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  1. Thanks, @andrewilley ! I thought it still imports the EQ presets from the Import Settings button on Poweramp EQ. Now it works fine. Thanks again. ^^
  2. Recently, I updated my Poweramp Equalizer (to build-906) and then I noticed a new feature called "Parametric Equalizer Mode". So I thought "why not give it a try?" Ok, I didn't understand how to use that thing (lol), so I change back to Parametric Mode, which set all my EQ presets to default! No big deal at all. I have my favorite EQ presets saved and applied in Poweramp Player; so all I have to do is just export those settings and import them in Poweramp EQ. That's the problem: It doesn´t apply! Appears the "importing..." message on screen and the Poweramp EQ restarts (Like it always do), but my EQ presets isn´t there. I already deleted all the default EQs, but no sucess. I haven't tried restoring defaults yet, because I'm afraid that might broken the Advanced Player Tracking. Please, help!
  3. @maxmp @andrewilley I'm so excited! I'll be waiting eagerly for news. =D
  4. I think everyone knows one of the best features of Poweramp is his equalizer. By any chance has a possibility to Poweramp become a android equalizer? With a add-on or a standalone app or it would be unfeasable/unlikely? Thank you for your attention.
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