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  1. Thnx for your continuous improvement. Love the new app icon. Wouldn't it be cool if the play button in Poweramp looks the same as the app icon? By the way. I hope you sorted out the virus program problems. Thnx!
  2. @Mixified thnx man! Great improvements! Love it! Very much appreciate that you listen to your users and improve while taking these request in account. No pressure, but I'm just wondering. Is a small play button while using the standard thin waveseekbar anywhere on your roadmap? Thnx for all your hard work.
  3. Thnx for the reply! I use the waveseekbar layout without pro buttons. So all I have is the pause button and ellapsed and remaining time in a black rectangle while playing. It would be nice to have your playbutton without the background circle to fit within the size of the rectangle. Very nice to hear that changing the style of the navigation icons is a priority. Take all the time you need! Looking forward to the results. Thnx man! Your hard work is appreciated!
  4. That's cool, thnx for your reply. Feel free to do whatever you want and whenever you want to do it. No obligations! Your skin is almost perfect in my opinion. All I would like to see is: - Small playbutton when using the thin waveseek bar; - Icons in the lower menu (Library, EQ, search, settings) that are more in the style of the buttons that sit below the album art (visual, timer, repeat, shuffle). Imho the menu buttons seem a bit to fat sylewise.
  5. Thnx Mixified, Can you give us an idea of what is still on your todo list? Just to make sure I don't stalk you with request you allready are planning to develope 🙂 Thnx!
  6. Thnx Max, for the ongoing development. PA is without question the best music player for Android.
  7. Thank you for your fast reply and for clearing the small button issue up. About the screencap you posted: exactly that! It looks awseome and would be very nice to have that look without the fastworward and skip track button as well. Great job man! Keep it up, it's appreciated!
  8. Thnx for the update. Great that your skin is still in developement! Choosing the small play button whit the wave seekbar doesn't seem to do anything with the size of the play button or am I missing something? As Invaderzim suggests, it would be great if we could get rid of the circles behing the butoons. Actually; It would be nice to have an option to remove the circles in any play buttons setting. I love the thin wave seekbar and I don't really need the change track seek buttons since I can do that with swiping. The big circled play button on top of the wave seek bar looks a bit cluttered imho. I love the design of your triangle within the play button. It would be nice to just hacve a small version of the triangle on top of the wave seek bar. Just a suggestion. Thnx anyway!
  9. Impressive programming! Seems like almost anything is possible when it comes to customizing skins.
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