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  1. Andre, SPOT ON............Exactly correct! You hit the nail on the head. What else can I say........your directions solved the problem. I would never, NEVER, have figured this out! THANK YOU!!! Now that I've gotten this far, where on line, or in the app can I find directions on how to do things. Most of what I see in the menus I have no clue what they mean? Again, Thanks, CW
  2. Are there any instructions on how to do various things in the Poweramp app? or online? I can't add new music files to my Playlists, I just go round and round, and accomplish nothing. Some instructions or how-to's would be most helpful! CW
  3. Andrewilley, Thank you for the response. First, I'm a raw nubie....so many tech terms fly right over my head. I have a Nexus 7 tablet with JellyBean 4.2.2 (not sure what ROM means). Recently the music player that came with the Nexus 7 was changed, much to my distress! It sucks big time. So I downloaded Poweramp from Google Play, after reading some good reviews. When I opened the new Poweramp app, I found in the "Library" section "All Songs" multiple listings of the same song. In "Folders" I found TWO idential folders, each containing the same list of songs. So I deleted everything and started
  4. Just downloaded Poweramp Unlocker on my N7. When I transfer all my music files from my Wintel computer, Poweramp creates two idential folders, each holding all the music files I transferred. If I click on "Library" and then "All Songs", I have each music file I downloaded shown TWICE - Two Times! If I delete one of the folders (and all the music files in it), NOTHING in the other undeleted identical folder will play. What am I doing wrong? Really don't need each music file to be listed twice, one after another, in my "All Songs" folder. CW
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