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Found 6 results

  1. I haven't been able to find an answer to this, so apologies if this has been addressed. Why does Poweramp need to verify my purchase through Google Play License Verification when I already have the Poweramp Unlocker installed? I found this out in a very unfortunate way and it disturbed me tremendously. I was in the middle of a trans-atlantic flight while listening to Poweramp when suddenly the music stopped and I received a pop-up message that Poweramp was not able to verify the purchase through Google Play License Verification/APM. I am sure this happened because I was in the air at 38,000 feet and I had the airplane mode turned on to disable any wifi and mobile data services. Anyway, I had the Poweramp Unlocker installed as well, so I am not sure why my license had to be verified online? I thought the purpose of the Poweramp Unlocker was to unlock Poweramp without having the need to verify a license online since I had already paid for it by buying the Unlocker? The reason why I found this most frustrating is that I no longer was able to use Poweramp for the rest of the duration of the trip because I was not able to get any mobile data service until I landed, which was about 5 hours later. I had to resort to the stock player that could not read my Poweramp playlists. I felt like I had paid for the license but was unfairly prevented from using it. So, was it something I missed in the settings to fix this? Or is there another explanation that I am aware of that justifies this? I feel that if Poweramp needs to verify a license through Google Play, that I shouldn't need to have the Unlocker installed or at the very least, it needs to warn you well ahead of time that it needs to verify a license so that someone doesn't get caught off guard and unable to verify their license for hours and therefore lose access to an app they paid for. Well, just wondering - not angry, but just frustrated that I couldn't use it when I really needed it.
  2. I tried to download the unlocker from the playstore and pay with Gpay which is linked to my bank account, after the payment was processed through Gpay the unlocker app did not start downloading, Even though I got a message from my bank that money has been debited. So i tried the process once again and it still didnt work and the app did not start downloading. So this way i have paid twice the price of the app. I have transaction receipts within Gpay and also from my bank as proof of this happening. I also am not using a rooted phone or phone with custom rom on it Things i have already tried doing but didn't work:- 1)Clearing Cache and data of the play store app. 2) re logining my google account on the play store. The unlocker also doesnt not show up in the recently downloaded apps section of manage apps page of the play store.
  3. I come from China, can not buy the software in Googleplay, it should be in the official website to buy a license, I ask myself another phone can use this permit? That is the second phone. Thank you!
  4. As we knew, hiding app icon was no longer possible in Android 10+. I was talking about it with my friend Xinto on Discord and he found a way to make this possible. I tested it and oddly enough, it works. It could be related to compilesdkversion being 30. Links to related commits: https://github.com/YTVanced/VancedMicroG/pull/116 and https://github.com/YTVanced/VancedMicroG/pull/101 . You can check for yourself 🤭 I am just letting @maxmp know here
  5. Poweramp v3:Poweramp 不再支持网站上的旧备用解锁器,请卸载此解锁器并使用“设置”=>“已在 Poweramp 中购买”。
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