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  1. Thanks for man, I have a request please add an adaptive option for rectangle seekbars (for both) it looks so much better than the original rounded seekbar
  2. I'm sorry for the late response, yes you're right I also manually add this tile otherwise it won't appear as default. I think it's designed that way
  3. @djdarko @djdarko yes I also have this bug but I didn't notice it, I love rectangular seekbars I would to have the adaptive options for both rectangle seek bars
  4. Thanks for the update, there is a bug if I use default layout then icon size of miscellaneous buttons didn't work properly. Only sleep timer icon behaves normally & other 3 icons didn't change its size or remain same
  5. Thanks for the update new quick setting tile working perfectly
  6. Awesome update specifically new fonts but I think there is a bug because preamp not showing values anymore
  7. Thanks for the update I loved the new seekbar options it's awesome 🙏
  8. Thanks for the update max🙏
  9. @Mixified No problem at all Sir, your skin is already feature packed the best in the market right now and most importantly u listen to your users and provide regular updates which is rare these days I'm telling this from my own experiences premium skin's, icon packs, kustom widgets/ live wallpapers do not update frequently they don't give a damn about their users. You are different & the amount of support you provide is remarkable. Your my favourite skin designer I'm 100% satisfied 🙏
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