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  1. Thanks for the tips. I also use folder mode, and my playlists are file-based playlists sync'd over from iTunes. File-based playlists seem to be pretty clunky in Poweramp. It often forgets where in the playlist it last was, and scrolling through a file-based playlist is pretty sluggish. So what I do now is select a file-based playlist, do a random sort on it, then Enqueue it. Now I can play the Queue with shuffle off, and Poweramp can remember its place in the queue from session to session. I can also re-shuffle the Queue if I want to hear some songs already played, repeated.
  2. If I repeatedly press the Shuffle icon on the player screen while a song is playing, it cycles through the following shuffle options: Off - I think I understand this one Shuffle All Available Songs - also clear Shuffle Songs, Lists In Order - ? Shuffle Lists, Songs in Order - ?? Shuffle Songs, Shuffle Lists - ??? If I long-press the shuffle icon, I am offered the following options from a pop-up menu: Shuffle Off - understood All - all available songs? Songs - what songs? Lists - what does it mean to shuffle lists? Lists/Songs - no idea I don't know what the difference is between these options,
  3. I just use the Folder mode and choose the .m3u file that is synced over by iSyncr. I don't import for the reason you stated. I don't want to manage playlists on the phone at all.
  4. Dark blue on black is unreadable for me. Any way to change the color of the fonts used to show song title, artist and album info?
  5. I expected that activating Shuffle while playing a song in a playlist would commence shuffling the songs in that playlist, like it does in every other music player I have used. Unfortunately, Poweramp always shuffles All Songs when Shuffle is activated, regardless of context. How can I get it to shuffle just the songs in a Library playlist when I press Shuffle? Also, I don't need support for formats that Android doesn't support, so is there a way for me to turn off Poweramp Folders so I can use Poweramp the same way I use any Android music player, by syncing to the Android Media Library? Other
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