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Show the remaining time of the track

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Personally I've always felt that any time-remaining counter, if implemented, ought to replace the elapsed-time counter (i.e. on the left) rather than than the total-time value. So the useful total track length remains static for any given song, but the active playback counter could be displayed as either elapsed or remaining time. There's no point in having two ticking counters at the same time.


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On 4/22/2020 at 1:27 AM, weskleya said:

I would like to see this option present in the PA, show the remaining time of the track instead of the total duration.  Note: Black Player image. Thanks


I'd really like to have this option as well, and my vote is to have it as an option on the right side to replace the song duration. In essence is counts down as the elapsed time on the right counts up. The toggle could be in the UI menu, or simply a long press on the time itself. It doesn't seem to currently have a function like the elapsed time does for restarting the current track.

It may seem petty, but many of the original CD players had this option and that was my preference.

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Agora mesmo, MotleyG disse:

Eu realmente gostaria de ter essa opção também, e meu voto é que ela seja uma opção do lado direito para substituir a duração da música. Em essência, é uma contagem regressiva enquanto o tempo decorrido à direita é contado. A alternância pode estar no menu da interface do usuário ou simplesmente um toque longo no próprio tempo. Não parece ter atualmente uma função como o tempo decorrido para reiniciar a faixa atual.

Pode parecer mesquinho, mas muitos dos CD players originais têm essa opção e essa era minha preferência.

I totally agree with you.  This feature could be implemented in these parameters that you mentioned, and the user would have the option to choose from the AP menu.

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I don't even think it needs a new Option in the menus, I would suggest a simple tap on the elapsed-time counter (and/or the song-duration field) should toggle the display to show remaining-time instead. There is already a long-press option on the elapsed-time counter to reset it back to zero, but I don't think having a single-tap option too should conflict with that.


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