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  1. In which case just turn off automatic scanning, and don't run PA until the file copying has been completed. However my reply was to another user, @loop , who said that renaming his files (to remove the extended character set content) solved the problem, but that this wasn't an ideal long-term solution. One of the complications of having several slightly different issues discussed in a single thread. Andre
  2. In which case, please could you upload a few sample files (ones which fail to scan properly) so Max can maybe figure out a workaround for whatever character set you are using? I assume using the Tag Encoding setting in PA did not work in this case? Andre
  3. I tend to be fairly old-school and just copy new stuff over manually, as I don't want everything from my PC's 400GB+ music collection in my phone at one time. I use a local (LAN) wifi FTP service running on my phone, so I don't have to bother plugging a USB cable in, I just drag files/folders from the PC straight into the relevant window for the phone's matching folder structure. The exact folder structure is up to you. I have several top level folders for overarching categories (such Podcasts, TV Shows, Films, Radio, Music) and then subfolders inside those which are based on appropriate subjects such as podcast names, TV show names, film series or one-off titles, etc. In the Music folder there's an extra level of Artist folders, with any Album folders inside each one, plus a separate "(Songs)" folder for all the miscellaneous single tracks that don't easily fall into artist/album layering. Once created, I very rarely change a folder or filename structure though, I merely add new subfolders or files wherever they should be placed. I use playlists pretty sparingly to be honest (normally my folder structure ordering is sufficient for my listening tastes) but when I do create playlists they usually do span several folders. For example, inside my "TV Shows" folder I have a subfolder for "Doctor Who" which contains further subfolders for season's soundtrack CD. I don't often want to listen to every single track in order though, so I created a playlist with a couple of dozen of my favourites which I placed in the root of that overall "Doctor Who" folder. It uses relative paths to point to the track files, as per the following extract: Doctor Who Series 1/02 Westminster Bridge.mp3 Doctor Who Series 5/09 I Am the Doctor.mp3 Doctor Who Series 3/26 The Stowaway.mp3 Doctor Who Series 1/30 Love Don't Roam (performed By Neil Hannon).mp3 Doctor Who Series 1/15 Song For Ten (Performed By Neil Hannon).mp3 Doctor Who Series 3/08 My Angel put the Devil in Me.mp3 Doctor Who Series 5 (A Christmas Carol)/28 Abigail's Song (Silence Is All You Know).mp3 Doctor Who Series 5/33 Chances - Athelete (used in Vincent and the Doctor).mp3 Doctor Who Series 8/12 Don't Stop Me Now (feat. Foxes).mp3 Doctor Who Series 4/06 Songs of Captivity and Freedom.mp3 Doctor Who Series 4/26 Song of Freedom.mp3 Doctor Who Series 1/14 Rose's Theme.mp3 Doctor Who Series 4/02 A Noble Girl About Town.mp3 Doctor Who Series 5/13 Amy's Theme.mp3 Doctor Who Series 5/11 Amy in the Tardis.mp3 Doctor Who Series 6/01 Growing Up Fast.mp3 Doctor Who Series 6/35 The Majestic Tale (of a Madman in a Box).mp3 Doctor Who Series 3/01 All the Strange, Strange Creatures.mp3 It could just as easily be songs from my artist and album folders though. Andre
  4. Silly little bug that I noticed while looking into some playlist issues for another thread, and I couldn't work out why there was a one-song discrepancy between my PC and Poweramp: if the final entry in a playlist does not have a line-end terminator (CR/LF or LF), the line is ignored. I only spotted this while as I was cutting and pasting stuff around a test playlist file, and inadvertently omitted the final line-end. Text parsers should assume an implied end-of-line when reaching the end of a file. Andre
  5. I keep the folder naming / nesting structure the same on my PC and my phone (from the root music level anyway) and then I create M3U playlist files with relative paths (rather than absolute ones) as needed, and just copy them over from the PC to the phone. The same files should thus work seamlessly on either platform. It's perhaps not very user-friendly to actually do though, as I paste the path/filename info directly into the M3U files using a text editor. Andre
  6. I seem to recall it being a permissions thing related to Android 10's draconian file handling restrictions, but I'm sure Max can provide more info. Andre
  7. You didn't mention you had Titanium Backup. If you can go back to a backup version from before the point to problem occurred, you might still be able to export via New Playlist Manager immediately after you revert the PA version (don't run the new PA first in case it wipes the values again). Worth a try anyway. Andre
  8. Just turn off the EQ settings. This option can now be saved by output device by the way, so it will only be enabled for that particular playback device, or you can just disable Equ/Tone for all Bluetooth devices in Settings > Audio > Output > (tap your chosen output method) > Bluetooth. Andre
  9. Not really in Poweramp's remit I'm afraid. And probably against the steaming station's terms of use. I'm sure there are programs out there that can do it though. Andre
