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  1. Awesome Max, thnx for the fast solution! It's appreciated!
  2. If I remember correctly, Poweramp connects to CC in a different way then most applications do. For example when the Spotify app connects to a CC, the CC itself connects to the Spotify server and streams the music directly from there. There is no ongoing connection with the phone. I believe that in the case of Poweramp Max programmed it in a way that Poweramp acts as a server and the phone itself stays connected to the CC when streaming music tot the CC. This makes EQ, gapless playback, etc. possible. This is the only real difference I can think of that could explain why Poweramp stopped working and other applications still work. As this thread clearly states, and mentioned by Andre, this has nothing to do with the version of Andoid, phone, Poweramp updates or the CC hardware. Quite a few of us tried everything, different hardware and versions of Poweramp included, and nothing works. Maybe Google changed something server wise and now the CC somehow can't verify Poweramp as being the server or simply doesn't allow local devices to act as the source for the CC anymore. THank you @maxmp for looking into this. It's appreciated. Poweramp is the main source for streaming my music to any room in the house and therefore I use it daily. No other music app is able to fill this void. I tried them all and there just isn't a decent alternative. Thnx for everything!
  3. Hi @maxmp As always, thank you for your continuos developement. It's appreciated. Same here on version 933. Andre described the problem perfectly. For some reason, not sure it it's related to this update or something at googles end, but since a couple of days back I can't seem to connect to any Google Chromecast device anymore. - I'm on the latstes version; - Poweramp sees the chromecast, but can't connect to any version (audio, video 4k, video gen1); - I tried other apps with chromecast support. They still work; - I trief to rollback to version 925, but no succes. I'm using a Oppo Reno 10x Zoom, Andoid 11. Do you have any ideas what can cause this problem? Thank you for your time and effort. Stay safe.
  4. First of all @maxmp Thnx for everything you've done. Have been a while since I was active on these forums. Not because I don't use Poweramp, I use it daily, but just because I'm that satisfied. Every wish I had, up untill now 🙂 had been developed. Just Love the app. The only thing I did on this board is thanking you when an update was released. Now however I would like to back up this request. Not sure how realistic this request is, but please alow me to explain why I request this. I spported a kickstarter project for an extrenal USB DAC to see if I could get more out of the Hi-Res feature Poweramp is offering. In stead of it boosting the quality, it downgrades it. When using the DAC with Poweramp there's more his, static noise and with silence and fade in in tracks the sound seems to be compressed by some kind of threshold. It sounds like software is eating bits and pieces from the music up untill it reaches a certain volume from which point it seems to play fine. So I started to do some research and apprently it has to do with the Andoid sound system. To check this, I downloaded Neutron Player, wich bypasses the Android audio system and plays directly through the DAC. While this works very wel and it sounds really good through the external DAC, Neutron as a music player really sucks. To make one thing clear, I will be ditching the DAC and not Poweramp if there is no way to solve this. I figured it wouldn't hurt filing a request and see if Max wants to adress this issue. @andrewilley Setting a fixed sample rate through the Hi-res settings for the USB DAC in the output settings doesn't solve this issue. So apperently it isn't caused by resampling. A solution like Neutron player is offering with it's own audio driver is probably too much to ask, but maybe there's another solution? Thnx, anyway!
  5. Thnx Max for your continuous development. The adjustable buttons on Android auto would be a very welcome feature! Enjoy your weekend!
  6. Awesome Max. Damn, you're fast! You just made my day!
  7. The chromcast protocol and functionallity is still very much allive. They just discontinued one hardware product, that's all. There are lots of google products and lots of other brands that have chromecast built in. Brands like NAD, Pioneer and Onkyo have amplifiers on the market with chromecast support. Still you reach a huge audience when this is supported. It used to be Sonos, nowadays it's airplay for apple users and chromecast fot android users. Still I'm with you, the more output possibilites the better. But since Poweramp is a Android app, chromecast should be on top of the list.
  8. Just to be clear: DNLA source means only playing from, not streaming to a DLNA compatible device, right?
  9. +1 for a do not display labels with the option to only show the song title would be very usefull. Artist and album info are displayed on the cover most of the time and folder hierarchy users can display the folder name (most of the time the album title) in the bottom of the screen. Maybe artis - year - album label can be added to the infotag in the bottom of the screen?
  10. Awesome! Thnx! Love this simple look well still having the cool animations Max created for thsi release.
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