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  1. LOL, I'm sure there's nothing like spamming all your friend group with an automated message telling them what music you happen to be listening to. I'd be quickly unfriending someone who regularly did that to me.... Andre
  2. Just noticed a minor interface glitch. If you have the metadata info at the bottom of the Player screen set to show 'next song', whenever you get to the final song in a category, the metadata incorrectly shows as '>> Queue' rather than the title of the first song in the next folder/album/etc. Andre
  3. As I think I said earlier, Playlists do not have a "view by" or "sort by" setting to temporarily display the lists in some particular order, they are always shown and played in the specific written order that the playlist defines. Rather like CUE files, they are a list of songs which are asked to be played in a particular order - that's really the point of them to be honest. You can of course re-edit a Playlist any time you want, including using automated tools (either in PA or externally) to put the songs into some new specific sequence. But that is a one-off re-ordering of the lines in the file, the originally created order is overwritten, and the original order is completely lost so it cannot be returned to - rather like shuffling or manually suit-ordering a deck of cards. And as soon as PA detects a new or modified Playlist file, it will be reloaded by the scanner, overwriting any previous contents. You could convert your playlists from file-based (which always reflect the current contents of that file) to internal which are saved in PA's database and no longer have any link to the original file, then delete the file copy from your Android device. To do this, simply long-press on the playlist title that you want to copy, tap on the '+ Playlist' icon and use the 'Add New' button to put all of the contents of that file into a new internal playlist. That will then be its own entity and you can add/remove/reorder songs as much as you like without affecting the old file. Andre
  4. Which of course will be wiping out any changes or edits that you may make in PA. If you want to treat your MusicBee playlists as your "master" copies, and you allow them overwrite anything on your phone during syncing, then you need to make any changes there rather than in PA. Andre
  5. Are the playlists being generated in MusicBee, or from elsewhere? Not sure exactly how it works as I don't use it. I copy my content manually, as I like to keep a fairly firm control of my folder structure and filenames. For the same reason I won't put iTunes on anything at all that I own, it's far too keen on doing things its own way rather than mine. But as long as PA is saving your updated playlist orders back into the original files correctly, whatever the problem is, it probably isn't in Poweramp. Andre
  6. From your newer 'Settings' post, you may want to try enabling 2-way sync - but remember that that will copy the /D846-BBD6/ style files back to your PC, which as likely as not will not work there. It may also delete content from your PC if you delete it from the Android device. Andre
  7. When PA saves playlists, it uses absolute path references to the Android device's filesystem. The D846-BBD6 bit is what Android has randomly named your SD Card (rather like C:\ on a PC). The version MusicBee is copying to your device uses relative Windows-style paths (with the \Music\ part meaning that the song file is contained in a folder called 'Music' which is found at the root level of that particular storage - regardless of whether that is C:\, D:\, or /storage/D846-BBD6/). PA accepts either Windows or Android/Linux format paths ('\' or '/'), and it tries to interpret absolute paths as best it can. For example, if your Windows-copied playlists contained a full path such as C:\Music\Duran Duran.mp3 then PA would only look at the filename and the one folder above (in this case, 'Music') and it compares that with its existing database of scanned songs. However from what you posted, it does look like PA is indeed saving the edits that you make back into the files (the /D846-BBD6/ reference could only have come from your edits). So we need to find out how/when the content is getting changed back to the original Windows relative-path files. Can MusicBee prevent overwrites to more recently modified files? Andre
  8. Have a look at the file contents (M3U files are just plain text, you can open them in any text editor). Check the contents of an M3U before you make any changes within PA, and then again after you have made a change. That will tell us whether the file data is getting updated at all. Andre
  9. If PA's scanner sees a new file, or notices that an old file has been updated/changed, then it will automatically bring in that new or updated content. This will replace any content that it had previously found with the new versions. That is the purpose of the system. Playlist sorting is not like choosing a Sort Order in other categories. In other categories, the sorting order just changed this viewing and playback order. With playlists, the Re-sort feature actually edits the list itself. moving lines up and down (e.g. it would change the contents of the lines in an .M3U file). If a newer version of the file is later found, PA will bring it that latest version (or the assumption you have made new changes outside of Poweramp). The only way to stop this would be to turn PA's scanner off (so it does not update anything when changes are made to the filesystem) or change your syncing software's settings so it operates bidirectionally and keeps the most recently updated version of a file irrespective of whether that is the source or destination copy. Andre
