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  1. Hi, I'd like to know why you/anyone thinks that Neutron player's pre-amp gives a much louder volume than Poweramp's? This loudness is exactly what I want. Is there a technical or OS reason? Could it be that Poweramp is missing something vital in it's pre-amp EQ implementation. For this topic's scenario, I'm running Poweramp on a secondary device (Samsung Galaxy S7 with LineageOS 18 - Android 11). Please help or speculate
  2. Hi Max MP and everyone. Unfortunately Neutron's version of AB doesn't allow a user to seek with the seek bar while the "A" point is selected. Seeking support is required so that a user doesn't have to endure any long playback just to have the finger ready to tap on the "B" point. This is something that should get allowed in Poweramp's 'eventual' implementation of the feature. Also, adding to Bookmarks support pls 😀
  3. This topic should be moved to the Feature Requests sub-forum
  4. Has this yet been implemented. I want to move my SD card from one device to another and want to have my bookmarks preserved even if I can replicate a similar file/folder path on the new device. Please
  5. I think he means PUBLISHER and Yes I do want Poweramp to support Publisher tag in the Info?tags screen
  6. So many Poweramp fans for years have wanted a desktop port. Whether it be Mac or PC Microsoft. I guess good things do come to those who wait! Lol Microsoft fully know that the global computing market has moved to the two dominant smartphone OS's and since Android is open-source this is the right step for them to make in order to secure their brand's survival.
  7. Ok cool and nice that I reminded you. Hmm it would be nice if you Sticky my A-B Repeat topic
  8. This is really needed. Multi select tracks in a playlist and drag them anywhere.
  9. I also would like an option in the Sleep Timer to be able to set the Poweramp screen to be Black+white in colour with a button in the corner of the screen to 'disable sleep timer mode'. So the whole PA screen would be black+white which would visually indicate that it is actively in Sleep Timer mode. I might compile all these recent ideas, Andre's and mine, into a new Sleep Timer topic.
  10. I agree with Andre. Related to this, I feel the Sleep Timer function should have it's own separate Volume control and Auto-Volume fading which would be separate from teh main app's volume.
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