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  1. I was thinking of HDMI and USB DAC using something like https://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/mobile-accessories/phones/multi-port-usb-c-adapter--black-ee-p5000bbegww/
  2. @maxmpcould you please take a look at this? I guess it would be rather easy to tweak the search strings in the next build? Albums - Match on "Album title", return album titles All Songs - Match on "All Songs", return matching tracks
  3. Device: Xiomi, Mi Max 3, MIUI 12 I'm not sure, but I think I had DVC disabled and enabled it. (Haven't used Bluetooth headset on this device for a couple of week's, therefore I'm not 100% sure what I did to audio settings back then...). Anyway, this bug which has been quite infrequent previously for me where occurring way to often and I got to the point where I could trigger it just by listening to music in the background and going to a video clip in Chromecast, so it became really annoying. I did some googling on Bluetooth audio issues on MIUI and stumbled on one article that gave "
  4. One thing that triggers this issue quite often is if you view some video on Facebook while you have PA playing music over BT in the background. Watch a movie with sound and suddenly you get sound from the built in speaker as well as the BT device. It's quite interesting that the built in speaker is activated even if the BT is connected all the time.
  5. "Play music" music downloaded in the app on your phone will go into a storage area only accessibly by the app. The files can be downloaded as .mp3 files from your computer which can then be copied to your phone. (It might be that you can do this also on the phone.) I just tried to access my files purchased through Google music and where greated by the https://play.google.com/music/managemusic?u=0# which gave me the options to either transfer my to Youtube music or download my library. So what you need to do in order to play your Google Play music in power amp is to first downlo
  6. Long press on the first song to add, then select the rest you want to add before selecting add to playlist.
  7. What phone do you have and do you have the files in the phone storage or on a SD-card?
  8. What's the size of your embedded images? I guess you might run into problems if you have huge embedded files as the cover images has to be read out of the mp3 files one by one. My embedded album art is mostly 600x600 and my old Xcover 3 with 9000+ tracks on a SD card is pretty "snappy", displays the images more or less instantly. I would say it takes less than a second to display all the covers once I stop scrolling.
  9. Version 302 is quite old, I would suggest that you start by updating and see if that resolves your problem.
  10. Double tapping "[]" on my phone will only open up the list of recent apps, it doesn't take you back to the previous app. Normally a "back" from the close yes/no will just close that dialog.
  11. Honestly I don't care that much where the back button takes me as long as it's not taking me to the home screen. Of course it would be fine with a logical "back" flow but I guess there are quite a lot of opinions out here in userlandia for what is logical.
  12. Please @maxmp, my knee's are getting sore from begging for this feature to be implemented. My monkey brain tries over and over again to hit "back" button to get back to library and I always end up on the home screen just in order to launch the GUI again. Could you please make the action for the backup button configurable? Default, exit to the home screen. Take you to your Poweramp start screen and stay there. If I would have gotten 1€ for each unintentional visit to my home screen I would be a rich man.
  13. @Kundun good discussion, good that you liked it in. Thanks!
  14. Exactly, preventing accidental closure of the GUI.
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