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  1. Thanks for the tips. I also use folder mode, and my playlists are file-based playlists sync'd over from iTunes. File-based playlists seem to be pretty clunky in Poweramp. It often forgets where in the playlist it last was, and scrolling through a file-based playlist is pretty sluggish. So what I do now is select a file-based playlist, do a random sort on it, then Enqueue it. Now I can play the Queue with shuffle off, and Poweramp can remember its place in the queue from session to session. I can also re-shuffle the Queue if I want to hear some songs already played, repeated.
  2. If I repeatedly press the Shuffle icon on the player screen while a song is playing, it cycles through the following shuffle options: Off - I think I understand this one Shuffle All Available Songs - also clear Shuffle Songs, Lists In Order - ? Shuffle Lists, Songs in Order - ?? Shuffle Songs, Shuffle Lists - ??? If I long-press the shuffle icon, I am offered the following options from a pop-up menu: Shuffle Off - understood All - all available songs? Songs - what songs? Lists - what does it mean to shuffle lists? Lists/Songs - no idea I don't know what the difference is between these options, except for Off and Shuffle All Songs. Can someone explain?
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