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  1. I have a similar issue where correctly taged MP3 songs ends up as unknown in PA when initially copied to the phone. I have found two ways to resolve the problem: Rename the directory on the phone that holds the problematic tracks, this causes PA to re-scan the tracks. Do a FULL rescan of the library. I would recommend you to try a FULL rescan of your library, go to settings and at the bottom of Library settings page there you have the full rescan.
  2. PA see's the new files, plays them happily but without tags. A simple rename of the file or directory on the device makes PA re-scan the files and then the tags are picked up and I can rename back the directory to the initial name. It doesn't matter how the file is created on the SD-card, always the same result. New files/directories synchronized to device with "FolderSync pro". Files copied from NAS -> phone with "ES File Manager" Files copied from "SD card folder "-> "another SD card folder" with "ES File Manager" or the built in file manager. A normal re-scan will not read the tags, and a full re-scan feels a bit excessive.
  3. @maxmp is there anything that you could do about this problem?
  4. Or just display the generic PA icon for the playlists, I really hate the "random" first track of the list approach. Please either make it selectable or default to a generic icon.
  5. @djdarko My 828 has a white NavBar, just like your 829 screen shot.
  6. Try to login with email address instead of login name or vice versa, that worked for me.
  7. Please confirm that you are doing a "full rescan" and not just a rescan. The full rescan is triggered from the bottom of the library settings page. Kim
  8. I know, it's just exiting the user interface, but there is something in the logic of PA that causes me to back out of it way to often, and then I have to either dig it out from recently used apps or move to the home screen where I have the widget to get into the UI again... I don't know why I keep on doing it, but it's killing me. I must admit that I haven't earlier noted that back is not back, as I'm used to hit the mini player to get back to the main player screen. It's probably better for people like me (musik organized in a Artist/Album hierarchy and basically always using Folder Hierarchy mode) that back acts as up instead of back. Workflow for switching to another album: Tap album cover to get to folder list Back once or twice, depending on if I want to just switch album or artist Enter new folder to be played Tap the first track which starts the track and takes me back to the main screen With this workflow it would be very irritating that back would be back as then I would just be switching between player screen and current category and would have to start using up button in the library. We had a discussion a while ago about having "play" in the pop up context menus, in my workflow it's more intitutive to long press the folder and hit play, instead of entering it and then click on the first item to play it, now I'm used to entering the folder but I do still miss the play button. This made me aware of the fact that people use tools in different ways, depending on how you select what to listen to, size of library, library organization etc. Kim
  9. This is also number one on my wish list, I really hate "being thrown" out of the app by hitting back one time to much! I'm standing on my knees beging for the option to disable the exit... it would really be an early Christmas gift for me to get this implemented... I wonder what it would take to bribe Max to add this? Kim
  10. @maxmp is there any chance that we could bribe you to add a possibility to disable the "exit" button within Poweramp? Default behaviour for back button would be to take you back one screen at the time and once on the start screen another back would close the app, just as it's today. Alternate would be to take you back one screen at the time until the start screen, once there it would just do nothing or ask if you want to exit the app. Please... Kim
  11. @maxmp not sure if the MusixMatch support is new for this version or not, but anyway a BIG thank you for adding this, it's something that I have really been missing since abandoing the 2.0. Kim
  12. I have a MiMax3 running 9 PKQ1.181007 recently upgraded from Android 8 which runs PA without any issues. Have you tried to uninstall and re-install PA after upgrading your phone? There is a per app "background limitations" under battery optimization in phone setting that might down prioritize PA if those settings are active. Kim
  13. Same result, I did just a sdcard to sdcard copy of a couple of tracks into a test folder with music running. Tracks shows up in PA with blank tags, renaming the folder from the filemanager causes the tags to be properly read.
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