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  1. Thnx for the continuous updates @flyingdutchman and taking the time to listen to your users! I'm sure loads of people will appreciate the left hand layout and added styles.
  2. thank you @flyingdutchman and @Mixified for the skins you made and the conituous developement. It''s really appreciated! Love the added fuinctionality to change the icon size!
  3. Thnx, I figured it out. Guess I need to be able choose between 50 shades of gray and be able to set different colors for just the duration time 😄 But adding a feature for only one user is rediculous, no way I'm asking for that. I'm verry happy with the skin as it is. Sure curious whatelse you can come up with, but for me it's perfect. Thnx for everything.
  4. That was fast! Thnx man! Edit: just figured it out. Sunday morning... 😉 I guess my urge to have a minimalistic design caught up with me. With just grey and white colours, I can't seem to get enough contrast between the elapsed and duration time to work with the default wave seek bar. No worries though! Love the design with the devided wave seek bar as well. I'll just stick to that. Really appreciate everything you done! Perfect skin it is! (Can you give a little bit of explanation on how the adaptive elapsed and duration time setting works? I somehow can't find it in the settings menu. Is it automated with an other setting? Thnx! )
  5. @Mixified Wow, great update! Love the look of the settings menu and it just makes tweaking the skin so much easier. The customizable transition feature is very nice! Great work, thnx! I'm now using the divided (thin) wave seekbar to overcome the 'problem' as mentioned below. If you at any time feel like adding the option to change the color of the passed time and duration time items separately, that would be awesome. Scince then it's also possible to use the normal wave seekbar with the elapsed and duration time visible. Skin is excellent as it is though!
  6. No need to appologize @Mixified Good to hear, apart from the broken Laptop, you are doing well. I'm fine as well, thnx for asking. The Covid-9 quaraintine puts a bit of pressure on family life with two young kids and not enough time left to get work done, but couldn't wish for a better family to get through these times. Can't complaint really. About the update, just see with you can do. It's not a big thing. Anything is appreciated. All the best!
  7. Hi @Mixified, I hope you're doing well and you and your loved ones are healthy. How is life as a married man? I didn't think I would come up with another request since your skin really fit my needs, style and wishes. Love it. One tiny wish at the moment. We talked about changing the position of the past and total time items beneath the wave seek bar in line with the (file) info item just above the bottom menu. This wasn't possible. Therefore you added the option of making the background of the time items transparent, which looks nice. Now since the wave seek bar is devided in two colours to show the past part and the remaining part of the song and it overlaps the time items every now and then it's not possible to read the time items when they overlap since the colours of the time items and wave seek bar are somewhat the same. In my case the past part of the wave seek bar is grey and the remaining part is white. If it's possible for you to make the time items in a contrasting colour with the colour of the wave seek bar they would be better readable. In my case: the past time would be white coloured and the remaining time would be grey, so it contrasts with the wave seek bar So in short: on the left the past time in white while the past wave seek bar is in grey and on the right the time in grey while the past seek wave bar is in white. I know it's just a minor detail, so just do with it whatever you want. Thnx anyway. Stay safe!
  8. @maxmp Hi Max, Thnx for the continous developement. My library is about the same size as @Bigrich66's collection and I'm also facing some glichtches, freezes when Poweramp is scanning my library. Just to let you know. Good luck.
  9. Hi, although not a solution for your request; long pressing the album art will make that menu pop up. So when hiding the 3 dot menu you don't lose any functionality. Just to let you know. Good luck!
  10. Thnx for continuously updating the app. It's perfect for my needs. It's appreciated!
  11. Hi Mixified, no worries. It sure shouldn't mess up other things. Thnx for looking into this. Making the background transparent sure makes it look a lot better. Thnx!
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