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  1. This sounds quite much like what I where experiencing on a older firmware on my MiMax 3. What do you do on your phone after you have added the songs to Google Drive? Do you go into the GD app and select the files and download them to your phone? Do you play them from the Download folder or do you then move them to another folder from where you play them? My guess here is that Poweramp scans the files before they have completely downloaded to your phone. I think I saw Max mention in some other thread that there is a 20s delay from when a new file has been detected until PA runs the sc
  2. Googled the issue, and it sounds pretty much like what the user see's in https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/219354/paid-app-accidentally-deleted-and-now-cant-re-download-says-i-already-own-th
  3. tags = information about the song included in the mp3 file, such as Artist, Track Number, Album... Please start by checking in Poweramp the information stored in the file, do this as Andre wrote: "long-press on a song (or album art) and choose Info/Tags to see what is saved in the file" The assumption is that Album information is missing in the file, if this is the case, then you can probably add the tags with iTunes. You can right click (in Windows) on the album in iTunes, select "Album info" and that will open a window where you are able to modify the embedded tag information. Afte
  4. Have you tried the "alternative layout" under skin settings? That moves the text below the album cover but it's still two lines.
  5. Do you have a .cue file? I assume that you have .cue files, this is a simple text file that has information on how to split a large file into individual tracks. You have two settings related to cue files: Show CUE Disc Image Files Parse CUE files
  6. +1 Add the DB to this list as well, that would cover the ratings that you listed as well as the date added which I find important and I guess quite a lot of people find the last played important.
  7. Head on the nail! The "iTunes" environment is just a pain, heavily sandboxed and most of the music players on iOS is using the iTunes library and my understanding is that these apps are restricted to the api's provided by Apple so the players are very limited in functionality and therefore I would almost dare to say that they are more or less just skins. Then there are some players that are more like Android players and doesn't relay on the iTunes framework. I have actually managed to find a way to download music from a network file share to my iPhone and play it! I also have an USB
  8. How about @flyingdutchmans Playlist manager? In the thread bellow he wrote "...functionality to my app New Playlist Manager. You can export/reimport ratings and times played...". Is this still working?
  9. Let's not split hairs, as such you are right, a album is just a group of items that shares a common sets of tags but for the majority of users, these are albums. I would guess that there is already a table in the database for these pseudo albums as you are able to sort them by date added so adding a column in the DB for holding a rating is not a big thing. What requires a lot of work are the changes in the GUI, and enabling album ratings would probably open up another can of worms what comes to requests in this area. A simple first implementation could be as "easy" as: Add a column
  10. I have a long time had hard to understand why you would need to rate albums and seen this as some nice to have feature which wouldn't be used. I have started to understand this over time as my library has grown, I have now 700 albums in my library and I'm starting to loose track over the good ones, and I must say that this is something that I would low to have, the luxury to sort albums by rating and hit play.
  11. Yeah, keep it coming! World hunger and Covid-19 next... The impossible is handled while you wait, miracles takes a bit longer... Let's conclude this thread by TGIF and remember, things are not funnier than what you make them!
  12. It's simple, just turn the phone upside down! Problem solved! 😀
  13. Thanks, this is after all logical. I have read the A-Z numerous times but have parsed it as alphabetical.
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