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  1. I was gonna say Modern but that's actually Microsoft's old new name [sic] for what they called Metro. It's Material Design. OK, you know what? Two of the three options in the hamburger menu are used by nobody and they are already inside the only other option on there. It should be a shortcut to the settings menu, and shown in another pane like the library, EQ and search buttons. Like this it's too broken an experience. It used to be so, but Google decided it was too confusing (and it was because I don't think most people used it) so they put it on the screen, to be hidden when useless. 🙃 null
  2. Thank you, Max, for the useful information. So, put it beside the title, like most of it's options were before v3. Max, is there a reason you don't want to show the cover unadulterated by default OR user provided skins? Because you refuse to tell us but it's pretty obvious there's something going on, I just don't know what because it really makes no sense. Or maybe you don't care, IDK and I don't really care either because I got used to you being completely silent on this issue. Well I obviously do still care because I'm still talking to you, but anyways
  3. It's because it's not adapted properly to your phone screen size, only to small screens… This is not an isolated case either because I think I've seen it elsewhere in this forum!
  4. [looks at skin] ***k. Welp, good enough, and I already gave up. Thank you for the skin, much better than before!
  5. I have a question before falling in love: Do we get non-square covers, tall or wide, cropped on this skin? I don't want to fall back on my old workaround of making transparent PNGs for this.
  6. I want the cover completely unobscured. No rounded corners, no buttons in the cover, no trimmed covers because they are too tall, nothing! This is absurd, I am not happy at all with the update, if anything I'm worse off now because the problem has now been 'solved'.
  7. When we learn to code, of course! There can be any number of reasons he doesn't care. But he won't tell. And I can't complain either, because I paid for the app. wait
  8. While I admit I just don't want anything modifying the artwork at all, I will concede that this looks extremely clean and would not bother me enough to make a thread about it. There'd be another issue though. An extremely important one. I can barely see the UI! And I have good vision too, anybody with even the slightest vision problem would see nothing!
  9. I guess maybe I do have a little patience left. I did ask about where the skins were, I'm sorry. You did nothing for me to answer that way. Now, about the silence… Did Max ever say whether he would fix this or did he just hint towards it with the sample skin he released? Because that's a real subtle way of avoiding the issue. [I want to scream.]
  10. I don't care. Please read my post, top to bottom, if you want to talk to me because I am absolutely dissapointed right now and have no patience left to explain myself anymore.
  11. Is any of them available now for free? Or even available? Where do I look? I searched through Play Store and found that none were free, or they didn't address the issue in the first place. Or you know what? Maybe I just want Max to say "I am not going to fix this" because at this point I just want to be able to give up and call it a day. Needless to say I don't think we should close the topic. You just hit a nerve, I'm sorry. I just want to know whether this will be fixed already! I wouldn't have bought this app if I had known communication would be non-existent. Max is not the only person in the world of software that has done this, it's a real issue and it's never going to be addressed, I'm guessing. It's like I'm waiting to be rewarded for my patience except I actually paid to wait and that is not a reward. I'm actually being punished for paying. It isn't even about the cover anymore, I just want a response.
  12. Oh, I had hidden the like-dislike buttons, I had forgotten about those. I actually meant the skip track/skip list buttons, I use those all the time. It's alright to swipe the cover for that but at first glance you wouldn't know you can do that.
  13. You're missing five buttons and the duration and you rounded off the corners of the cover. Other than that your pin-up looks much cleaner than the pseudo-material look we have now, and it's actually pleasing to look at, unlike the current design which makes me want to close the app as soon as possible.
  14. I'm too young. I've never owned a vinyl in my whole life. I know they still make them, I don't want them anyways. I prefer CDs. But I still treasure the highest quality of the digital covers I can find. Vinyl scans of that period though… I hate that. Those albums never had a fully digital version of the cover to begin with. They're always scans, never enough quality. Kate Bush comes to mind, her first album with a digital cover was Aerial, all her previous albums only have scans for the covers now.
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