Repeat button would transform into the button for the AB modes I created this animation to best depict it in action through each button press. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then to Cance
  10. Hello all, Wouldn't it be nice if planned/implemented features that were being internally tested could be tried out by the public a lot quicker? It would be nice to have a section in the Settings menu named as "Experimental features" or simply "Labs". Inside of that a user could trial out new features by simply enabling a checkbox which would then activate the feature (for example a new Poweramp UX element). Then simply after a period of time has elapsed of testing and bug reports the new feature would then come out of this menu and into prime time. This wouldn't disrupt th
  11. Oh ok. I can't find a reference to what I'm talking about in that topic link, maybe it's me. This topic is about Noise effects for whilst manually Seeking the seekbar (retro audio cassette tape fx) and Play/Pause (Vinyl needle scratch fx). It would work much like the existing features ofbCross-fade and Fade on Play/Pause.
  12. Hmmm which particular 2012 thread? Feel free to link it It's fabulous to see how long this forum has been going, I vaguely remember the old Invision forum light blue theme back in the Poweramp 1.xx days. Furthermore how about the abrupt retro 'Vinyl needle scratch' for Play/Pause. No doubt this leans towards a DJ style app which some may have reservations about. It could be limited to just Cassette Tape and Vinly needle option in the Settings to avoid PA being turned into a funky DJ mixing app. These functions definitely have their social use cases suc
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