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An iTunes-like Desktop App

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With an iPhone, you can just plug your phone in and it will automatically sync all of your music with iTunes, but with Android and Poweramp, if you change the album art for a bunch of songs or fixed a typo in the artist's name, you have to manually go into your phone's storage and replace each song you edited. It would be great if Poweramp had some kind of desktop app that syncs your phone's music with your computer's music.

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Poweramp is not a file manager, or a music downloader app, so moving files from your PC to your phone is well beyond its design scope.

There are plenty of things around that can do this though, try Googling "sync music files pc to android" for some ideas (even simple oold Windows Media Player can do it I think, if you don't want to installing anything new).


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Take a look at https://freefilesync.org/download.php it's able to synchronize windows over MTP. Setup your music folder on your PC as a pair with the music folder on your Android device and of you go. I had a quick look at it and it doesn't look bad at all.

I'm not using it myself as I have all my music on a network drive and  use foldersync pro for my syncronization of 8k track collection.

I did recently have to import my library into iTunes and that was far from an pleasant experience and that if anyhing is manual work if you do any changes to the library at all outside of iTunes... so I do have some experience of co-living with both iDevices and Androids... But as of today iTunes has only read access to my library as I don't trust it to touch my files.

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I would love a PC version as iTunes display is horrid and PA is BEAUTIFUL. 

I've tried mirroring my phone to my PC to get the gorgeous album art with the blurred background, but it just doesn't look the same; the resolution is lowered or something in the mirroring process (same with trying to run an emulator).

I'm sure if you just made even a fairly basic player with the same graphic UI optimized for a PC there would be plenty of us that would pay for it!!!! (I can't keep waiting for an android phone with a 26" screen!) 

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