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    I started writing that I don't see it as an unreasonable request to have a "hide duplicates" in the library view settings, but after looking a bit at my own library I no longer feel the same way. What I realized is that have a lot of tracks with numerous versions, original albums, compilation albums, various artists albums... Bare minimum for a duplicate match would be: Same artist, album, track name and format... all of this would require quite a lot of rules and probably someone would anyway come up with a scheme that brakes the logic. So I would tend to agree with @MotleyG the best thing is to clean up your library once for all and then be strict when you add new items. It's a pain and hazle to do but it will be worth it at the end. I have gone through my library a number of times and I have most of the tracks properly tagged and organized nowadays but I do still have some minor flaws that I should fix, but they are so minor so that I don't see a need to go through it. There seems to be software out there designed to fix music dups, but I have no experience with them as I have never had the need for it. You could take a look at https://blogs.systweak.com/4-best-duplicate-music-files-finder-software/
  2. I where hit by this feature again yesterday, this was actually the first time that it has happened while listening to music, it where most likely triggered by a whatsapp notification, after the duck I got audio from both internal speaker and BT speaker. I did fiddle back and forth with the output selections, switching back and forth between Hi-Res and OpenSL, resetting audio settings, enabling and disabling DVC, disabling speaker, switching speaker to AudioTrack output... basically everything I could come up with to no avail. Next I pulled out my wired headset, plugged it in and I got sound from the speaker and wired headset. Did the same settings toggle exercise and still dual output. Unplugged the headset and back to BT+speaker. I did the toggle all the settings once more and something finally muted the speaker. The funny thing is that PA claimed all the time that BT is the active output.
  3. I'm not expecting any miracles on this issue as it's so infrequent and I have no way so far to replicate it. I raised it as a bug with a log file directly to Max a month ago when the problem occurred the last time, only reason for raising it in the forum is to get some ideas what can be attempted to resolve or to see if I have some soulmate out there. I went back and checked the mail sent and there I had tested TuneIn which routed the sound properly and therefore I made the conclusion that this might be an PA "feature". But I wouldn't at all be surprised if it's Xiomi related. This time I did switch output from Hi-Res to OpenSL and did a reset of the audio options when the issue occurred and this didn't resolve the issue. I will add the enable/disable DVC to the list of things to test next time I run into this.
  4. Sounded like a good candidate but this was already enabled.
  5. MiMax 3, Stock MIUI 11.0.4 Poweramp Build 882 Issue: Sound output on internal speaker and bluetooth at the same time. Not sure if it's Poweramp or phone causing this. Frequency: Rare, can't be replicated on demand. Fix: Reboot phone. Attempted fixes: - Hardkill Poweramp - Reset Poweramp sound settings - Switching from high to normal resolution - Reboot of BT headset, disable/enable BT... Other things to attempt: - Check some other app (I think I have done it, but I'm not 100% sure) - Plugin wired headset - Any other ideas? What makes this even more interesting is that the internal speaker is using OpenSL and the BT headset uses Hi-Res. Anyone else seeing something similar?
  6. I have a similar situation where I would like to keep a small file per artist with some notes on albums and tracks and I did start on it but skipped it as it was to cumbersome to navigate the folder tree to find the correct file. I did start on it, but I gave up as I didn't have an easy way to maintain it. I haven't bothered to make a request for this as PA is a music player and let it stay so. And I need anyway a solution which is usable on my iPhone. I want to thank you as your post helped me to realize that the file approach is not the best and I already have the right tool in place. I use SimpleNote to keep my notes synchronized between iPhone, Android and it also has a web GUI, nice and simple. The notes are sorted by the text on the first line of the note, so I will just label them as "x - Artist" to have the music notes at the end of the alphabetical list. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.automattic.simplenote&hl=en https://app.simplenote.com/ Some plusses for SimpleNote: Free Notes can be edited on both phone and computer Notes can be exported to text files Supports some text markups to create lists etc.
  7. It's a unlocker for the timelimited Trial app. So go ahead and install also the Trial version on your device.
  8. I'm one of the users that had problems with the "Unknown" blank tags for files added to my SD-card on one of my devices. The files as such where fine, as the tags where properly read if the folder on the SD-card where renamed, or I did a full re-scan of the library. The issue might have been caused by Poweramp scanning the file before it where fully copied to the device or it might have been a Android issue. I had the issue regardless of how the file where copied to the SD-card. Issue where only present on my MiMax 3 phone, no issues on my other devices. I'm not sure if it where a Poweramp or Android issue as I'm not sure if it where the Android upgrade from 9 to 10 that solved it or a Poweramp update. Anyway it's fully resolved at least for me, and my 8500+ track library is working with no issues at all on all my devices.
  9. Could you share one file so that we can have a look at the format of the downloaded file?
  10. This is strange I'm still only able to see 877 on the play store and I'm in Finland.
  11. Please no annoying popups! Maybe in conjunction with the release note of new versions. Otherwise tuck a link at the end of the settings list or on the about page.
  12. @maxmp this look is so nice and clean! A big thank you! This is perfect for track views where all tracks are from the same album. Could we have something similar for album view, as it's a bit silly to repeat the artist name on every second line but keep the image as it makes sense in an album list where the covers are different. I guess what I'm trying to say is that "List - compact" in album list should be without the artist name as it's a mere repeat.
  13. Oops, mixed up tempo and BPM.
  14. I don't see a need for tick boxes in normal operation, bring them on when there is a need for them or high light the items.
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