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Found 9 results

  1. I went online to find a music app to play my own music that is added to my phone. I came across Poweramp and thought I would give it a test. It is now downloaded and I started up a song to see what the play screen looks like. (See attached screenshot as to what I saw.) The first thing I noticed was the really messy interface. Containing the music art. On top of that and rotating the title of the music piece. Just below the title a thumbs up / thumbs down. To the right of that the 3 dot drop down menu. 4 buttons faded into the background. Below the equalizer vertical bars. On top of that the play buttons. Just below left. Current time in the track. To the right shows how long the track is. Below middle. Type of file. Below additional options faded in. First of all a welcome screen should be seen upon installing the app asking questions in relation to what to see. I would right away hide the equalizer bars (as an option to not show these), as I find it distracting to see it when playing a file. I would probably have the title in the top and then the cover art just below it. I would remove the thumbs up/down. I do not need these. I even wonder why it is there. I just plan on playing my own music. Place the 3 dot into the bottom options icons menu. Remove the faded options seen just below the cover art, and consolidate these with the options in the bottom. Remove some options that are more general from the play screen and add these into the settings screen. Bottom options have these fit better in with the area it is located in. Because of this UI, I might just have to uninstall the app. I will wait and see the response to my feedback. As I got a feeling that app is really good, but that the initial impression i get is that the UI is messy and crowded.
  2. I have a galaxy z fold 2 and I have a problem with the app when I use it in landscape mode when the phone is folded open. For some reason Poweramp does not use the landscape player layout that is uses on a regular phone. On my folding phone the album art is rectangular and cut off. I saw that some other users also had this problem with this other folding phones and tablets. This also happens on the default skin of Poweramp. I am pretty sure that this is due to the aspect ratio of the screen. This only happens when the phone is in landscape mode when the phone is folded open. When the phone is folded closed It looks like how it is suppose to look in landscape mode. I once had Poweramp bug out and it showed me the layout of the bottom picture on the bigger screen of the phone, but I could never replicate the bug. I was wondering if you could add an option in the settings to force the phone to use the landscape layout, when it is in landscape orientation.
  3. Poweramp build number: build-911-arm64-play [911004-cb218340] Device model: Google Pixel 4a 5g Android version: 12 (SPB4.210715.011) Steps to reproduce: 1) Open Poweramp 2) Press play/pause many times 3) Face animations bug
  4. Please give us option to disable album name in now playing screen. At first I thought skin devs would be able to do this. But one of the skin dev replied that it's not possible for the skin devs to do. So I think Max could do something about this. Thank you. @maxmp
  5. It'd be nice to have the option of having the album art at the top of the full tracklist/album view be fully visible in it's 1:1 ratio instead of it spanning across the top of the screen screen cropped
  6. Hi guys.. I'm a long time Poweramp user.. Can you guys add a home tab to Poweramp like Spotify which shows recently played tracks top artists and may be a welcome message with our name.. Almost every App nowadays has home tab in music players.. So it would be cool if you guys add this feature.. Thank you.. (sorry for my bad english) 😂
  7. I love Poweramp so much! However, I'd like to have this setting be available in the future updates. It would be very nice to separate the album name from the artist-album label in the player UI. I am using the Alternative Layout style which moves the tags under the album art (which I appreciate) but I'd love to add a third line for the album name instead of merging the artist and album name in the second line. Also I would like to suggest a setting to adjust the alignment of these labels under the album art. I see that the default is aligned to the left, but I think it would look better to have center alignment setting be available. Thank you!
  8. On my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9+, Exynos variant, Android 10, Poweramp build 861) the MusicFX button doesn't change the sound at all. I noticed that to use system sound settings (Dolby Atmos, tone controls etc.) I have to disable DVC. However when DVC is disabled then system sound settings are in effect regardless of the state of the MusicFX button - pressing the button doesn't change the sound. Similarly, when DVC is on, the system sound settings don't work and it doesn't matter if the MusicFX is on or off. Because of that the UI is somewhat erratic: - I can enable the button regardless of the DVC state even if we know that the system sound settings won't work with DVC. - Regardless of the DVC state, switching the button on or off doesn't change anything. Can the UI behaviour be fixed? 1. The easiest way of fix would be to replace the MusicFX button with a link to system sound settings. The link should work when DVC is off, when DVC is on the link should be greyed out. The link itself could be activated from within the settings (as it is the case with the MusicFX button now). 2. The more complicated way of fix would be to disable (grey out) the button when DVC is on and enable the button only when the DVC is off - and making it actually switch the system sound settings on or off (if it can be done - I don't know). 3. The third way of fixing it would be to change the button function from "enable or disable system sound settings" (that doesn't work anyway) with "shortcut to enable or disable DVC from within UI". Then if DVC is off, long pressing the button would take user to the system sound settings. If DVC is on, long press would not work or inform a user that system sound setting won't have any effect unless DVC is off. I think any of the options above would make Poweramp's UI slightly more coherent - I would prefer option 3. 🙂
  9. Since last few days I am noticing laggy ui on notification toggle while changing music or closing it Sometimes even after touching close button It closes after few seconds And Everytime i restart my device Poweramp app starts out of nowhere and scans files which is weird because i never experienced this in Poweramp before or any other app
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