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  1. Settings > Library > Lists > Show Track Number (set to "Separate number", or "In the Title"). Andre
  2. @maxmp As this is kind of an 'extreme' setting that is not going to be forced on anyone, I would have thought you could go down fairly close to the line spacing that things like text editors or webpage displays offer - and you can still select text links from those, e.g. random example from my current browser window: Maybe release a test build and invite some of the posters in those other threads to have a try before settling on a final layout? Perhaps something allowing 20+ song titles on a decent sized screen? Andre
  3. Thanks, that's great. It does still looks a bit double-spaced though, especially for the folks who wanted to see as much in one go as possible. I know it still needs to be finger-clickable, but some file managers, text/code editors, etc seem to manage... maybe something a bit closer to this? As it would be the lowest size possible, if anyone finds they can't reliably select from it then they can just go back up a zoom level. Andre
  4. And what about a Full Rescan, does that help? Might be worth check that the remove option in Settings > Library > Playlists is enabled, but I though that only related to songs within lists, not the Playlist files themselves. Oh, and I assume you've already tried to simply Delete the stubbornly remaining null list from within PA itself? (long-press on the Playlist name and tap Delete - note: don't choose the 'Delete Files' suboption, as that is for deleting the actual song files) Andre
  5. Max will be able to tell us more about this new feature, but the way I read it is that Playlist files (.M3U, .M3U8, etc) can contain extra metadata information regarding the tracks that they contain, and Exporting a Playlist from Poweramp now includes the rating info for each listed song in the format: #EXT-X-RATING:<n> where <n> is between 0 and 5 That new Settings option controls whether PA should re-read such metadata from Playlists, and apply it to songs, whenever a Playlist is re-scanned in from your device's storage. It does not, as far as I've been able to test, do anything with the POPM ratings tags that can be included in normal song files (PA neither reads nor writes them) . Andre
  6. andrewilley


    The sorting options in the three-dots menus perform different functions in different Category views. In Folders, All Songs, Albums, etc. there is no natural 'built-in' sequence, and the sorting mode is part of the List Options feature which define how that type of list should be viewed. Selecting a new mode does not change anything underlying within the database, and you can switch the ordering as often as you like and still go back to the old view again afterwards. When you choose to view the list "By Shuffle Order", you are asking to be shown where you are listening within a currently randomised list of songs - and that list will only change the next time PA reshuffles your playback sequence. Changing the view type does not trigger a new shuffle though, it merely shows you the current shuffle. To trigger a new randomised list, tap the Shuffle icon in the player screen to select a new shuffle mode, or use the Shuffle icon at the top of each list view. In Playlists (and the Queue), 'Re-Sort' is not a List Option, and it does not merely change the way you see the list displayed. It is a permanent change to the structured order of the whole playlist (like shuffling a deck of cards) and you can't later return to the old order as it has been overwritten. Each time you use this feature, the current Playlist is re-edited in a new sequence, but it does not affect any other playlists. Andre
  7. Ah, I didn't realise they were hard-coded images (presumably fixed image ends, with a stretchable mid section?). I assumed they were like other rounded items and were drawn live. Andre
  8. I think quite a few people have been looking forward to this one, me too. Thanks Max! The one comment I would make is that the main reason people seem to request this feature is so they can squeeze in more items per screen - but this initial implementation doesn't seem to reduce the line spacing very much, if at all, so you can only the roughly the same amount of songs that you would see Compact List View. Could the leading gaps, and/or the line spacing, be reduced to tighten up the list a bit more? A couple of recent threads (here and here) were even asking for a Title-only one line version (which makes sense where the Artist and Album Title are already listed in the header anyway) so perhaps that could be added as another, even smaller, zoom level? (It would need to be another zoom level, rather than an overall app setting, as you might want to use it in some views but not others) Andre
  9. Can I just check if this means a facility to import Ratings from POPM tags, which many people has been asking for, or just metadata from Playlists? Andre
  10. Thanks for the update. One tiny thing I've just noticed is Track Text Colour doesn't assign properly if you set it to Blue 100 or Blue 100 Opaque, they come out as a much darker blue. And is it my imagination, or is the lapsed portion of the Waveseek bar now almost the same colour as the upcoming section, it seems less faded than before? Might even be worth adding the full range of colours for both the lapsed and forthcoming segments of the waveseek, just like the options for the linear/line seekbar? Andre
  11. Yeah, but I do want Poweramp to be able to play them manually, so I do want them scanned. And it's not just podcasts that I'd want to exclude from Shuffled play anyway, I'd also skip full-length radio shows, audio books, concerts (again, full length ones), and even quite a lot of movie soundtrack scores (OK, I might occasionally like to hear the main title for Star Wars when shuffling, but not track #23 score for "Death of Second Stormtrooper On The Left" ) Andre
  12. Ah, I see what you mean. You are asking for a separate List Options sorting order selection for every different folder. The solution I use is to name my folders and files so they sort the way I want them to with path/filename sorting. So each song file in any given album would be prefixed by its two-digit track number, but other files that I want sorted alphabetically don't have prefix numbers. The same with folders, if I want to force an order I put numbers at the front of the folder names so they show in the right order. For example my top-level folders are named in this kind of manner: 1 Podcasts 2 Films 3 TV 4 Music 5 Radio 6 Disney Park Music Andre
