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  1. Thank you very much Andre for your helps and time.
  2. Ok, I found Name Mangler app to change all the music files with only 2 or 3 touches. You can set all the music file's name like "title" or "artist" - "title" ... but this time I have another problem. PA can't import non-English character include songs. My song's name are in Turkish and we have some characters like "ü,ğ,ç,ö,ş,ı,İ...". PA didin't take them to playlist. Also some of the songs have two artists. PA didin't take them also. But this topic got me bored. Also it comes me long job. So I quit. :d Thank you guys for your helps.
  3. Sorry for very late answer. I had some examinations. Fortunately I passes all my exams :). Anyway my music folders are like that: "Artist's name"/ "song's name" "Artist's name"/"CD1 Track2" "Artist's name"/"Song's name-artist's name" "Artist's name"/"Song's name(320)" ... So my song's file names and song's titles doesn't match lots of time. Lots of time they aren't same. So I think there isn't anything to do unless I change every song's name by one by. Am I true? I think I have to match every song's title and file name. Is that true?
  4. Hi everyone, I wonder if it is possible to import Spotify playlist into PA. I can get my Spotify playlist as TXT, CSV, JSON, XML file formats. Also I have the same musics on my phone's storage. Is it possible importing playlist into PA? Thanks.
  5. Ok, I understand it totally. As I said if it's possible auto backup feature will be wonderful. Because I didin't cleared/removed/reinstalled PA, also I didn't change music folder settings or didn't replaces my songs. Thanks.
  6. Ok got it. Also as I said please add auto back up feature in case of similar cases if it's possible. Thank you for your time.
  7. Ok ok I know backing up and restoring, but my problem is how did it deleted, did I do wrong thing? And I offer you to auto back up all the settings periodically if it's possible. Thanks.
  8. Actually I don't use SD Card. And I didn't change the location of my music. No, I didn't back up. But it's not the important thing. The thing I wonder is why this situation has happened, what should I do for prevent it?
  9. Hi, I use Poweramp for listening and rating songs, and then I create liked/disliked folders for each artists on my hard drive disk. So ratings feature is really important for me. But sometimes when I open PA, I suddenly see all the ratings are gone. I didn't replace my songs folder or anything. I didn't understand what's the thing that goes wrong. And can I bring my ratings back? Great app's great dev. Thank you.
  10. Today my phone's battery is dead. And it shuts down immediately. I was listening music with PA. And when I open PA, I see all of my ratings gone. Isn't there any solution? I rated maybe 500 600 songs. It's really important for me.
  11. OK, I was waiting an update to ability to write on mp3 files. But this helps me too. Thank you very much for the awesome work!
  12. How to do that? Should I create a playlist and click “update tags with rating”?
  13. Hi everybody, I couldn’t find a settings for saving rating stars to music file. I want to rate my music with PA, and when I transfer them to my PC, I want to see them as rated. I see when I rate a song in BlackPlayer and transfer it to my pc, it’s shown. Can I do the same for PA? Thanks for great app devs. Ibrahim.
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