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  1. @Mixified congratulations man! Have a splendid day. Make sure you enjoy every minute. I wish you and your life-partner-to-be all the best.
  2. Cool, looking forward to the release! Good to see you dropping by here every know and then and hope you're doing well
  3. No worries man! You have more important things in your life right now. No need to apologise. Appreciate what you did so far. I can be patient
  4. You're totally right. I'm an album listener, so forgot about that function since I barely used it. It isn't too much of a hastle to manually select the next album in that case. But yeah, it would be nice if Max would add the swipe up command. @Mixified Looking forward to your next update. Thnx!
  5. A couple posts above yours I've requested this feature as well. I added a mock up of how the skin would fit my style. It's allready really, really good nonetheless. @Mixified replied with: "maybe I can do is add an option to hide prev and next buttons in the next release". So if he does that, he will fullfill your request. Fingeres crossed. As @invaderzim mentioned, you can remove the >> and << buttons, but you can't remove the < and > button. I would like to have this feature for exactly the same reason is you @djdarko. All the functionality is allready there so no buttons are needed. It would just make the skin look more clean if the buttons are removable as an option. All that's really needed is just the play/pause button.
  6. Hi Mixified, no worries! I appreciate anything you do. Yes, it would be awseome if you could add an option to hide the prev, rewind, fast foward and nexst buttons in pro mode. Your skin really fits my style so this would make it perfect. Only remaining thing I can think of is that if you add that option, it would be nice to have the past and remaining time not overlapping the waveseekbar. Nothing to big, so it's difficult to do don't waste your time. See the attached image of what would make your skin perfect for me.
  7. Actually, I just checked the minimalist outlined Pro buttons no circles and they look great. I would love to have that look with just the play and pause button, so without the ffw and skip buttons. Thnx!
  8. @Mixified Thnx for your continuous developement. When reading your update message I was thrilled to read that you added options to change the play button. Thnx! However I don't see any difference between minimalist and regular when using the wave seekbar. All I can change is outline or solid. And now you ask, I still have one request pending. Can you add a smaller outlined play button, or a play button without a circle? Would appreciate it! Thnx anyway!
  9. Thnx for your continuous improvement. Love the new app icon. Wouldn't it be cool if the play button in Poweramp looks the same as the app icon? By the way. I hope you sorted out the virus program problems. Thnx!
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