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  1. Mr. Make Believe

    Chromecast Audio support

    @maxmp when you're at that point of your to do list that you're looking into Chromecast/DLNA support it might be helpful to look into hifi cast. More info can be found here: https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!categories/hi-cast-help-forum It's what I use at home untill Poweramp supports Chromecast. Although the rest of the Hifi Cast is so so, the streaming works as no other app I've tried so far. it's the only app I've tried so far that has an option to keep the device connected to the Chromecast, which is the only way apparently that make gapless playback work on Chromecast. Anyway, might be of interest floor development.
  2. Mr. Make Believe

    Playlist total duration

    +1 for this. Back in the day when my phone didn't have enough storage to carry arround my music collection I had subsonic running on a NAS and streamed content to my phone from my own library. On my phone I uses DSub, which was quite the capable player. I always liked the feature where info about the album was displayed in the top image when an album or albumfolder was selected. It also showed the total duration of an album which I found quite usefull. See the attached image. Would be nice if something like this would be added to Poweramp. For my taste, and I know quite a few of us in here requested this, the image on the top of the screen with just a list of songs/files would be enough. Displaying the same cover in front of every track is a bit overkill for my taste. Thnx
  3. @minar thnx for updating the skin! Good to know your still developing it. It's appreciated! Awesome that you are still looking into adding an alternative play button. I'm having some trouble with the alternative layout though. See the attached image. Info about the screen size of my device is also added. Maybe it's possible to add an option to remove the artist and album info so less space is needed to just show the song info? @flyingdutchman manage to fix this with his yaps skin. Removing the boxes behind text and buttons would also help. Anyway, thnx!
  4. Mr. Make Believe

    Chromecast Audio support

    It is confirmed that Chromecast and DLNA support is on Max's to-do list. As you I hope it's somewhere on top of that list. I'm quite sure it will boost popularity of Poweramp since it's all about streaming to anywhere in your house nowadays. Sure hope Max will get to this any day now. We just have to be patient, since we know he will come through. In the mean time, those who use Chromecast can use the mirror device function in Google home. Not ideal for audio since it degrades audio quality quite a bit, so let's put our trust in Max. Still, better than nothing...
  5. Mr. Make Believe

    Yaps - Yet Another (free) Poweramp Skin

    Sure I'm up for testing. I have a ZTE Axon 7.
  6. Mr. Make Believe

    Yaps - Yet Another (free) Poweramp Skin

    Thnx for your hard work and dedication! Been reading your conversations with Max. Nice to read about your drive to learn programming these skins. You fulfilled two of my wishes (kinda). 😉 Love that I can choose to show the name of the folder in the bottom, which in my case is the artist and album title (for single disc albums), and only show the song title centered. I would prefer the song title to be underneath the album art though. I'm not a big fan of the boxes behind text in the original Poweramp skin, but removing them like you did results in lot of conflicts with white images in the background. Removing these boxes only works in places where you're sure that white backgrounds won't appear (like in the now playing screen with a solid background. In other places a transparent box is needed. Just a matter of taste, but I prefer grey, black and white minimalistic themes over fancy colours. Boring guy I guess 🙂 If only I could combine the skins of all you guys :-). Love the style of the material2 skin by @minar, but prefer the layouts you and @Andrew0 created. Anyway, thnx! Keep up the good work!
  7. Mr. Make Believe

    Poweramp Build 815

    I know right, isn't it awesome?! I did loads of testing and no gapless issues at all.
  8. I have no trouble with gapless playback since this last built and am very happy whit it. For me personally, V3 is now better than V2. Thanks Max
  9. Mr. Make Believe

    (FREE) Poweramp v3 skin default dark

    Yes I was referring to the customizing you suggested. I think you're right that Max is needed to add this feature. Maybe in this phase it is possible to add an option to select what is displayed in the upper part of the now playing screen though. Selecting whether or not to display info that is already passed to the skin by Poweramp, like the artist, song and album info.
  10. Mr. Make Believe

    (FREE) Poweramp v3 skin default dark

    We were discussing the possibilities with the album, artist, song labels and the info in the bottom of the screen in the feature request forum. It would be great if we could choose what info is shown in the top and bottom of the screen as @andrewilley suggested. For example; just show the song tag in the upper part centered and show artist, year and album in the bottom. Not sure if @maxmp is needed for this or this can be added in the skin features, but it would be awesome to have these options added.
  11. Mr. Make Believe

    Alternative layout

    +1 for a do not display labels with the option to only show the song title would be very usefull. Artist and album info are displayed on the cover most of the time and folder hierarchy users can display the folder name (most of the time the album title) in the bottom of the screen. Maybe artis - year - album label can be added to the infotag in the bottom of the screen?
  12. Mr. Make Believe

    Poweramp Build 815

    Thnx Max, still very happy with the new gapless playback settings. Awesome update! Merry Xmas and all the best for 2019
  13. I had trouble playing tracks gapless from SD, but after my first test runs with this dev build, I'm a very happy guy. Gapless now works for me. Will do some more testing but the first 3 gapless albums played flawless. Max, can't thank you enough. Thnx for listening to your users and making Poweramp better with every release. You just made my day! Hope it works for you guys. @eserim @Kingog can you confirm my test results?
  14. Mr. Make Believe

    Poweramp Build 814

    I heard quite a few users complain about this bug, but in previous versions I never had this problem. Now after doing a clean install of build 813, the now playing track in the mini player when browsing my library never show the track that is actually playing. See the attached image.
  15. Mr. Make Believe

    Poweramp Build 812

    Same here, although it got slightly better for me in this release somehow. It's still an issue that pops up in about 40% of the song transitions now. Used to be around 80% for me