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  1. Look at the data dump that I posted, there is a null (zero) byte at the start of each tag which I'm sure shouldn't be there. Not seen in before in any of my own files anyway, null bytes should only be used as multi-entry separators, they have no ASCII symbolic equivalent (hence the deep tag view shows a dot as the text version). The data can be read by a tag editor, but it's not quite correct. Andre
  2. Agreed, that tagging looks very non-standard. Genre is thus being picked up from the ID3v1 portion of the tags, which use a hard-coded list of Genre names each defined by a single number, you can't invent your own: ID3v1: + [BinaryData directory, 128 bytes] [....] | Genre = 12 | - Tag 0x007f (1 bytes, int8u[1]): | 9992a7: 0c [.] The ID3 spec lists 79 possibilities for Genre, such as: 11 Oldies 12 Other 13 Pop 12 (Other) is presumably being used in ID3v1 as the term you wanted to use is not in the list (full list can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3 ). The more sophisticated ID3 v2.3 system is also present in the file, but with some strange formatting such as null (zero) bytes at the start of every entry: ID3v2.3.0: + [ID3v2_3 directory, 862208 bytes] | ID3_CM1 = ..-*> TEAM ESCAPE <*-.. | - Tag 'CM1' (26 bytes): | 0014: 00 2e 2e 2d 2a 3e 20 20 54 45 41 4d 20 45 53 43 [...-*> TEAM ESC] | 0024: 41 50 45 20 20 3c 2a 2d 2e 2e [APE <*-..] | Album = Electric Circus | - Tag 'TALB' (16 bytes): | 0038: 00 45 6c 65 63 74 72 69 63 20 43 69 72 63 75 73 [.Electric Circus] | Artist = Common/CeeLo Green | - Tag 'TPE1' (19 bytes): | 0052: 00 43 6f 6d 6d 6f 6e 00 43 65 65 4c 6f 20 47 72 [.Common.CeeLo Gr] | 0062: 65 65 6e [een] | Genre = Rap Classic | - Tag 'TCON' (12 bytes): | 006f: 00 52 61 70 20 43 6c 61 73 73 69 63 [.Rap Classic] | Title = Between Me, You & Liberation | - Tag 'TIT2' (29 bytes): | 0085: 00 42 65 74 77 65 65 6e 20 4d 65 2c 20 59 6f 75 [.Between Me, You] | 0095: 20 26 20 4c 69 62 65 72 61 74 69 6f 6e [ & Liberation] | Track = 10/14 | - Tag 'TRCK' (6 bytes): | 00ac: 00 31 30 2f 31 34 [.10/14] | Year = 2002 | - Tag 'TYER' (5 bytes): | 00bc: 00 32 30 30 32 [.2002] | Band = Common | - Tag 'TPE2' (7 bytes): | 00cb: 00 43 6f 6d 6d 6f 6e [.Common] | Publisher = MCA Records | - Tag 'TPUB' (12 bytes): | 00dc: 00 4d 43 41 20 52 65 63 6f 72 64 73 [.MCA Records] The ID3 tag 'CM1' is non-standard too, which makes me suspect that this file came from - shall we say - a non-standard source? Simplest answer might be to load the files that don't work into a batch tag editor, and simply re-save them with no changes, which might re-create the damaged v2.3 tags correctly? Or just download the file again from another, more standard, source. Andre
  3. Play Store purchases can be installed on as many Android devices that are using the same Google account as you like (within fair use anyway). Website purchases are not tied to Google at all (they can be installed on any Android device, regardless of Google app presence) but are only valid on one device at a time - so installing on a new device will revoke the licenced status for the previous one. Andre
  4. In theory the licence status should be saved once it has been validated online (see PA Settings > About, and you should see "Purchase Verified and Stored" if all is OK). However you are correct that some poorly designed (mainly Chinese, but not exclusively so) car head-units don't seem to allow enough time for apps to properly shut down, and/or they don't send normal Shutdown Intents to the app to indicate they should exit tidily. Unfortunately you won't know if yours is like that until you try though. Andre
  5. As @MotleyG said, Poweramp does not change Genre tags in your audio files. The only way it can do that is if you manually open the Info/Tags screen for a song and then click on the Edit button and then click on Save. Info/Tags will tell you what Genre details have been scanned in from the audio file though, so perhaps you could post a screenshot of that information if you think it is wrong, and why? Most likely thing that comes to mind is that you have multiple genre tags in your files, but a screenshot should help diagnose that. You could also temporarily upload a sample audio file for us to have a look at. Andre
  6. No, changing the order of playlists in Poweramp is a one-by-one operation, there is no batch function. PA ratings are internal to the app, they are not read from files or from other music cataloguing systems, not written back to anywhere when you change them inside PA. Ratings are included as custom #EXT lines when you save playlists (or export them) back to files though, which will result in the following general format, so any script would need to sort by pairs of lines. It also replaces any relative or external paths with absolute Android paths, which won't help if you ever want to sync the lists back to another device. #EXT-X-RATING:4 D0D8-84ED/MusicFolders/Music/David Bowie/Let's Dance/03 Let's Dance - David Bowie.mp3 #EXT-X-RATING:5 D0D8-84ED/MusicFolders/Music/Singles/Billie Jean - Michael Jackson.mp3 #EXT-X-RATING:4 D0D8-84ED/MusicFolders/Music/Singles/In the Air Tonight (extended version) - Phil Collins.mp3 There is an app called New Playlist Manager which offers more features, including importing and exporting ratings from files. Andre
  7. Playlist songs are not displayed using any sort order at all, they are shown and played in the order originally specified in the actual playlist - either internally as songs were added, or as per the file-based order. You can move individual songs around in playlists by long-pressing on a song and then dragging it up or down the list using the tool on the right, or you can permanently re-sort a whole playlist by tapping on Menu > Re-Sort and choosing the new ordering method you require. Andre
  8. Great. Sorry, I should have suggested that, some features in Notifications and the Lock Screen widget are related. @maxmp By the way Max, this has reminded of a request a while back for the status bar notification to be dismissable via swiping sidewards. Might need to act as 'X' and stop playback though, depending on whether Android now allows currently playing media notifications to be dismissed. Andre
