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  1. Thanks Andre and Fitzian. I don't think the voting system would work to properly reflect the support for A-B Repeat. I estimate that many of the users who posted support for this feature on the forum are either seldom visitors to the forum or probably don't use or have knowledge for the Voting system. A-B Repeat is certainly not a feature that requires significant change to the UX/UI or any major change to some audio engine. The existing Bookmarks feature already marks a point A for songs, so it would be as straightforward as a developer just 're-using' this same code. It could even be added as an Experimental feature that has to be enabled in the Settings. My favourite feature packed audio player on Android and it can't even do A-B Repeat whilst the developer chooses to hilariously laugh at my request from 13 years ago. VLC, Neutron Player and other Android players have A-B Repeat cycle. C'mon man
  2. Unfortunately Max is still publicly ignoring implementing a very easy A-B Repeat feature with included bookmarking of A-B
  3. Max, said on this thread 2 years ago (in 2021) that he would raise priority. The Bookmarks feature is already there which marks a Point A, therefore A-B support should be very straightforward to code up since all it would be doing is allowing the user to mark a Point B. Neutron player (copycat of Poweramp) and video player apps such as MX Player and VLC all have A-B Repeat from years ago. Another important feature request attachment to A-B Repeat would be the ability to save each A-B selection, save it to either Bookmarks or custom playlist. Perhaps each A-B saved could have it's custom EQ and custom Tempo saved along with it. This would be ideal. As Andre said above with The Carpenters example, songs with lengthy 'creative' intros before the actual song starts OR music that are part of long 2+ hour radio mixes are just some of the justifications for A-B repeat feature. It could even be added right now, today, as an experimental feature. I think Max has secret hatred of A-B?? I hope not.
  4. Unfortunately "soon" could take 13 years lol. Why can't Max recruit a secondary support developer who would primarily focus on the backlog of feature requests. Then Max could handle all the bug fixes, compatibility etc
  5. Hi hello Pa forum, It would be great if there was an ability upon tap & hold to have "Playlist settings" option. We can already rename, image change, share a selected Playlist (amongst the options presented upon tap & hold). Personally, I'd like to set my own custom Tempo and preamp on a per Playlist basis and I'm sure other users would too.
  6. Hello andrewilley, A-B Repeat must also support a 'saving' function either save to Bookmarks or save to a custom playlist. If you can edit that as enclosed brackets to your above post. It's worth to note, the existing 'Add to Bookmark' feature already is the same as A-B function in that it marks a point A except with not marking a point B
  7. Agreed and well reasoned. If implemented as a long-press option it would still be sad to loose that precise A to B loop that has been made. Hence why I firmly believe that there should be the additional option to save the A-B selection to BOOKMARKS.
  8. I've been badgering MaxMP for this feature for nearly 13 years lol There have been advances in Poweramp with Lyrics but still no basic implementation of an A-B repeat. I (and I'm sure many users too) would also like the ability to 'save' an A-B repeat selections to a playlist such as 'Bookmarks' Please MaxMP the crowd has spoken! I know MaxMp personally doesn't like this feature himself but few other players (namely Neutron Player has it). I am a lifetime Poweramp user devotee. In a private conversation MaxMP did confirm that it is in the TODO list but he's never commented about it on the forum. I don't know why he hates the function so much. The internal Android programming code for such an A-B Repeat feature would be close enough to the existing the implementation of Poweramp's Bookmark function.
  9. Unfortunately MaxMP has not been kind enough to acknowledge the whole A-B Repeat issue via a response. Such a simple feature should not take 10+ years. It could even be implemented as a 'sleeper' feature that has to first be enabled in the settings. Support for saving the A-B repeat selection to a Bookmarks or other playlist is needed too.
  10. Thanks James, however this is about Poweramp getting this feature. Poweramp is my favourite cross-device app on Android for offline music playing. Poweramp is already half way there with an A-B function due to the 'Bookmarks' feature. Poweramp's existing 'Bookmarks' feature already has the capability of marking point A of any track. So all the developer would be doing is copying and pasting the Bookmarks function in code then implementing a 'mark as point B' along with using the existing 'repeat 1 track' feature so that A-B plays in a loop. Plus of course some UX buttons for this. All A-B could then give the user the option to either save into the Bookmarks playlist or to save into any custom Playlist. @maxmp This is so straightforward. Max could you care to comment your thoughts/direction on this thread?
  11. Yes please 🙏 consider Andre's comprehensive icons. Wow 12 years for a feature request and still no comment from Max MP. Why does Maxim seem to hate this feature and view it as superfluous? Please, please, please A-B Repeat function with support for saving/backup of A-B by likely integrating with Bookmarks. It's even referenced in the Lyric thread:
  12. I feel a good way ti implement this feature would be for Poweramp to take into consideration filenames and unique file hashes, bytes and metadata as a means of identifying the precise music file regardless of heat new folder directory it's in upon backup restore. What do you think?
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