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  1. I am a constant but simple user of Poweramp. It has everything that I need with the exception of one thing. On the Dark Built-in skin if it would be possible to have a higher contrast between the songs in a list and the currently playing song so that the currently playing song would stand out more when scrolling through the list. With that, life would be complete.
  2. Shuffle is off. This occurs just rearranging songs in the playlist not actually playing them.
  3. Maybe I am doing something wrong but for pretty much all of the V3 versions the sequence of songs in a play list change. I create a playlist and then do a random sort. I will then go back and rearrange the first 40 or so songs to play while working out. If I rearrange a few songs then scroll down to find other songs I want to move to the top, when I go back some of the songs have changed positions from where I had out them. So I put the order back to the way I want it then scroll down and find another song and move the song up in the order and invariably other songs will have changed positions. Am I not moving the songs properly that i am unknowingly moving songs I don't want moved? I thought maybe it was a certain skin but does this for all skins. Is it only me? Thanks.
  4. The only update that overwrites the existing settings appear to be your Classic skin update. When set to auto update, if the update comes though, I would have thought the update would save the colour settings before putting the new changes into place. You are great responding to change requests but changing my mind on using the skins because each time the changes are applied the skin reverts to the defaults as if never before installed.
  5. Is there someway to save the settings before updating the skins. I like your skins but every time an update is sent, the settings are blanked and the skin goes back to a Built-in light skin that happens to be the first skin in the list. When I select Classic all of the colour selections previously selected are gone.
  6. I have never replied before but wanted to add that I enjoy Poweramp and would classify myself as an avid but not an advanced user. Three changes I think would make my use easier: metadata line where it says 'playlists track counter and count - I know I am in play lists, I would like to see the name of the playlist. Once you move down the list there is no way to know the name of the playlist without scrolling to the top. If you bounce out to the Playlist list, there is no indication of the playlist you are in. Add a bookmark within a play list - lots of times want to start where I left off within a playlist. Only way now is to record track number externally then scroll through list to get back to that spot. Add to playlist: It always adds to the end. One reason to love Poweramp because it allows more than 1000 items in a playlist, but then need to move 1 at a time to get the songs moved to top if you still want to keep existing order of play list. Could we enter a track number for the additions to be started at. I don't play alot with audio outputs, visualizations, etc.- just load music, create playlists and press play.
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