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  1. Yes your right & that was exactly the case, I exported the settings but before that some how I disabled DVC, I was totally unaware of the fact that DVC is turned off in the settings file. Everything is fine now thanks a lot
  2. I know Poweramp doesn't have such functionality, strangely I was unable to get desired sound quality but after that I figured out some how I disabled DVC. Everything is fine now.
  3. New abstract backgrounds looks awesome thanks a lot for the update. Is it possible to theme knobs & sliders in Parametric EQ mode
  4. Thanks for the update Max really appreciate it. I have a question did anyone notice the Bass is significantly reduced after final license check (24 hours later) all you have to do is a reboot after the final license check & the bass will be 50% less compared to trial version. I had to factory reset my one of handset that's why I instantly notice this, same device same headphones same Eq same hires Out put the bass is way more thumping than the previously installed one. It eventually became similar after the final license check any idea why?
  5. Hi I'm sharing a screenshot of a Aimp skin is it possible to make a skin like this for Poweramp. I really like the seek bar & control buttons design. I would love to buy it if this becomes a reality
  6. If your looking for this then open your skin settings>player controls>pro button>default no circlr
  7. I agree the difference is minimal & hard to notice. But even then it's slightly better in BP specially for non embedded High quality images or scanned CD covers. Anyway thanks for reply I uninstalled the BP not a fan of it.
  8. Why Poweramp always considered 1 Star or Thumbs Down as low rated. I don't mind if someone use thumb rating system then only πŸ‘Ž should be considered as low rates. But why only 1 star considered as low rated I would love to see 2 star or 3 star as low rated in Low Rated category. Poweramp is feature packed but I really appreciate if you consider this in the future. May be you could add this in list option where we can change the desired rating like 🌟 to 🌟🌟🌟 should be considered as low rated.
  9. Now I'm uploading non embedded 1500Γ—1500 album covers
  10. I'll upload screenshots, please note these artwork are 1200Γ—1200 embedded image I tagged my music Using Autotagger pro app
  11. As the title says I'm using latest Poweramp v905 & I have enabled 24bit RGB + Increase Resolution Experimental optionsiin album art settings both options working perfectly and I can clearly see the difference. But problem comes after I installed black player ex after setting it up I can clearly see album arts looks lot better on BP if I directly compare it with Poweramp. Idk why but 24bit option works differently in black player. This is not a bug report neither I'm complaining but I'm curious to know is there a way improve artwork quality in now playing screen.
  12. I agree with you because over time Poweramp has evolved a lot & there is so much options to play with even I forgot things at times🀣
  13. Go to Poweramp settings>visualisation & set top panel opacity 0% You can also set ui timeout at lowest if you want, it will hide the top visualisation panel instantly after you turned on visualisation
  14. It's available my Google Play already updated it automatically you can check now
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