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Found 10 results

  1. This option already exists for now-playing page. (Look and feel>player ui>hide menu) . When it's active, menu can be opened by long tap on album art. This is a request to have a similar option for list headers (which are also usually album arts). With this, the menu button on it will be hidden and it can be opened by long tap. The place for this option in settings can be under: (library>lists) ♤ It'd be great to have this. It would also make app ui more uniform for those who prefer hidden menus.
  2. I would like to see the equalizer spectrum also on the player screen How I can do it? This: On this:
  3. Hopefully someone can help me out here. So I have an issue with the artist Category. When I select the an artist from the category, I see 2 or more options depending on the artist, "all artist songs" or the album. Is there any way I can make it so that when I enter the selected artist, it will show every song instead of me actually having to choose to enter another menu? Its hard to explain what im trying to ask lol. Ill Use an example: If I select "King von" from the artist page, is there a way to see songs by "King Von" directly? Its an annoying task to select the artist, then the song tab. I just want the songs without having to select "all songs" I just want to see the songs upon opening selected artist. I don't want to see the different albums. Is there any way I can make this happen? I know its not even really an issue, I just have some very strong mental disabilities and I like everything in one place lol Thanks!
  4. Musicolet has this nifty tracks selection option, where you select 2 tracks and then select all tracks in-between. Can we have this in Poweramp? Use case. Ex. I need to play all tracks with play counts = 5 and above. Best way to achieve this would be by smart playlists, but PA doesn't have them. That in-between is an acceptable workaround in that instance as I'd select the 1st most played track, scroll down and select the last track with play count = 5 then select all tracks in-between.
  5. Being one of the most feature-rich and user-friendly music player, I wonder if parametric equalizer is possible to add in the future build?
  6. 😪😚😚please add Audio trimming features where we can trim our Audio/songs/tracks in the app
  7. I would like to see this option present in the PA, show the remaining time of the track instead of the total duration. Note: Black Player image. Thanks
  8. Hi Folks, I'm loving the app but there is just one feature that I'd love to see added: to sort albums by the last played ones. I know that there is a library category for "Recently played", but it displays just tracks (without the possibility to group them by album), and I know that it might makes sense for most of the users, but since I'm used to listen to full albums instead of single tracks that category is just too bloated to be usable for me. [See below] (and on a similiar topic, I see that the app in certain aspects is very track-centric, like when from the player view "Artist" is selected from the menu, the next view is "All artist Songs", and not the "Albums" one, and another time, I know that it might make sense for most of the users, but can we have the possibility to select which view to open?) Thank you for all your work, I'm not joking when I say that yours is probably the best android app that I've ever used.
  9. It would be nice if Poweramp can play native dsd throught external DAC and the samplerates are natively instead of locking in one level . tks for this great app
  10. I'd like to put in a request for Poweramp to being to show separate discs in an album much like the way Samsung Music does. For example, a double album showing disc 1 and 2, instead of being put together in one big last. Thank you! Best music app of all times!
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