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  1. @Mixified No problem at all Sir, your skin is already feature packed the best in the market right now and most importantly u listen to your users and provide regular updates which is rare these days I'm telling this from my own experiences premium skin's, icon packs, kustom widgets/ live wallpapers do not update frequently they don't give a damn about their users. You are different & the amount of support you provide is remarkable. Your my favourite skin designer I'm 100% satisfied 🙏
  2. Can we select separate colours for miscellaneous buttons, navbar buttons and different colour for equaliser
  3. Thanks for your quick response I just noticed that many parts ui is effected they become blurry
  4. Great update love the transparent options for elapsed & total time, but I have a problem music control buttons looks blurry it is not as crisp as used to be before. Also the colours looks faded in control buttons
  5. Is it possible to get rid of this ugly looking boxes. It looks really bad while visualisation is on or if I use blur mode. There was a skin called default dark skin made by Andrewg had an option to desable those square backgrounds. Is it possible to implement something similar or just plain text with out those square backgrounds would be really helpful
  6. There's a problem specifically in Stream category if I start playing Poweramp from home screen widget and change tracks (streaming URL/playlist) at some point the widget show wrong channel info , same thing happens with the main playing screen. Suppose currently I'm listening Dance wave retro but on the player screen it's showing I'm streaming an URL. This is only happening with steaming category if I play from Playlists category and change tracks hundreds of times this will not happen.
  7. Thanks for the update everything is fine now & new keep aspect ratio option is awesome
  8. Excellent update thanks max it's working perfectly on my mobile. There is a bug while listening to streaming playlist/URL if I choose to see the info tag it crashes instantly. Also if i try to mail you after crashing from Poweramp it generates empty mail with no log in it
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