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Found 35 results

  1. Hi guys.. I'm a long time Poweramp user.. Can you guys add a home tab to Poweramp like Spotify which shows recently played tracks top artists and may be a welcome message with our name.. Almost every App nowadays has home tab in music players.. So it would be cool if you guys add this feature.. Thank you.. (sorry for my bad english) 😂
  2. I love Poweramp so much! However, I'd like to have this setting be available in the future updates. It would be very nice to separate the album name from the artist-album label in the player UI. I am using the Alternative Layout style which moves the tags under the album art (which I appreciate) but I'd love to add a third line for the album name instead of merging the artist and album name in the second line. Also I would like to suggest a setting to adjust the alignment of these labels under the album art. I see that the default is aligned to the left, but I think it would look better to have center alignment setting be available. Thank you!
  3. On my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9+, Exynos variant, Android 10, Poweramp build 861) the MusicFX button doesn't change the sound at all. I noticed that to use system sound settings (Dolby Atmos, tone controls etc.) I have to disable DVC. However when DVC is disabled then system sound settings are in effect regardless of the state of the MusicFX button - pressing the button doesn't change the sound. Similarly, when DVC is on, the system sound settings don't work and it doesn't matter if the MusicFX is on or off. Because of that the UI is somewhat erratic: - I can enable the button regardless of the DVC state even if we know that the system sound settings won't work with DVC. - Regardless of the DVC state, switching the button on or off doesn't change anything. Can the UI behaviour be fixed? 1. The easiest way of fix would be to replace the MusicFX button with a link to system sound settings. The link should work when DVC is off, when DVC is on the link should be greyed out. The link itself could be activated from within the settings (as it is the case with the MusicFX button now). 2. The more complicated way of fix would be to disable (grey out) the button when DVC is on and enable the button only when the DVC is off - and making it actually switch the system sound settings on or off (if it can be done - I don't know). 3. The third way of fixing it would be to change the button function from "enable or disable system sound settings" (that doesn't work anyway) with "shortcut to enable or disable DVC from within UI". Then if DVC is off, long pressing the button would take user to the system sound settings. If DVC is on, long press would not work or inform a user that system sound setting won't have any effect unless DVC is off. I think any of the options above would make Poweramp's UI slightly more coherent - I would prefer option 3. 🙂
  4. Since last few days I am noticing laggy ui on notification toggle while changing music or closing it Sometimes even after touching close button It closes after few seconds And Everytime i restart my device Poweramp app starts out of nowhere and scans files which is weird because i never experienced this in Poweramp before or any other app
  5. I love this player and have been a paying customer for years. That said the recent UI change has me really missing the option to swipe left and right for track changes and up and down for list changes. I always just put my player in random track and random list mode, select and artist and hit play, then I could swipe up or down until I hit an artist I wanted to listen to, then swipe left and right to go randomly through the tracks by that artist. That simple navigation option is what sold me on this player and kept me using it for years. Now that I can no longer swipe up-down to navigate the list level I have selected, I am considering looking for another player. Any chance you could re-add this feature?
  6. Album art should be fit if they're too large. 1280×1750. Doesn't fit fully.
  7. v3-828 ZTE Axon 7 A2017 Android 9 Rom - BootleggersROM-Pie4.4.1
  8. v3-827 EUI (default LeEco ROM) Android 6
  9. hzs0615

