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  1. @maxmp Hi Max, Thnx for the continous developement. My library is about the same size as @Bigrich66's collection and I'm also facing some glichtches, freezes when Poweramp is scanning my library. Just to let you know. Good luck.
  2. Hi, although not a solution for your request; long pressing the album art will make that menu pop up. So when hiding the 3 dot menu you don't lose any functionality. Just to let you know. Good luck!
  3. Thnx for continuously updating the app. It's perfect for my needs. It's appreciated!
  4. Hi Mixified, no worries. It sure shouldn't mess up other things. Thnx for looking into this. Making the background transparent sure makes it look a lot better. Thnx!
  5. Thnx man! Wow! I honestly believe I'm out of requests now, ha ha. It's perfect for me than. Thank you so much!
  6. @Mixified Thnx for the continuous updates! Love the skin! Only wish I still have is better alignment/positioning of the start/progressed time and endtime when using the wave seekbar. When using the simple seekbar like in your screenshots, the start/progressed time and endtime are nicely alligned with information field (which can show file info, folder, etc. by choice) on the bottom of the now playingscreen. When using the wave seekbar however the start/progressed time and endtime are moved up and are actually blocking the wave seekbar on louder mixes or mixes that lack dynamics. It would be nice if the start/progressed time and endtime are alligned with the infofield on the bottom of the screen like they are when using the simple seekbar. I added a screenshot to show you what I mean. First shot is how the allignement is now in your current version and the second screen is how I would like to see it. I know it's just a detail, so feel free to ignore this, but since you've been handling requests so niceley I figured why not dare and ask. Appreciate all you did so for, which is more than enough. Thnx!
  7. @Mixified congratulations man! Have a splendid day. Make sure you enjoy every minute. I wish you and your life-partner-to-be all the best.
  8. Cool, looking forward to the release! Good to see you dropping by here every know and then and hope you're doing well
  9. No worries man! You have more important things in your life right now. No need to apologise. Appreciate what you did so far. I can be patient
  10. You're totally right. I'm an album listener, so forgot about that function since I barely used it. It isn't too much of a hastle to manually select the next album in that case. But yeah, it would be nice if Max would add the swipe up command. @Mixified Looking forward to your next update. Thnx!
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