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  1. Oops, mixed up tempo and BPM.
  2. I don't see a need for tick boxes in normal operation, bring them on when there is a need for them or high light the items.
  3. It would be nice to be able to check see the BPM tag values under Info/Tags, I guess this would be fairly easy, read the tag on scan and insert into the DB and display. Next would probably be a BPM category, but how would that be organized? And what about a search for BPM... quite a can of worms... I personally use BPM for sports playlists, my method is that I have all my track data in excel, where I can filter and sort on BPM, Genre, Artist... so when ever I need something new to a playlist then I start by searching for candidates in my excel list and generate a playlist as a starter.
  4. Maybe this should be made into a feature request: Separate views for Track and Album lists I agree, the UI would look much cleaner if the album views would be different than the track views. In other words: "Track view" would be used one view for "Folders Hierarchy", Genres, Years and other lists that are not organized by album and "Album view" for lists organized by album. The track view would contain the information as it contains today, Artist - Album. Album view would only have the Artist - Album information on the top in order to avoid the cluttering caused by repeating the information for each track.
  5. Have you tried a FULL re-scan? Settings -> Library -> FULL Rescan?
  6. @maxmp please note that camava wrote in his post that he bought PA last week.
  7. Both files worked just fine in PA when I renamed the files to .mp4, no conversion, no nothing, just a plain rename.
  8. These are .mp4 files with AAC encoded audio, so the .mp3 extension is not correct, the file extension should be .mp4. kea@linchpin:~$ file 1543452493_NenjukkulPeidhidum.mp3 1543452493_NenjukkulPeidhidum.mp3: ISO Media, MP4 v2 [ISO 14496-14] The mp4 tags are read by mediainfo, but I'm not sure if PA is supposed to be able to read these tags.
  9. If you have the tracks well organized in sub-folders, then you can browse by Folder Hierarchy.
  10. It's logical after all: the add streams dialog expects a URL to a stream, and the link provided is a m3u is a playlist. the m3u works fine as a playlist. So it works as designed, nothing to see, please move on! 😀
  11. I downloaded the m3u file which is a playlist, this contained a single URL which points to http://ndr-ndr1niedersachsen-hannover.cast.addradio.de/ndr/ndr1niedersachsen/hannover/mp3/128/stream.mp3 which plays nicely. @maxmp is the playlist broken or is it PA which isn't able to read a .m3u with just a URL in it?
  12. Go to the settings for your output device and set the sample rate to 44.1, this will disable the resampling.
  13. Long press the audio info for more information on the audio flow.
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