  9. Folder mode is always available for those who want very specific control of the music nesting hierarchy, and you can name your folders and files however you like to ensure the browsing and sorting process works exactly the way you want it to. That's how I use PA 90% of the time. The original question of being able to browse by Composer then Album is already provided in the app of course, using the 'Composers' library category. There are various sorting options, but not filtering as yet. In case you weren't aware, 'Composers' is now a splitable tag, which means that you can have several different composers for one piece of music and PA will display them separately under each different name rather than only as a whole grouped entity. For example, you could have a song "Waterloo" with the composers listed as "Benny Andersson ; Björn Ulvaeus ; Stig Anderson". If the split mode is enabled, PA would show the song in the Composers category separately under the entries for "Benny Andersson", "Björn Ulvaeus" and "Stig Anderson". For more information, see https://forum.powerampapp.com/kb/en_us/faq/guide-tags-embedded-metadata-albums-and-cue-sheets-r39/ Andre
  10. If you are trying to install a Play Store purchase, you need to have Google features, including the Play Store itself, installed on your device, and install both the app and the unlocker from the store. If you are trying to install an APK from the website here, with a website-purchased licence, you can do that without Google. Install the app, then use Settings > Already Purchased? > Website and enter your email address and purchase ID (from the email you were sent). An internet connection is required. Andre
  11. May be ROM related? Might be worth trying a clear cache? On my Samsung A70 it works fine in Android 11 (Auto mode): Andre
  12. I've just updated the Tagging FAQ to include more background on how albums work. Andre
  13. We already know exactly what constitutes an 'album'. It is merely a notional grouping of any songs within the Library that have the exact same Album name and Album Artist name - but which may still have different Artist names as those are not used for album grouping. However should Album Artist tags be missing, PA will fall back to trying to group based on the Artist tag instead, but often with mixed levels of success as artists can vary track-by-track (for featured artists, compilations, etc). PA also tries to infer some other properties for 'albums' - such as Year and Genre - but these are solely based on looking at the constituent songs and picking from them. If tags are not consistent throughout all of the contained tracks (e.g. if each track in a compilation album has a different Year value) then the overall value chosen may not be predictable. Andre
  14. On my Galaxy A70, if I turn the status bar off, on the default skins PA behaves are you mention - i.e. the status bar is removed as requested, and everything moves up to fill the gap. Not every phone even has a notch, never mind the same size, so allowing for it might be difficult. Also, if you do fill up that top space then it's almost impossible to access the real status bar via drag-down at the top of the screen, as PA's artwork drag gesture takes over. Skins can do this though, in $YAPS$ the status bar zone remains reserved as before, but as a empty white bar; I suspect that extending the blur background, or using the same user colour choice as for the Android navbar, might look nicer though. Andre
  15. This is kinda covered in my Tagging FAQ, but I've been wondering for a while whether a more tutorial style of article about how to edit tags might be useful too. I honestly don't know if there is any actual logic to the way Year and First Added fields are applied to albums. My gut feeling is that it might just be based on order of the underlying file system directory - so the implied value used for 'album' is based on the order that the song files were encountered during the directory crawl, either first or last found, similarly to how album artwork is interpreted from varying song file artwork. Andre
  16. Which is why it's an option. Works whichever way you want. Andre
  17. @Kundun I don't think there's any special logic to which specific song's 'Added Date' would be used, it's just the first (or last?) one PA encounters during its scan. But in most cases, it would be the same time for all songs in one album. Andre
  18. That's the point of Shuffle All Songs in Folder Hierarchy. With it off, PA will choose one folder at random and then plays all of its tracks shuffled, then it choose a new folder and plays that shuffled, etc. With it on, PA will keep picking randomly from any of the subfolders until it has played everything in all of the subfolders. Interesting point about the Music Folders choices. Yes, you would normally be best to simply select the top level and let PA deal with crawling through the subfolders. Andre
  19. @Kundun It still only bases that on underlying track added data, not actually 'album added'. May well be the same thing in a lot of cases though. Andre
  20. That is by design, it will shuffle one entire randomly-selected folder, then pick another folder at random to shuffle, and so on. You can override this mode with Settings > Library > Lists > Shuffle All Songs in Folder Hierarchy. Andre
  21. If you can map your external cloud storage to a valid Android filesystem symbolic link, PA ought to be able to see it. However as PA is a Library-based player, it would need to be able scan your entire cloud storage and confirm tags pretty-much every time a connection is made, and that could be time consuming. Andre
  22. You could try turning off PA Settings > Misc > Keep Service. Andre
  23. @Brit Even if you use the Album scanning mode, foobar will still add Track Gain values too, so you get both options in the player later. I only use pure 'Track-only' scanning for singles, or other items that have no real concept of an Album status (such as random song Collections). As @6b6561 mentioned, it would be handy if PA had an extra Reply Gain setting where 'Album' gain settings are only used when you are playing in album-oriented modes, otherwise 'Track' gain is used (for All Songs, folders, Playlists, etc). Andre
  24. The trouble is, you don't add albums, you add songs (which may or may not be grouped into Albums for display purposes) Andre
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