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A new release of Big Yaps has been published in Google Play.

This skin illustrates some of the features you will find in Yaps, the "paid for" full release such as resizing play buttons, setting different colours for a wide range of artifacts.

Try it out !! it is free!

Limted testing has been applied so there are bound to be misalignments etc. When this is the case, just post here or send me an email (preferred)


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A new release is now available. This version is a full working copy of YAPS but with some differences

- the Play buttons are placed centrally

- car modes disabled

- additional new layout  functionality for seekbar and track/artist/album text

see screenshots below

ps you may need to reset defaults


If you enjoy this skin. please support the developer by purchasing YAPS




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Latest BIG YAPS release is out. It is based on the latest YAPS release V230.

It has most of the functionality you will find in YAPS but it has a customised front UI portrait and landscape layout.

The ideal skin for use in car in either orientation. 

As with YAPS you can move most elements on the UI to where you like them.

Try it out !!  it is free

Love to hear your comments!!

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I have decided to unpublish the BIG YAPS as I am totally fed up with having to jump through all sort of ridiculus google hoops to get the new version published.

Anybody who is interested can email me (please do not post your email here) and I will provide a link so you can download the .apk.

Email in the signature

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