  10. I'll move this to Feature Requests, hopefully @maxmp might be able to take a look at this at some stage. To be honest, I hadn't even realised that the new online URL playback feature handled direct file links at all, I though it was only for Shoutcast/etc live streams. Andre
  11. The problem is most likely as I said above, that PA does not have permission to edit data (write access) in the storage area where you are storing your playlist files. I assume your playlists are in the same folder structure location as your music files, so try editing some tags on a few test music files from within PA (view the Info/Tags for any song, then tap to edit). That should tell you if PA has write-access to those folders. Also, your syncing software could be copying the original master copies of your playlists back from the original sources into your phone, thus wiping out your changed files. It's worth checking whether it is set to overwrite automatically, or perhaps just turn the sync software off for a while and see if the problem still persists with syncing disabled. Andre
  12. I thought streams were meant to be live feeds? Such as radio stations, etc. And thus not fast-forwardable or rewindable anyway? The example you give above is a link to a simple downloadable mp3 file, which I didn't know even played at all in PA at all, so that's a plus. Andre
  13. High res output via Bluetooth can very much depend on the device, the Android / Bluetooth version, and the headphones in use. Regular BT connections do not support high-res at all, although some headsets (such as the one you have) do support LDAC or aptX. Have a look in your device's Developer Options, as there are some BT / LDAC system control features in there which might help. (LDAC is not pure high-res anyway by the way, it does have its limitations, see https://www.soundguys.com/ldac-ultimate-bluetooth-guide-20026/) Andre
  14. Your problem would probably be in the system Files app (or your device's equivalent native file explorer app). If that is disabled, certain functions become unavailable and PA cannot access the Android file system properly. One symptom you might notice would be the Settings > Library > Music Folders list not allowing you to drill down into the main or SD Card directories. Andre
  15. An emulator would be the only way to do this, Poweramp is never likely to be a native PC (or iOS) app. Andre
  16. Poweramp does not feature any live 'on the fly' compressor / normaliser features, however it does support Replay Gain. Assuming your files contain correct Replay Gain tags (and if they don't, programs like foobar2000 can batch add them for you) Poweramp will set the peak level found in each track to the same output level on your device. This doesn't mean that quiet sections are made louder and loud sections are reduced dynamically, the gain adjustment affects the whole of the track. However it does seems as though the overall levels of your music files are a bit variable, which is exactly what RG is designed to overcome. See Settings > Audio > Replay Gain. Andre
  17. You could try enabling Settings > Album Art > Always Send Album Art. Andre
  18. As I said, are these internal playlists which you have made within the Poweramp app itself, or are they files that you have previously created as .M3U or .PLS files (perhaps originally from another device or app) ? Andre
  19. Launching a song via Google Assistant works the same way as Search, and I think normally defaults to All Songs mode with shuffle off. Andre
  20. Works fine for me. Is this for internal playlists or file-based ones? if file-based, does Poweramp have write-access permission to them? Andre
  21. Most likely you have some save preset that is being activated for your output device or the songs/folders/etc you are playing (there are lots of preset saving options). The default is to have both of these controls at zero. You could try deleting app data and starting from fresh, although an uninstall should do that too. Andre
  22. Turn off the Short Audio Focus option in Settings > Audio > Audio Focus. Andre
  23. Unfortunately, there is no transfer of ownership of apps provided between different marketplaces, they are completely separate systems. Andre
  24. What sort of playlist are you referring to? Generally, a playlist is just a sequence of songs chosen from tracks that are already present in the library. Andre
  25. There is no such thing as an 'album' as its own entity, they are merely defined by a group of individual songs which have the same 'Album Title' embedded tag. So you can't rate an album per se, just its individual songs. I guess Max could do something like applying the sum of the song ratings to make an averaged value for a whole album's contents though. Andre
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