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  1. More or less fully agreed, sounds like we are quite aligned on this topic.
  2. IMHO it doesn't make much sense to be over creative and tweak the code to accept strange versions in the wild unless it's a common mutation. I would leave it as an exercise for the user to fix their tags to adhere to the standard. I assume that the dates should be scanned into the DB when the files are added and I would say that the magic should be applied at this point. Basically what poor Max would have to do is to create a table of all supported file formats and how to treat the meta data of each format... mp3 v2.3 tags should be read as TYER + TDAT, if TDAT is empty treat it as
  3. One thing that would be great would be a automatic mode for album/track gain selection. If the user would kick off play in a track category, then track gain would be used while a folder category would use album gain. I'm using 50/50 folder and track playback so for me it would be a hazle to keep on changing the setting.
  4. I'm not sure about that, it seems like a pretty good codec that's gaining popularity and please bear in mind that it's a fairly new codec. I don't think it's a good codec for pure music as it seems to be developed for mixed content and low bit-rate in mind for streaming applications. Netflix is one provider using it and it's natively available on both Android and iOS as well as licensed by Microsoft. One area where I can imagine that this would start to appear is podcasts as an example. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unified_Speech_and_Audio_Coding
  5. Have a look at https://www.foobar2000.org/components/view/foo_pd_aac for a decoder that should be able to handle the format. Android 9 and newer should natively support the coded.
  6. If I have understood it correctly there is a system called pinyin, which only have a few characters. This is based on sound so more or less as western style writing. Found an article about an Android sorry project. https://programmer.group/5c44cf15f28a9.html
  7. Felt compelled to read up on the subject and I found a simple music player called Abbey Music Player which has only a few features out of which one is: * Add White Noise : Sound of Rain with thunder in the background of your track for Relaxation.
  8. Thank you! I'm excitedly running around in small circles, clapping my hands like a fool and singing your price! I just wonder how long this setting has been around? I have for sure missed it! A big thank you!
  9. Thank you for this hint, I had forgotten this album and did listen to it after reading your post, I rate it at 4+. It was a good continuation to the Neil Young album I where listening to before switching, did blend in quite well.
  10. I can see some logic in this, mix in the sound of waves with your favorite music, lay down on your sofa and dream yourself away to a beach somewhere warm and nice... maybe some light summer rain in the background... so a "teleport" mode allowing you to set a background soundtrack. I don't think that I would use this as I like my music clean and crisp, guess it's the same as with Whiskey... on the rocks or just as it is...
  11. Suggestion, how about adding the blank tags in the DB as "- Unknown -" or "-", basically something starting with a non-alpha-character, then they would sort naturally and you wouldn't have to touch the sorting code?
  12. My flacs are CD images, originally wav images left over from CD ripping, so therefore the cue file. I have since started to convert the wav to flac to save disc space but haven't done anything about the meta in the file. I now have a script that will run a character set conversion on the cue, embed the cue and folder art in the flac, add metadata and finally set the replay-gain. I guess I will just have a limited number of albums as flacs on the phone, basically albums that I will enjoy as albums on the home stereo. I cast the flac from Poweramp to a Chromecast Audio which is connect
  13. Oh flac... Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away... I just took a closer look at my flac graveyard, roughly 600 CD images at 220GB... basically most of the CD's that I have ripped over the years. These are plain flac files with no meta data with external cue sheets... My OCD personality would like to have these organized in an neat tree structure, each file named in a particular way.... with matching album art file... and all metadata embedded. I now have a nice script that does most of the magic for me, I will run it on new flacs and the old ones that I'm actually listening to and
  14. @maxmpA big thank you for the quick fix. The duplicate tracks in "Album Artists" category issue is fixed (based on a 10s test) and now I can use PA in my preferred way. @Someguyonlinethe new version is probably in Google Play but it can take some time before it rolls out to all users. I had to wait close to a week for one version in Google Play before it updated for me. So now if I'm in a rush, then I will just side load the web version.
  15. Build: 899 I have a "Flac" directory on my SD card, deleting a album flac file with embedded cue file causes PA to delete all flac files in folder. First time it happened I made the assumption that I had screwed up as I where tossing files back and forth, now it happened a second time and this time I'm sure that PA caused it. Steps to replicate: Folder category, go to your flac folder. Long press on one of the virtual flac albums Select delete
  16. Dummy album name... What's better, add "(flac)" before/after album name? After: Allows albums to be sorted alphabetically Before: Places all the flac versions before or after the mp3's Decisions, decisions... life is full of them...
  17. My library is primarily in mp3 format but I do have some of the albums also in flac format (one large file for the album with embedded cue sheet). My issue here is that PA see's the mp3 + flacs as a single album which is logic as PA groups "album artist" + "album title" into a pseudo album, so now I have some albums with duplicate tracks as both the mp3 and flac is added to the same album. Anyone else having problems with this and what is your experience / workaround. Two approaches: Use folder view: I can do that as I have all my albums organized in an artist/album hierarchy,
  18. I feel like the winner here! I suddenly have 1192 tracks in Genesis Invisible Touch which normally has 8 tracks, so each track is repeated 149 times... Track one is 3:29, will take some time to get to the second track...
  19. This sounds quite much like what I where experiencing on a older firmware on my MiMax 3. What do you do on your phone after you have added the songs to Google Drive? Do you go into the GD app and select the files and download them to your phone? Do you play them from the Download folder or do you then move them to another folder from where you play them? My guess here is that Poweramp scans the files before they have completely downloaded to your phone. I think I saw Max mention in some other thread that there is a 20s delay from when a new file has been detected until PA runs the sc
  20. Googled the issue, and it sounds pretty much like what the user see's in https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/219354/paid-app-accidentally-deleted-and-now-cant-re-download-says-i-already-own-th
  21. tags = information about the song included in the mp3 file, such as Artist, Track Number, Album... Please start by checking in Poweramp the information stored in the file, do this as Andre wrote: "long-press on a song (or album art) and choose Info/Tags to see what is saved in the file" The assumption is that Album information is missing in the file, if this is the case, then you can probably add the tags with iTunes. You can right click (in Windows) on the album in iTunes, select "Album info" and that will open a window where you are able to modify the embedded tag information. Afte
  22. Have you tried the "alternative layout" under skin settings? That moves the text below the album cover but it's still two lines.
  23. Do you have a .cue file? I assume that you have .cue files, this is a simple text file that has information on how to split a large file into individual tracks. You have two settings related to cue files: Show CUE Disc Image Files Parse CUE files
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