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  1. I just used MP3Tag and it successfully gave all of my songs Title tags, but it still shows .mp3 after the song's title, regardless what it is. For example, one song's file name is "Lilypads.mp3", and the Title tag is just "Lilypads", but it still shows .mp3 inside Poweramp. Edit: another example is I have an album where all of the filenames begin with numbers, but the numbers are not present in the Title tag, yet Poweramp is still showing the numbers and .mp3
  2. Do you know of any "batch tag editors"? I don't even know where to start looking for one.
  3. But if each song has a different name, wouldn't you still have to go through every single song to change the name and remove the .mp3? Idk if I've ever found a batch editing software that automatically did that. That would be a lot of work for someone like me who has hundreds of songs with no tag.
  4. I don't care about the file type, I know all of my songs are MP3s. I also mentioned it should be optional, so if people want it to say ".mp3" they could keep that way.
  5. For anyone looking at this at a later date, I now use "syncthing" which just instantly updates any file changes, you could even make it automatic in the background though since I rarely add music manually opening the app and waiting 5 seconds is fine lol
  6. I have hundreds of songs downloaded to Poweramp, but a majority of them do not have an official "title", just the mp3 file's name. The problem is that Poweramp still shows the ".mp3" at the end´┐╝. It would be nice if there was a setting where the app just checks if a title has ".mp3" in it and automatically remove it. You could even include a kind of whitelist in case a song's title is actually supposed to have ".mp3" in it.
  7. With an iPhone, you can just plug your phone in and it will automatically sync all of your music with iTunes, but with Android and Poweramp, if you change the album art for a bunch of songs or fixed a typo in the artist's name, you have to manually go into your phone's storage and replace each song you edited. It would be great if Poweramp had some kind of desktop app that syncs your phone's music with your computer's music.
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