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  1. Prosenjit

    Edge lighting

    Use this milkdrop preset Idiot - Abstraciphobia.milk
  2. Lock screen visualisation is not working in full screen mode it hangs every time, but in fade controls mode it works like a charm
  3. I found a strange bug the top visualisation panel hangs if I use it too much sometime it does not even appear after clicking on it
  4. Prosenjit

    Option to Hide Navigation Bar

    Yes you can hide status bar from look and feel settings also you can make bottom navigation bar transparent (Poweramp bottom navigation & device navigation bar both) using a third-party theme. There's a few out there in skin section free and paid as well
  5. Wow back to back update thank you so much for your hard work
  6. Full screen visualisation is not working properly on lock screen sometime it stuck & sometimes it works. But if I use fade control mode then it works flawlessly.
  7. Prosenjit

    Show Full screen Visualisation at Lockscreen

    It's already working flawlessly since V3 797 build only the visualisation was not working on 797 but now it's fine The now playing screenshot is from lock screen
  8. Prosenjit

    New Phone, how do I transfer Poweramp?

    Use the same email ID that you have used to purchase Poweramp earlier simple
  9. Prosenjit

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Oh Really???? Then what about immersive 2 theme? From where he gets the inspiration LoL
  10. Prosenjit

    Regret to buy this thing.

    From where you download Poweramp V3 APK? Try to to install the universal APK from here & check
  11. Prosenjit

    What Ui Do You Prefer?

    I really like this new UI but I would love to see the ability to use old V2 styled skins or the current theme engine should give much more theming opportunity because new skins doesn't change the look properly ( maybe I'm wrong it's too early to judge) Old skins was much better than what we are getting now only some minor tweaks & colour changing options that's all If themes can't give a brand new look to the app (free or paid doesn't matter) then there's no need to have theming feature. The UI looks amazing to me I can live with this forever but I am not gonna pay a single penny on skins which literally do nothing.
  12. Prosenjit


    Update your Poweramp to latest version which is RC 797 you can download it from play store or from the forum download section
  13. Can you make a skin like that now playing screen looks awesome
  14. Prosenjit

    Update previous HD skin.

    Thats impossible never gonna happen May be we'll get a new skin from Max in future may be not who knows