  13. List Options are individual to each Catgeory, as are the song-level options. So the order you select for Folders is different to that for Albums, etc. Playlists don't have a sort order as their sequence is alredy defined in each list (although you can Re-Sort any playlist at will). Andre
  14. As I said, there is no 'Transmissions' option in any of Poweramp's menus in the main English-language release. However from the top-level Library View there is a Streams category, and if you open that you can use its three-dots menu to add a URL for an online streaming service (HTTP:, shoutcast, etc - just linear programming at present) or you can add a URL for a specific audio file. This feature was added somewhere around build 842. More services will be coming via the API that was added a few releases ago. Andre
  15. To clarify, these can be used in Poweramp's 'Streams' library category (using the List Options > Add URL feature) or the links can be included in a Playlist file. Not sure where 'Transmissions' came from, but I'm guessing it might be a Google mis-translation? Andre
  16. I'm sure that particular comment was humorous, but just a gentle general reminder that we don't encourage conversations discussing piracy in public forums. Andre
  17. @moldyboiii It would still be nice if there was some way to restrict certain Folders and/or Genres from being included in Shuffled playback. I would love to be able to hit Shuffle and know that PA won't suddenly start to play a 2-hour podcast, a random audiobook chapter, or a radio comedy show. That said, occasionally you'll find a gem: a few nights ago I was listening to random music before going to sleep and PA happened to play an episode of The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which I didn't skip. But generally that would not be what's wanted. Andre
  18. You haven't accidentally set the Repeat mode in the player screen to 'Single Song' have you? (second button in from the right under the album artwork) Andre
  19. No, as I'd need to update it every time I added new tracks to my overall library. I just press the Next Track button whenever a podcast or audiobook pops up in the Shuffle sequence. Andre
  20. I'm a bit puzzled by that too. I've just checked a collaboration album where I know the Track Artist tag varies per track, but the Album Artist tag is always the same - which is as expected for a collaboration album. There are the correct 15 tracks shown when I view the songs list in 'Albums' mode, each showing a different track artist, as intended. In 'Album Artists' mode I still see the same 15 tracks, although displayed as being by the single Album Artist. I wonder if my choices in Settings > Library > Lists are different to the OP's, which might be causing this? I thought those settings only adjusted the text shown in the list though, not the actual track filtering. Regular 'Albums' category drill-down view, 15 tracks: 'Album Artists' category view and its drill-down, also showing 15 tracks: : Settings: Andre P.S. I don't actually like this album very much at all - and yes I know Beautiful is spelled wrong, I'll edit it.
  21. It's one of the big problems with apps or programs with masses of power and configuration options... the settings screen gets a bit more complicated! Now that v3 has settled down a bit in terms of its interface and features, maybe one day I might even get around to writing a manual of some kind. I'm thinking it will be quite a lot of work though, and it's still something of a moving target. Andre
  22. And if you set 'Albums' as the sort order for your All Artist Songs list, you will get their albums sorted alphabetically, with the songs within sorted by Track#. Andre
  23. Album Artists is one of the available Categories at the top Library level view. There are quite a lot of categories available, and some may be hidden by default on your setup to avoid over-cluttering the screen. Tap the three-dots menu icon at the top of the main Library view and select List Options to choose which ones you want to see or hide (or use Settings > Library > Lists > Library List Options). Andre
  24. Sounds to me like something that could be useful. Out of interest, how would you want files without any such tags to be handled? Should they be put into an 'Unknown' group - in the same way that the Album Artists category works at the moment - or should sorting files without those tags fall back to using the ordinary Title, Artist, etc tags? I would suggest a fall-back mode would be better - to be honest, that would probably be better for Album Artists too. Andre
  25. I think that's partly my concern as to how much use this would actually be. In the good old days of ID3 v1, there were 79 specific defined Genre codes, which were gradually increased to 191 by unofficial Winamp extensions. Those could be mapped. However the tag is now completely free-form, so it could contain absolutely anything - "Rock" or "Pop" can be easily categorised, but where would you file something like "Fluffy pink cuddly music". I guess there could be an "Unknown" categorisation? To answer the earlier question by the way, I'm probably rather old-school but I generally access my own music by folders. I have folders for overall content: Film, TV, Radio, Music, Podcasts, Christmas, Disney Parks (don't ask! ) and those are further subfoldered as necessary (Music for example has subfolders for Artists and then under those, Albums,. Plus an extra folder for Singles). About 50% of the time I listen in All Songs Shuffle mode - although I still wish there was an easy way to restrict certain folders (such as Podcasts and Radio) from being included in shuffle lists. Some of my files have Genre tags, but not all. And the tagging is all over the place when I look in PA's Genre list - e.g. I just found separate 80s, 80's and Eighties - and also Soundtrack, Soundtracks, TV Soundtrack, TV Music and Movies. I guess your category idea would help group the worst cases, but realistically I'd just have a lot of batch editing to do. Andre
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