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  1. As has been said, the main focus of development is on Android, and once 3.0 is out and stable, maybe an iOS version... I think Windows Phone is a lot further down the pecking order at the moment. Sadly Poweramp does not have the human resources of a large company to just throw people at new versions. Andre
  2. LOL, we really do need a Manual for Poweramp, or at least a comprehensive User Guide. Andre
  3. It may be a more specific issue, but have you tried changing the crossfade or gapless options in the Settings>Audio menu? You could also try increasing the Audio Thread Priority via the same menu. Andre
  4. This might explain why sometimes a file that I've just copied to my phone does not appear when I launch Poweramp (with autoscan enabled). Andre
  5. You're welcome, glad I could help. Andre
  6. Create an empty file called .nomedia in the root folder which contains your other music folders (or in each such folder if necessary). Poweramp will ignore this, but the rest of the Android system won't scan down below that point. Andre
  7. Try a Full Rescan, see if that registers the updates to the files. Andre
  8. Possibly because getting new features added can be a rather long-term solution, and people are trying to offer you ideas which might work for you right now. Andre
  9. Have you tried Poweramp Settings > Lists > Don't Add Duplicates Andre
  10. I use TagScanner on my PC, but mostly because I know how it works and it's now force of habit I'm sure there are others out there too. Andre
  11. Have you limited the Music Folders setting so it only tries to scan a few folders rather than you whole system? Andre
  12. Not at the moment, sorry. Well, you could try messing around with SMB sharing via Wi-Fi and then a CIFS directory mount, but it'd be very convoluted. Could you not put your phone in the dock and play directly from there? Andre
  13. Is your folder "playlists" included in your Music Folders list, otherwise it won't be scanned. Andre
  14. No, Poweramp does not yet store any ratings within the ID3 tags in the file themselves, but in its own database. So anything which forces a complete refresh of the database could indeed wipe out the local ratings. Andre
  15. I suspect that "the breeding animal that the android brings" more accurately translates to the stock Android player. Could you let us know some more information about your device/ROM, what you are trying to connect to, etc. Andre
  16. You could try clearing the app's data/cache completely and restarting. This is very close to an uninstall/reinstall, and so you would need to adjust any custom settings again afterwards, and re-create local playlists/album art/etc. Andre
  17. I think I'd count my wallpaper switching to a Justin Bieber photo as absolute grounds to return the phone as blatantly faulty... Shouldn't anti-virus software protect people against this sort of thing? Andre
  18. There is no option to export all settings at present, no. But any customisations and changes you make in the app should be retained (even after a device reboot) unless you uninstall the app. Andre
  19. Have you tried a full-featured tag editor to see what's actually encoded within your files? (rather than just what the apps are re-displaying). Or send a sample file to poweramp.maxmpz(at)gmail.com. Andre
  20. Probably from a track that was played... are you admitting to that though? Andre
  21. I thought the Search icon was only brought up via the menu? Or maybe it's a difference in tablet layout? Andre
  22. Great, glad it worked for you. Yes, the "continue to play next album" mode is called "Advance List" within the Repeat options (lower right). So on the playback screen you want 'Repeat' set to "Advance List" and 'Shuffle' set to "Off" and you're sorted. Andre
  23. Not at the moment, no. Album art needs to be inserted into the actual MP3 files using external software. Andre
  24. I don't know for sure, but yes that sound pretty logical to me. The queue will play songs in the order that they were added - that's kinda the point of a queue. If you put the songs into a playlist instead though, then you could shuffle that. Andre
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