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Yaps classic

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The original plan was to try and emulate the old version. However, the changes are too great so I have abandoned the idea and decided to customise further

Should some components overlap or misalign, please send me an email and i will try and fix it.


New Play buttons  in this release



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Thanks for your skin, It looks well.

Just one thing : i don't like the color of the seek bar, perhaps another color, mostly white all the symbols, words and the seek bar, of course, white.

At last : the design of the seek bar will be simpler, if you let only the line, whitout the little circle at the end.

Thanks and GOOD WORK !!! 


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I can easily change the colour and the gradient so you would get a clear separation between lapsed and what is left to play. As for the circle, this is the handle for your finger to touch to move back and forward. I do think it needs to stay but I can change its size and shape though

Ps, i notice that the track title still covers albumart. If you email me i can send you a little app that will give me details on your device. This will allow me to move it down a little

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2 hours ago, tparker24 said:

Is there a way to display the Artist name?  I have some songs without album covers, so I need to see the Artist spelled out.

You means an additional display, just the artist name, not together with the album name, as it is now ? Or instead of album art ?


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11 minutes ago, tparker24 said:

Thanks for the speedy update.  Unfortunately, it can be very hard to read sometimes.


Yes, that problem will exist ifthe background is the same/similar colour. There is no wau to detect the background colour, and even if there was, skin developers are not able to code for it.

It is of caurse possible to set a background which is undesirable imho

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Is there someway to save the settings before updating the skins.  I like your skins but every time an update is sent, the settings are blanked and the skin goes back to a Built-in light skin that happens to be the first skin in the list.  When I select Classic all of the colour selections previously selected are gone.

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The only update that overwrites the existing settings appear to be your Classic skin update.  When set to auto update, if the update comes though, I would have thought the update would save the colour settings before putting the new changes into place.  You are great responding to change requests but changing my mind on using the skins because each time the changes are applied the skin reverts to the defaults as if never before installed.

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