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  1. I think that might work for me. It would certainly be better than what there is now! I just use "shuffle songs" and "shuffle off". I wish there was a way to make those the only shown options (like on iTunes).
  2. I know I'm dreaming but that would be amazing! That way I would not have to have two EQs at once (PA and Adapt Sound) and PA would be more accurate Here's what adapt sound is if you've never used it ( https://www.nojitter.com/enterprise-insider/adapting-smartphone-sound-just-you ) Try it if you haven't (it's kind of scary seeing how much my hearing has changed over these many years...). Would also like an auto-EQ feature for calibrating the car stereo (sends white noise to speakers, picks up through mic, and adjusts EQ automatically).
  3. Yup, that was it! NICE! THANKS!
  4. On other apps I use, such as Podcast Addict, I can still see the current time without changing screens. Is there a setting for this in Poweramp that I'm missing?
  5. If there were a poll for features that Paid users would like to see, I think this would be number one. The current crossfade is really, really annoying. Andre, those winamp controls look absolutely amazing; exactly what we need!
  6. my god there is so much (awesome) stuff in this app that I still have no idea about. thanks!!
  7. Is it possible to sort songs in a playlist by time-last-played? If not I'd like that option as I have some pretty big playlists and just by the randomness of shuffle there will be songs that don't get played for a long time. Unless there is some setting (that I'm not aware of) which preserves the order of shuffle even when I switch between shuffled playlists? (So I can just continue the shuffle when I get back to that playlist and not have songs repeat until all have played.)
  8. I would love a PC version as iTunes display is horrid and PA is BEAUTIFUL. I've tried mirroring my phone to my PC to get the gorgeous album art with the blurred background, but it just doesn't look the same; the resolution is lowered or something in the mirroring process (same with trying to run an emulator). I'm sure if you just made even a fairly basic player with the same graphic UI optimized for a PC there would be plenty of us that would pay for it!!!! (I can't keep waiting for an android phone with a 26" screen!)
  9. Thank you for the reply. Do you think the swipe function will be changed in the future so that it just continuously cycles through the category when on repeat? As I said earlier, when I am driving it is much easier to change tracks by swiping than by finding the correct button..
  10. what you wrote is true, but you have to include some caveats that will change how things go when starting the playlist. Let's say you have your playlists set to play songs randomly (Shuffle Songs) and then repeat those songs when finished (Repeat Category) 1. You can not start playing the playlist by tapping the shuffle icon at the top; this will start play but will change Shuffle Songs to Shuffle Category 2. You can not start playing the playlist by tapping the play icon next to the shuffle icon at the top; this will start play but will change Shuffle Songs to Shuffle Off 3. You can not advance songs by swiping album art; it will work for a while but then advance you to the next category even if your setting is Repeat Category (it will also happen when reverse swiping taking you to the prior category) These idiosyncrasies make understanding the categories very difficult to new users as they are not aware that settings are changing that they didn't do themselves, and this behavior is different from most other players. Usually a player will select a song at random and start playing when either shuffle is pressed or play is pressed when shuffle has already been selected. With PA you have to select the first song to play from the playlist or else your settings may be changed (as described above). Confusing! (plus if I want random, I want the first song to be random, not a song I selected! very minor but still annoys me, lol) There also may be others oddities that I haven't found yet (if anyone has any to add here I would appreciate it!).
  11. Will the equalizer app have separate left/right settings? I took a hearing test and found my two ears have a different response; tried to adjust in Poweramp but doesn't look like it can be done? Seems like that would be a good feature for this app. Hope it comes soon!
  12. I should also note that the problem is also evident when going backward: For example, if I use the buttons and go back it will stay in the same category (playlist); it will stop on the first song but when I swipe the album cover back (to the right) and it gets to the first song it won't stay, it jumps to the previous playlist, even though the category is "Repeat Category" And when I swipe forward (to the left) to get back in my original category, it doesn't go, it just stays in the new one until it cycles through every song...
  13. I have my settings set at Repeat Category and Shuffle Songs If the songs are advancing by playing or by headphone controls or buttons, all is well and the songs continue to repeat within the category (playlist). If I swipe the album art to advance the songs manually, the songs don't repeat in the category; the category advances when the last song in the category plays... It's much easier to advance songs by swiping when I'm driving, but I want to stay in the same category (and I usually have my advance song buttons hidden).
  14. Ok, got it now; I just have to change my behavior and if I want the first song in the playlist to be random, rather than hitting play I'll just close my eyes and choose one from the list! Thanks for the explanation!
  15. Exactly, and that's my original point. With iTunes I could jump from playlist to playlist and my shuffle and repeat settings stay the same. With PA I have to always switch (or at least check) both the Shuffle and Repeat settings and when I forget it is sometimes tragic and embarrassing when listening with others, lol. I wondered if I was overlooking a way to lock on a specific setting for all playlists, a global setting of my shuffle/repeat preferences, but I guess not. Perhaps this can be a feature someday?!
  16. yes, but I want to make sure it doesn't go to another category after that playlist is done, so I have to change it to Shuffle Songs. As per my original post, I wish I could make Shuffle Songs always the default. My playlists are so different from one another that it's really jarring if it switches out of it when the playlist is over...
  17. yes, that was on for some reason and taking it off does help in that now when I hit Shuffle after selecting a playlist, it will play a different song than the first song! yeah! However it still defaults to "Shuffle Songs/Categories" and has to be changed, but at least I can tap Shuffle now and it doesn't kick me out of that playlist. Thanks!
  18. 860002-3d382e0a full version 32 bit When I select a playlist and tap the shuffle icon the first song of the playlist begins to play and at the bottom a pop-up says "Shuffle Songs and Categories" It does not change when I tap shuffle again and it doesn't show anything if I hold it down... This means the first song of the playlist always plays first (which is annoying when you want to shuffle!) and I always have to then change the shuffle (but have to hold down because if I tap it, it will change to Shuffle All Songs which kicks me out of that playlist, which is really annoying because then I have to start all over again). And when I do change it to Shuffle Songs (by holding down and selecting) and then advance it, it doesn't shuffle, it just goes to the next song.. I checked on my wife's phone and it's the same version with the same issue...
  19. See, that has never worked for me. Of the controls at the top Shuffle and Play do not respond at all. Search and Select do...
  20. Love, love this app, but shuffle and repeat drive me insane. I usually just play a playlist and want the songs in that playlist to shuffle randomly (and then either stop or repeat). The problem is that I can't choose which shuffle setting I want before the playlist starts, then I have to switch it after the playlist is playing and when I do that it changes the repeat setting! Is there a way I can set my shuffle to Shuffle just songs and repeat to Repeat Off so that they're always that way until I change them for a particular playlist???
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