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  1. Thanks for the update love the new EQ features 🙏 I think there is a problem in Eq layout Bass is overlapping with tone & limit. This is not only present in the built-in skin I've same problem with luminous white skin as well Device rdmi note 4
  2. If I activate RG & change the source or change values then turned it off, then the sound quality decreased a lot. Resetting RG settings or audio output settings didn't help. Only way to get back same sound quality I have to reinstall Poweramp. By saying audio quality I mean the volume levels, deep bass clear highs all reduced a lot. I know I can increase the gain after activating RG but that only makes it louder nothing else it more like using volume booster. I have two redmi note 4's & I use MDR XB 920 headphone I can tell the difference instantly after enabling disabling
  3. I have made a feature request to him & he replied me today I just logged in to my account and saw his notification but when I click it I can't see his reply. It says you don't have permission/access. @andrewilley Can you tell please tell me why I'm seeing this I never violated any rules of this forum then why I can't access my own all time favourite skin Dev's response
  4. No problem I can wait & thanks a lot for your response 🙏
  5. @Rachel Tang I installed this plugin today and copied tons of IRC files to proper music directory but whenever I tried to use it I got an error & the app generates log in it's own folder. Please note I have given all the permissions I possibly could still no luck. Then I thought maybe I'm doing something wrong so I installed blackplayer ex again to test & it works flawlessly each & every IRC files working properly. Here's some screenshots & generated logs by the plugin itself log.zip
  6. Please update the skin there's a serious bug if I tried to change the accent colour Poweramp crashes instantly, to make it work again I have to reinstall the skin. Other options like vintage frame toggle or background texture doesn't have any problems. Or atleast update your Play Store description that you abandoned the skin
  7. Not the bars exactly but I invert the entire thing because my moto was to get a proper spectrum visualisation with a solid white background & its not possible to add a separate background so I did it by "bInvert=1" But if you you want black background & still want to get those colours just easily re invert the colurs or use the same colors from the screenshot you'll get exactly same results
  8. Hi I have edited couple of spectrum presets based on a default one that is available in the forum. It looks good so I decided to share with you guys 😊
  9. @PowerMilkAfter following the guidelines I'm able to customise above mentioned .milk preset, but still I can't figure out how to choose/change the background colour all I want is a solid white background instead of deep black. Any help would be appreciated
  10. Why low rated category doesn't consider 2 star rated songs as low rated. It only consider disliked/⭐ rated songs as low rated? My library is small didn't have much 1 star rated songs it would be better if we could add 2 star rated tracks in this category too
  11. 1+ great idea I would love to see this in Poweramp
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