  10. As I said, there's a third-party app called New Playlist Manager which can do this. PA on its own can backup any internally-created Playlists and turn them into physical .M3U8 playlist files (see Settings > Library > Playlists > Export). Andre
  11. I would suggest doing a Full Rescan (in Settings > Library) to remove the old entries which no longer exist as your new SD Card will have been given a new name and path by Android. First though, check that the new path is ticked in Settings > Library > Music Folders. Playlists are now meant to be able to resolve the changed root directory name, so try again once the new folder structure has been scanned. If still no luck, you may need to edit the lines in the playlist file(s) to reflect the new directory name that Android has invented. This will be the same search/replace for all of the lines in each of the playlist files (they are plain text, so any decent text editor will do it easily). Andre
  12. Does sound like a good idea, crossfading within albums/etc may not be especially desirable, but could still being wanted between random tracks. Andre
  13. That will be the OS doing that, not Poweramp. I did notice that you are using a modified logo though, it might be worth seeing if changing back to the default helps (in Settings > Look and Feel > Icon) and removing and re-adding the icon to your homescreen. Andre
  14. If PA has (for whatever reason) had to rescan all of your music collection back into its database, the songs will now appear as if they are new files in a new storage location - even though they happen to have the same names as old files which Poweramp assumed had been deleted and cleared from its memory. Anything contained within those files (tag data, embedded artwork, etc) will be restored during the rescan, but anything that was contained only in Poweramp's local database will no longer apply to what PA considers to be 'new' files. Sadly, this includes things like star ratings, most played, recently added - and possibly internal playlist entries. At present, PA does not write that sort of user-created data back into the metadata tags in files, although there are third-party apps such as New Playlist Manager which can do just that. This unfortunately won't help you now though, as once database information has been lost there is no way to recover it unless you had previously made a backup. Andre
  15. Follow the advice in the thread to start with, as much of it still applies even though it was mostly written about earlier beta-test releases of the app. Also try setting the output modes back to defaults (in Settings > Audio > Output). Andre
  16. Max has plans to release a separate EQ app at some point in the future that will work with all audio on the phone, not just in Poweramp. I don't know a timesscale or whether it will require root though. Andre
  17. You could try unpairing the Bluetooth device, reset Settings > Audio > Output back to defaults, then repair the device. No guarantees this will work though as it could be a new Xiaomi/MIUI-introduced issue. Andre
  18. Ah, checking that thread you have an old Android 4.4 device. Google Play should notice this and try to install the legacy v2 version of the app, as Poweramp v3 is indeed not compatible with your device. You could try installing build 588 manually from the APK file, but you might then have issues with trying to get a Google Play purchased unlocker to work with it. Andre
  19. You haven't said much about your specific issue as yet. In fact nothing at all so far, not even what device, Android version, and car head unit you are using - so there would not much to go on in trying to replicate or resolve your problem. Have you tried Settings > Misc > Metachanged Intent , by the way? Andre
  20. What sort of device? PA should be compatible with most Android devices, installing v2 if it's Andoid 4.4 or lower, and v3 for Android 5 and later. Andre
  21. Have you ensured that all Android battery-saving and optimising features have been turned off with respect to Poweramp? Is there any pattern to when this happens - after a certain amount of time, playing certain files, etc? You could check the optimising issue by leaving it plugged in to power and turning the screen-sleep feature off (best to have the screen dimmed if it's amoled) and leaving PA playing with the screen on. Andre
  22. Is the interface visible when this happens, or does it only happen when the device screen is asleep? Andre
  23. Yes, it was implemented as from build 857. Sorry, I updated several threads but missed this one. Andre
  24. As a test (not sure if it's related) could you try re-editing the filename and/or tag contents to use plain ASCII characters, rather than accented characters, and see if the edited copy shows up after a Full Rescan. If so, the Unicode tagging may be either incorrect or just not getting read correctly by the scanner, and you could try adjusting Settings > Library > Scanner > Tag Encoding. It's also worth uploading one of the files which causes problem so Max can take a look at it. Andre
  25. Really? Waltograph as a headline font is niche enough, but for body text?! Andre
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