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  1. Thnx for the reply! I use the waveseekbar layout without pro buttons. So all I have is the pause button and ellapsed and remaining time in a black rectangle while playing. It would be nice to have your playbutton without the background circle to fit within the size of the rectangle. Very nice to hear that changing the style of the navigation icons is a priority. Take all the time you need! Looking forward to the results. Thnx man! Your hard work is appreciated!
  2. That's cool, thnx for your reply. Feel free to do whatever you want and whenever you want to do it. No obligations! Your skin is almost perfect in my opinion. All I would like to see is: - Small playbutton when using the thin waveseek bar; - Icons in the lower menu (Library, EQ, search, settings) that are more in the style of the buttons that sit below the album art (visual, timer, repeat, shuffle). Imho the menu buttons seem a bit to fat sylewise.
  3. Thnx Mixified, Can you give us an idea of what is still on your todo list? Just to make sure I don't stalk you with request you allready are planning to develope 🙂 Thnx!
  4. Mr. Make Believe

    Poweramp Build 840-841

    Thnx Max, for the ongoing development. PA is without question the best music player for Android.
  5. Thank you for your fast reply and for clearing the small button issue up. About the screencap you posted: exactly that! It looks awseome and would be very nice to have that look without the fastworward and skip track button as well. Great job man! Keep it up, it's appreciated!
  6. Thnx for the update. Great that your skin is still in developement! Choosing the small play button whit the wave seekbar doesn't seem to do anything with the size of the play button or am I missing something? As Invaderzim suggests, it would be great if we could get rid of the circles behing the butoons. Actually; It would be nice to have an option to remove the circles in any play buttons setting. I love the thin wave seekbar and I don't really need the change track seek buttons since I can do that with swiping. The big circled play button on top of the wave seek bar looks a bit cluttered imho. I love the design of your triangle within the play button. It would be nice to just hacve a small version of the triangle on top of the wave seek bar. Just a suggestion. Thnx anyway!
  7. Awesome work man, love the font style options and eq style options. Thnx!
  8. Mr. Make Believe

    Marshall - Dark Retro Gold/Metal Poweramp V3 Skin

    Impressive programming! Seems like almost anything is possible when it comes to customizing skins.
  9. Never figured that out. Thnx for the tip! So a transparent track menu isn't necessary!
  10. Cool, good luck with your plan! And thank you for listening to the users of your skin. It's appreciated!
  11. Hope you found a new job and you don't have too much free time. All the best with that! If I may be so rude to add some suggestions. Since the album title and band name are shown on the albumcover most of the time it would be great if you can add an option which makes it possible te only show the song title below the album art which leaves more space for the buttons and wave seekbar. It would also be nice to make the track menu button transprant. I had it switched off since I don't like it being on top of the album art but noticed I need it every now and then. It being transparant kinda fixes this since the album art stays visual underneath. Your skin is great as it is, so no bigies. Still it would be nice to have these kind of features. Thnx anyway!
  12. Thnx for your hard work. Being a designer is probably more impoprtant when developing skins than being a programmer. A combination would be ideal. Love your style! Thnx for adding the grey accent colour. It's appreciated!
  13. Hi @Mixified Great work, thnx! Just purchased your skin. There are still a few things I would like to tweak. I know it's just a matter of taste, but I suppose I can always ask 😉 It would be great if the user is able to choose a play button in the same style and size as the pause button. May I ask you to consider adding grey as accent colour? I always found the default menu buttons on the bottom of the now playing screen a bit to simplistic and not of the same style as the icons used for visualisation, timer, shuffle, etc.. it would be great if the menu buttons can be adjusted in a way that they are the same size, style and colour and that they are aligned with the other icons on the now playing screen. Anyway, just suggesting. Thnx!
  14. Mr. Make Believe

    Poweramp Build 826

    New option in latest build fixes this! Max can foresee the future apparently 😂 Thnx for the replies people. It's appreciated!
  15. Mr. Make Believe

    Poweramp Build 828

    Damn that's fast! Just mentioned the long folder issue yesterday 😮! Thnx!
  16. Mr. Make Believe

    Poweramp Build 826

    Hi there, It probably has to do with my settings, but I just rescanned my library after adding a new album and in folder hierarchy view Poweramp now shows the enitre folder structure as tekst in stead of just the name of the last folder as it used to do in previous builds. I tried to see if I can change this in settings but can't find it. So I have the following structure: music/artist/year - album/songs I have PA setup to start in folder hierarchy mode within the music folder. PA alwas displayed just the last folder name as text besides the folder picture. So for example it would just show the band name Circus Maximus. After the update and a rescan of the lbrary it now shows: Samsung SD-kaart/Music/Circus Maximus as text. This makes scrolling through the artists folder a pain since most of the time the artist name doesn't fit the screen.
  17. Mr. Make Believe

    Poweramp Build 826

    Had a busy day I guess. Could have thought about that. I used to have the cast button in the menu before which I prefered but the skin was updated last week so it probably has to do with that. Sorry to bother you. Thnx!
  18. Mr. Make Believe

    Poweramp Build 826

    Thx for the update Max. Since build 825 the player UI Chromecast screen options don't work.
  19. Mr. Make Believe

    Save list view options per screen

    Not sure if this is already requested. Did a search but couldn't find something similar so therefore this request. In list view every line of info whether it is on artist, album or song level shows a picture in front of the Infoline. Since this takes space, in some screens I prefer the compact list view, while in other screens I prefer the normal list or grid view. Now I can only select one setting for every list screen. It would be great if Poweramp is able to set a different view per screen. For example; the artist listview is displayed in grid while the album's are displayed in list - small and the songs are displayed in list - compact mode. It would also be nice to have a view option with just text added to the list view settings so for example at song level within folder hierarchy a user can choose to just display the song titles without any image displayed. For me personally this would be logic since an album has art, but a song doesn't. Thnx!
  20. Mr. Make Believe

    Save list view options per screen

    I get what you're saying and perhaps the way the majority uses folder hierarchy isn't as predictable as I think it is. Being able to set the view per folder would solve this but will probably make the database big and slow. I'm with you that the point of folder view is that you can organise things the way you want. Just saying it would be nice if there is a way to organise how you view the folders the way you want as well. Having the ability to save the view settings per level would be helpful to some, but maybe there isn't an ideal way to fix this.
  21. Mr. Make Believe

    Save list view options per screen

    My knowledge of programming is close to zero, but good to know it's not possible at this moment and it's not just me being stupid 🙂 Perhaps @maxmp is able to add this feature for viewing up to a logical/mainstream way of organising a music library. Poweramp is probably aware of how deep it is in a folder structure so it should be able to program it in a way that at certain levels the user is able to set the preferred listview. Up to 5 levels deep is probably enough for the majority of users.
  22. Mr. Make Believe

    [Sale] Material2 Skin

    Awesome, thnx! The skin is great as it is. After the release I suggested a few tweaks that would fit my taste... If I may be so rude...
  23. Mr. Make Believe

    Save list view options per screen

    Thnx for your reply and info Andre. I guess I should have been more specific. Not sure if this is Build 824 specific. I use folder hierarchy mode most of the time. I sometimes can set list view mode for the first level separately from deeper folders. That isn't possible for folders deeper within the hierarchy. My folder hierarchy looks like: Music/Artist/Albums/songs.mp3 For example I can't set grid for album's and list for songs. Also, I say sometimes because quite randomly everything turnsback to the settings last chosen for every level of folders.