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  1. I have a bit of OCD when it comes to my music library... 10k tracks across 800 CD's... The cleanups of tags/naming/normalization/... has always started with a innocent "I will fix the ones that I listen to", and it always ends up that i trudge through the bulk of it... End-result is a library organized in "Artist\Album" folder hierarchy, so it's relatively easy to apply something across all tracks in a album, so I ran the normalization on a folder at a time.
  2. There are two different gains, one for album and one for tracks. Track gain sets all the tracks to an equal loudness. Album gain keeps the loudness relative to other other unchanged, but the average album loudness is normalized. If you listen to albums you obviously want to use track gain but if you listen to playlists consisting of individual tracks, then you want to use track gain. You have a setting for this and it's called source and can be found under the RG settings. There is an old feature request for having Poweramp setting the source based on if a "album" is being played or individual tracks. But as it's now you need to set it according to your own listening preferences. If you only have individual tracks, then you could apply track gain across the bulk of tracks, but if you have albums, then you should add the gain album by album in order to not loose the intended loudness differences between the tracks. Some people find it easier to reach for the volume dial than to go through the hazzle of normalizing. It's a pain to go back and re-do a library, I have done it a couple of times before I got to what works for me.
  3. I tend to have a "crap" folder on all my devices where I stuck away icons of things that can't be uninstalled or disabled. So everything that I want to hide goes in there.
  4. This goes back to the "jam factory"... google is preventing apps to hide their icons, guess this is to prevent "stealth" apps.
  5. It's a free text field that you can use in any way that you want. I use it for album information, what type of album, whether it's a Live/Studio/Compilation album and number. My comment for the tracks on Genesis "We Can't Dance" album as an example "S14 - 1991", which reads as "Studio Album number 14 year 1991".
  6. A m3u8 playlist is basically a text file, so you should be able to edit the file and import it. That's how I maintain most of my playlists.
  7. I found the topic interesting and did some googling. mp3 chaptering is an extension to id3v2.3 and id3v2.4 and there are tools out there to create files with this kind of tagging in them. I'm not sure how commonly it's used or if it's supported by PA and I'm not curious enough to search for a test file or create one. https://id3.org/id3v2-chapters-1.0 http://id3v2-chap-tool.sourceforge.net/
  8. SD cards can be damaged and phones can be lost and stolen, so I would backup SD card content as well.
  9. How about: "Date by added/modified" "Date added" will change in case you run a FULL re-scan on your library.
  10. @emmdecis it a new purchase? I have read about cases where it might take a while for the license data to properly replicate on the play servers. Are you able to login to play store on a computer and do the install from there? In some cases this has helped.
  11. The only "back" setting that I'm aware of is: Settings -> Look and Feel -> Start at Libary
  12. https://soundiiz.com looks like a tool that would allow you to move your playlists between streaming services and it's also able to read a m3u8 playlist and turn that into a cloud streaming list. I guess the issue is that the m3u8 created by Poweramp is a simple list and not extended. The extended list has one additional line per track that includes track length,track - artist. Example of m3u8 from iTunes with the EXTINF row: #EXTM3U #EXTINF:223,Rock The Casbah - The Clash M:\Clash\S05 - Combat Rock (1982)\The Clash - Combat Rock - 04 - Rock The Casbah.mp3 While Poweramp m3u8 skips the EXTINF but adds a EXT-X-RATING. #EXT-X-RATING:0 62D9-1D1E/Musik/Clash/S05 - Combat Rock (1982)/The Clash - Combat Rock - 04 - Rock The Casbah.mp3 I guess Soundiiz is using the "track - artist" info from the EXTINF in the m3u8 in order to perform it's magic, as trying to parse random filenames wouldn't be feasible. IMHO the EXTINF should be in the m3u8 export and it shouldn't be much of an hazzle to add it to the export. @andrewilley How about changing the subject to something like "Add EXTINF to playlist to support Soundiiz"?
  13. There are a couple of requests for this feature, please see the "Now playing..." thread.
  14. @maxmp it's for shuffle play that the "played / now playing / planned" list is useful. Tie it to the track counter bellow the album cover, clicking the xx/xx would bring up the virtual list and it would allow you to scroll back a bit in history or scroll forward and select the position where you want to play from. So no changes to the current action taken when clicking the album cover, this would be a new action triggered by hitting the track counter." "Pseudo" code: User hits the track counter hit -> show virtual "played / now playing / planned" list Allowed actions: Scroll up/down Select playback point in the list Return to player (If possible the possibility to swipe away tracks from the list)
  15. In regard to #2, the "Tinder" swiping might make sense in the requested "played / now playing / planned" list, tap-hold-swipe to drop the stuff from the planned list. This would only affect the "planned" list, not the actual files.
  16. The unlocker can be uninstalled once the purchase is Verified and Stored onyour device, check it from Settings -> About.
  17. @andrewilley Same problem, I did an error report on it.
  18. More or less fully agreed, sounds like we are quite aligned on this topic.
  19. IMHO it doesn't make much sense to be over creative and tweak the code to accept strange versions in the wild unless it's a common mutation. I would leave it as an exercise for the user to fix their tags to adhere to the standard. I assume that the dates should be scanned into the DB when the files are added and I would say that the magic should be applied at this point. Basically what poor Max would have to do is to create a table of all supported file formats and how to treat the meta data of each format... mp3 v2.3 tags should be read as TYER + TDAT, if TDAT is empty treat it as 01-01 if a valid date is required. mp3 v2.4 tags, read them according to ISO 8601, add "01" for MM and DD as needed. flac wav ... I wonder if there is a standard for how to sort "year only" files? If not, then I would sort them with MM and DD set as "01". What I believe will be trickier is how to handle non-standard stuff such as: date strings with dates separated by periods or dashes. How should those be handled, replace the "./" by a "-" and hope for the best? How about strings with MM and DD swapped? Any of these around? TYER where someone has been creative and used something like YYMM as that's a valid four number string. completely missing dates, import them as 1000-01-01 and get them at the beginning of the list
  20. One thing that would be great would be a automatic mode for album/track gain selection. If the user would kick off play in a track category, then track gain would be used while a folder category would use album gain. I'm using 50/50 folder and track playback so for me it would be a hazle to keep on changing the setting.
  21. I'm not sure about that, it seems like a pretty good codec that's gaining popularity and please bear in mind that it's a fairly new codec. I don't think it's a good codec for pure music as it seems to be developed for mixed content and low bit-rate in mind for streaming applications. Netflix is one provider using it and it's natively available on both Android and iOS as well as licensed by Microsoft. One area where I can imagine that this would start to appear is podcasts as an example. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unified_Speech_and_Audio_Coding
  22. Have a look at https://www.foobar2000.org/components/view/foo_pd_aac for a decoder that should be able to handle the format. Android 9 and newer should natively support the coded.
  23. If I have understood it correctly there is a system called pinyin, which only have a few characters. This is based on sound so more or less as western style writing. Found an article about an Android sorry project. https://programmer.group/5c44cf15f28a9.html
  24. Felt compelled to read up on the subject and I found a simple music player called Abbey Music Player which has only a few features out of which one is: * Add White Noise : Sound of Rain with thunder in the background of your track for Relaxation.
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