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  1. What would be ideal then would to have a "Resume" button in the header section. That way when you change playlists you can just pick up in the same spot in the shuffle as the last time you were there, with the same "Repeat" and "Shuffle" settings, etc. For example, some playlists I have a few songs the I want played with "Repeat Category" selected and other playlists with hundreds of songs that I might have listened to half of them with no shuffle or repeat. With a "Resume" button I could go back and forth between multiple playlists and not have to remember where I was and what shuffle and repeat settings I had previously... Is something like this possible? I think it might appeal to many users. I don't see a downside and would make the player perfect in my estimation! Again, thanks for listening to my whining!
  2. Right. I realize to get the player to do what I want is possible. I just wish that I didn't have to remember to check the settings and then change them. I don't see why the player changes any setting at all. I should just have "shuffle songs" and "repeat off" as a default that I've chosen and never have to think about it again unless I decide to change it... It's not that it's that big of a deal, just a puzzling inconvenience. thanks for your time!
  3. the post I referred to listed the issue at the beginning. I don't want the "category" (ie "playlist" why is the verbiage so confusing?) to change to a different one, whether I'm advancing by playing or advancing by swiping the album art, which has happened on the other setting but never happens on "shuffle songs". All I want is one simple thing: to open a playlist, hit shuffle icon and have the playlist play in "shuffle songs" mode. That's it. I never want the player to select a different shuffle mode than "shuffle songs". Ever. I just don't get why we don't have the option; seems like an easy fix.
  4. My friend you are not the only one. I have been looking for an answer for this for three years now (see thread below). In fact I came here today to see if this problem has finally been solved, but it looks like it hasn't. I'm also 50 something, maybe that does have something to do with it! I just don't get why it does this and it seems like it would be an easy fix...
  5. I was having the same issue, but for some reason this time when I did a full rescan it fixed it, when it didn't the last time I did a full rescan. weird...
  6. I think that might work for me. It would certainly be better than what there is now! I just use "shuffle songs" and "shuffle off". I wish there was a way to make those the only shown options (like on iTunes).
  7. I know I'm dreaming but that would be amazing! That way I would not have to have two EQs at once (PA and Adapt Sound) and PA would be more accurate Here's what adapt sound is if you've never used it ( https://www.nojitter.com/enterprise-insider/adapting-smartphone-sound-just-you ) Try it if you haven't (it's kind of scary seeing how much my hearing has changed over these many years...). Would also like an auto-EQ feature for calibrating the car stereo (sends white noise to speakers, picks up through mic, and adjusts EQ automatically).
  8. On other apps I use, such as Podcast Addict, I can still see the current time without changing screens. Is there a setting for this in Poweramp that I'm missing?
  9. If there were a poll for features that Paid users would like to see, I think this would be number one. The current crossfade is really, really annoying. Andre, those winamp controls look absolutely amazing; exactly what we need!
  10. Will the equalizer app have separate left/right settings? I took a hearing test and found my two ears have a different response; tried to adjust in Poweramp but doesn't look like it can be done? Seems like that would be a good feature for this app. Hope it comes soon!
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