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  1. http://id3.org/id3v2.3.0 states: TPE1 The 'Lead artist(s)/Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)/Performing group' is used for the main artist(s). They are seperated with the "/" character. And I agree with Andre that "/" is a bit to common to use sensible to separate fields. How about making the separator configurable? One box, ENTER SEPARATOR [ ] if it's set, then PA will split on the given string? What comes to find is other formats that might have it's own standards, so would this be for only mp3?
  2. I guess most PA users has a google account, so I guess it would be quite easy to add an option for google backups. The backup should include play counts, ratings...
  3. I'm working on the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1001_Albums_You_Must_Hear_Before_You_Die list.
  4. +1 for synced lyrics display. I don't want PA to search online for any lyrics data, that's something that I handle in other software.
  5. Same thing as I reported back in May in https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/17128-mp3-tags-not-scanned-on-new-music-on-sd-card/ What device do you have and what Android version do you have on it? Android version can typically be found in settings -> About devices.
  6. A small push for this small "feature" request. I found it quite annoying to have to toggle on/off categories that I only use occasionally. Wouldn't it be quite easy to add a "show all categories" button to the GUI? Some ideas: Link it to the "Library" text up on the left, tapping the text would pull up the list of all categories. Add it as an entry under the "3 dots" menu on the right. Add it as a "show more" entry at the end of the category list.
  7. @maxmp please take a closer look at the SD card issues, several other threads on the forum implies similar issues with music on SDcard, I hope that this will be addressed in the next release and I'm more than willing to help if this is not reproducible on any of Max test devices. Disabling autoscan wasn't the magic bullet after all... setting scan immediately to OFF helped a bit on files synched from a NAS, but has still a lot of missed tracks. I ran three tests today: Test #1: Autoscan ON - Scan immediately ON Test #2: Autoscan ON - Scan immediately OFF Test #3: Autoscan OFF Result/steps: - Copied file from directory SDCARD/Music -> SDCARD/Music.test - PA adds the track as Unknown to library. - Re-scan of the directory doesn't help. - "Info/Tags" screen shows NO tags. - Reboot of the phone. - Tracks still shows up as unknown in library. - "Info/Tags" screen shows all the tags correctly after the reboot but they are still "unknown" in the library. A full re-scan scans the tracks and they show up properly in the library.
  8. I don't have an issue with parentheses in the folder names nor Scandinavian characters. But I do have problems with PA picking up new content added on the SD-card.
  9. And I assume that if you copy the file back to internal from external then it works just fine?
  10. The problem isn't with the files, as full rescans will read them correctly. Problem is most likely that the first scan of the file is done while the file is still being copied and therefore the metadata isn't in place at the time of the scan.
  11. How do you copy new music to your device?
  12. Turning off auto-scan doesn't fix tracks already on the device, it's only good for new tracks copied to the device. My new "workflow" is that I copy any new stuff to the device, once the files are there, then I run an manual rescan, Have you tried to rename the files on your phone? That caused the files to be fully scanned on my phone.
  13. Thanks, this did the trick, this saves me from the full re-scans.
  14. Look's like the same problem is being discussed in
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