    no volume UI

    Poweramp version and build number:v3-build-824-uni(no google play) device model:Samsung galaxy s9+(SM-G9650/DS) Android version:Samsung OneUI(Android 9) Bluetooth device:Sony WI-1000X run Poweramp App ,bluetooth device keep connection: 1.play music , change volume , no volume ui. 2. no music playing, volume ui automatic popup, but I not change volume. 3.use other player app, volume UI be ok.
  10. I really don't care for the new UI. I find it cluttered and difficult-to-navigate. Can we have an option for the v2 UI or for a simplified interface? This really IS the best Android player, but some of the fanciness gets in the way of basic functionality.
  11. Support for more screen sizes. Simple enough i think.. My phone has two screens(ZTE axon m) and when its in Extended screen mode, the screen size is 1920x2160 but the controls are now here to be seen. So maybe a way to get more screen resolutions supporter in some way would be nice, including more uncommon screen sizes. There is no hurry, as i can still use the notification to control music, but its just annoying to either have to use single screen or use the notification to control the music.
  12. i dont know if there is a skin that does that, a small search i did didnt deliver. It would be nice to have the UI option to have the album art aligned bottom and the rest of the interface top. I know most players are like that but it may be useful for some, eg if the phone is mounted on a car dash its easier touching the top or for some phones it may be more natural for fingers/thumbs to touch the top part of the screen
  13. Hi recently received update and after the update the Android pie was fixed but another problem came up. fix it asap
  14. I'm honestly quite annoyed that the update removed so many customization features. One thing I'm missing a lot is the ability to change the footer in the main screen (I attached a screenshot to show what exactly I mean). It currently defaults to the audio file information, which I'm not at all interested in. It's the same for all of my files anyway. I'd like to get the option from v2 back, where you could set this to, for example, the next song in the playlist. Also, by the way, I think, Poweramp is (and has been in v2) not recognized as a music player by android. At least on my phone (Android 8.0.0 with EMUI), I can't select Poweramp as the default music player, it is just not displayed in the list. Thank you. (Last one for today, I promise )
  15. Hi I'm a longtime Poweramp user. I am having difficulty with simple play/repeat functions that were easy to do in V2. When I select a CD to play or a playlist PA shuffles the content of all music on my phone. How do I get PA to play just the CD or playlist and repeat indefinitely if I choose? Thank you
  16. As a fan of Poweramp, got some thoughts on new UI (Android 8, V3 update from google play.) 1.the bar when playing is so large that I press it everytime, a bit annoying. 2.Can we just make the library more easy to use, let say, make a category as default(user choose), I want folder view as default library view. That would help user changing album/folder more quickly. 3.The bottom on the most right side, why would be a botton lead to setting ? It's not a usually choice for me, I mean, setting is a one time deal, almost. I always a "one hand can do everything" fan, above are my thoughts.
  17. Hi, Coming from the Samsung galaxy note 4 and v2 of the app, I just got recently the new Samsung galaxy note 9. After having problems with the notifications not working correctly on Oreo, after some researches I found that the problem was solved in the beta v3 of the app, so I decided to give it a try instead of leaving and searching another music player. I was using USB audio player pro to play HD files with an external ifi usb dac and to discover that the v3 version of Poweramp was able to play hd files was a great news for me. I must say I like the interface a lot, even if I needed some adaptation time . It's sometimes hard to find some options and there are still things I don't like at the moment. Like the song's name on the cd cover, the vizualisation button, the play button being too big for my taste, etc... Those are details and I hope skins, or options will permit to change it later to my suitability. My main problem isn't here. What I love with my phone is its multi window capability and its SPen. And here, where I had a nice working interface in horizontal window mode on the note 4 with the v2, it's a total mess on the note 9 with the v3. The buttons overlap and controls are way too big. Even if, yes, on the note 4 you could just resize the window diagonally without proportions problems, and on the note 9 you can resize it the way you want, creating lots of problems if the app isn't optimized, here, I need to put it almost in full screen to get it working and not click on the wrong button. Interface should be able to resize itself correctly when the window is stretched, or having some controls hide themselves when the window is too small. Here's what I had on the v2 withe the Note 4: https://streamable.com/3vtvi And on the v3 RC 797 with the note 9: https://streamable.com/43h81 Phones and apps used: Samsung Galaxy note 9 SM-N960F, Oreo 8.1.0, official Samsung ROM, v3 RC 797 Samsung Galaxy note 4 SM-N910F, Marshmallow 6.01, official Samsung ROM, v2.0.10-build-588-uni
  18. Hello, with the recent redesign, that we've all been waiting for, @maxmp said goodbye to Holo (may it rest in peace) however, a small piece of it is still left. There doesn't seem to be a new icon. Yes, it's adaptive, but design wise, it's still from good ol' Holo. While that may not be a priority right now (getting it stable is just a tad more important), a new icon is imo something worth thinking about. It's the first thing potential new customers see.
  19. Hi. Here 's a little advice to the ui design: If the bottom controlbar can have a blur or translucent effect, just like the four small bottoms under the album cover photo, the whole UI will be more harmonious and unified I do a little PS work to show the result: As the basic functions are almost stabled, UI fixes can make the new version more welcomed. Thanks to all developers of Poweramp and hope the app become better and better.
  20. Kindly change the new UI. Also, return the feature where on clicking the song name takes to the list of songs along with the name of sing playing in order.
  21. 1st of all thank you for the development.. App is looking great, I'm requesting an option of listing songs in the view as list small just like there is a grid small option. Also could you return the candy bar like view option.? Thank you.
  22. When you scroll down by the right side, there is a scoll helper. I want them to support other languages, especially in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Thanks!
  23. Basically what happens is that when I try to scroll through my albums/tracks/folders (basically throughout the whole UI), the scroll bar would not work properly at all. For example I'm scrolling down my list of albums and the scrollbar already starts at 30% down the "page" and it will randomly "stutter". It's easier to show this on video and I have recorded it on my phone to demonstrate: Video I've had this issue on my Galaxy S6 and also my new LG G6 which I recently upgraded to. The video was recorded on my G6 with Version 2.0.10-build-588-play (Full Version) as shown in the video. I've tried doing it with the Material theme on and with the default theme it's still the same.
  24. Hi there, I've been using Poweramp full version for a few years. Recently formatted my device (Xiaomi MI5) and installed the latest lineageOS. As soon as I reinstalled Poweramp saw that the option to sort albums by year is missing as well as the option to edit the main menu. Usually I only put Artists and Albums there, I'm not interested in All Songs or Music Genre options. Please help, I'm going crazy here, have over 60 GB of music and it's really annoying not having the albums sorted chronologically. Thanks. PS. Poweramp rocks!
  25. Now, when click on Folders icon next to a song title on bottom, a popup appears with the following items: Artist, Album, Folder. I suggest to add an option in player's "Settings" which would allow to go directly to Artists/Albums/Folders omitting the popup. I think, this option will be very useful for those guys who use most of time only one item from Artists, Albums and Folders.
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