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  1. Thnx Max for your continuous development. The adjustable buttons on Android auto would be a very welcome feature! Enjoy your weekend!
  2. Thnx for the update Andre. I sure hope he will be fine.
  3. Thnx @andrewilley, I was wondering the same thing. Really liked the development on that skin. I sure hope everything is fine with @Mixified.
  4. Damn, that was fast. Love this update Max. Thank you! And thank you @andrewilley for working out this idea! Watch how nice the new Hierarchy files zoom level oprion looks! Sweet! Record_2020-07-18-00-22-13_345bb2134bfb84a7decceb0b36861421.mp4
  5. That's great to hear Max. You just made my day! Really appreciate it. Thnx!
  6. This is actually quite a brillant idea Andre. I mean, imo it's logical to display artist images and album covers. As soon as you arrive in a folder with songs, you would just like to see a list of songs instead of the album cover multiple times. In most situations as soon as a folder contains files a simple list without images would be sufficient. If you add that setting somewhere in the library -> listoptions as an advanced setting and not in the list options pop up menu I think it would be perfectly usable and not clumsy or confusing at all. Just a simple switch with a describtion of what it does (don't show images in lists when using folder hierarchy mode and a folder contains music files) should be enough. Of course it should ignore images. If you want to use it, it's there. If it's not for you then don't use it. @maxmp Not sure if this is complex to program and if you see any benefit in this but if you would like to add it to your to do list that would be awesome. In that way the use of folder hirearchy mode will act more in the same way as when browsing the library in other modes within Poweramp and more like when browsing through WIndows Explorer, Spotify, etc.. If you don't see this working, fair enough. Thnx for everything.
  7. Thnx Andre for the reply. I figured that would cause a problem. Unfortunately Folder Hierarchy is the only way that pleases my OCD side 😉 I guess most people that use Folder Hierarchy will have their folder structure in a certain way. So maybe if a setting is added which gives the user a possibility to determen from which layer within the folder structure the image isn't displayed than most folders will look the way the user wants. So in my case as a example: I set the list mode to show the picture for the Root and the first layer of folders and the second layer and beyond will only show a list. Most folders will look perfect. Maybe it's too much to ask. Just sharing a idea though. I'm very happy with Poweramp as it is. I use it daily on the road and to stream to the Chomecasts arround the house. It's awesome! Thnx!
  8. This looks nice Max, thnx! It's probably not as easy as filing the request ;-), but is there a way a feature can be added for those who use Folder Hierarcy mode that allows the user to determen wither or not a image is dexplayed per layer? For example I would love to set up Poweramp like this: Artists folder with artist image -> Albums sorted by Year with cover; --> Separated disc folder if an album contains multiple discs with cover; ---> Songslist without cover. Now in Folder Hierarchy mode it's only possible to set one way to display all layers within the folder structure, while it would be nice if I could only set the deepest layer within the folder structure to not show images. Thnx for everything!
  9. Great to see you @flyingdutchman helping people out like this!
  10. @maxmp Hi Max, Thnx for the continous developement. My library is about the same size as @Bigrich66's collection and I'm also facing some glichtches, freezes when Poweramp is scanning my library. Just to let you know. Good luck.
  11. Thnx for continuously updating the app. It's perfect for my needs. It's appreciated!
  12. Thnx Max, for the ongoing development. PA is without question the best music player for Android.
  13. Impressive programming! Seems like almost anything is possible when it comes to customizing skins.
  14. New option in latest build fixes this! Max can foresee the future apparently 😂 Thnx for the replies people. It's appreciated!
  15. Damn that's fast! Just mentioned the long folder issue yesterday 😮! Thnx!
  16. Hi there, It probably has to do with my settings, but I just rescanned my library after adding a new album and in folder hierarchy view Poweramp now shows the enitre folder structure as tekst in stead of just the name of the last folder as it used to do in previous builds. I tried to see if I can change this in settings but can't find it. So I have the following structure: music/artist/year - album/songs I have PA setup to start in folder hierarchy mode within the music folder. PA alwas displayed just the last folder name as text besides the folder picture. So for example it would just show the band name Circus Maximus. After the update and a rescan of the lbrary it now shows: Samsung SD-kaart/Music/Circus Maximus as text. This makes scrolling through the artists folder a pain since most of the time the artist name doesn't fit the screen.
  17. Had a busy day I guess. Could have thought about that. I used to have the cast button in the menu before which I prefered but the skin was updated last week so it probably has to do with that. Sorry to bother you. Thnx!
  18. Thx for the update Max. Since build 825 the player UI Chromecast screen options don't work.
  19. I get what you're saying and perhaps the way the majority uses folder hierarchy isn't as predictable as I think it is. Being able to set the view per folder would solve this but will probably make the database big and slow. I'm with you that the point of folder view is that you can organise things the way you want. Just saying it would be nice if there is a way to organise how you view the folders the way you want as well. Having the ability to save the view settings per level would be helpful to some, but maybe there isn't an ideal way to fix this.
  20. My knowledge of programming is close to zero, but good to know it's not possible at this moment and it's not just me being stupid 🙂 Perhaps @maxmp is able to add this feature for viewing up to a logical/mainstream way of organising a music library. Poweramp is probably aware of how deep it is in a folder structure so it should be able to program it in a way that at certain levels the user is able to set the preferred listview. Up to 5 levels deep is probably enough for the majority of users.
  21. Awesome, thnx! The skin is great as it is. After the release I suggested a few tweaks that would fit my taste... If I may be so rude...
  22. Thnx for your reply and info Andre. I guess I should have been more specific. Not sure if this is Build 824 specific. I use folder hierarchy mode most of the time. I sometimes can set list view mode for the first level separately from deeper folders. That isn't possible for folders deeper within the hierarchy. My folder hierarchy looks like: Music/Artist/Albums/songs.mp3 For example I can't set grid for album's and list for songs. Also, I say sometimes because quite randomly everything turnsback to the settings last chosen for every level of folders.
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