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  1. If you broke it down to 33, 33 and 31, it seems really odd that each one only showed the same limited number of tracks. Was it the same 26 tracks that you could see that you also saw in the full versions, and spread evenly through the playlists? Or did you see just the first 8, 8 and 10 files in each list? It seems very odd anyway. Would you care to upload the full M3U file here as an attachment in case there's something we can spot? Andre
  2. I got a new digital TV/Radio tuner USB stick last week, and that saves its raw audio files using the .MPA extension. Again, it's just a plain MPEG audio file, and Poweramp plays the content fine, but if the MPA and MP2 extensions could be added to the list of scanned files (they both play as per MP3s) that would be helpful. Thanks. Andre
  3. Agreed, some more info here: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6033-not-working-without-internet-connection/?hl=license#entry22899 Andre
  4. Don't forget the old saying about it being impossible to make anything "fool proof" because fools are so ingenious... Andre
  5. License validation checks can occur within the first 24 (48?) hours of purchase, after that Google should not need to check again other than for hardware resets, re-installs, etc. Just connect to the internet and run the app and allow the check to complete, then you should be good to go. See also http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323551-google-play-response-error-contacting-server Andre
  6. Not directly in Poweramp, but you could via third-party apps which tweak the functionality of the hardware buttons. Andre
  7. As well as the Shuffle option on the Player screen, there is also a List Order sort (go to the Folders/Library view and press Menu) but I didn't think that effected Playlists. Does the order show correctly when you view the playlist contents in the Library>Playlists screen? You can re-order the tracks via that screen too, by dragging the little slider icon up and down (which will save the modifications back into the .M3U file, so you may want to keep a backup of your original version). Andre
  8. As far as I know there is no such limitation on the trial version, it's purely a timed trial. Do any of the filenames or paths contain odd characters which might be confusing the system, or is there a common link in the files which don't display? Try making three smaller playlists via Notepad++ and see if all the tracks show up that way. Also try saving as UTF-8 (Unicode text) format and change the playlist extender from .M3U to .M3U8 and see if that makes a difference. Andre
  9. Sounds potentially dangerous to me, but I guess if it was an optional feature with clear warning text when you enable it? Andre
  10. Sounds like a nice idea to me too, hopefully the app developer will agree? Andre
  11. That is one of the difficulties with new features and options getting added to software via incremental updates, existing users can sometimes not notice they are there. A whole version update, with everything new at once, tends to make people look through the new features more closely. Those options have been there for at least a year or two though I think. I'm glad your problem is resolved anyway. Andre
  12. For most advanced users, it is generally better to manually select just those folders which contain your music (in my case, just one on my external card) rather than letting Poweramp auto-scan the whole of your phone. Otherwise you end up with ringtones, notifications and even game sounds in your Poweramp music lists. Andre
  13. As far as I know, it is only intended to change the art for the current song not a whole album. Andre
  14. It looks like on KitKat you don't get the extra option to move the action bar to the bottom for the Player UI, but only for the Equaliser/Library/Folders/etc screens. On JB, there are three tickbox options: Action BarPlayer UI Bottom Action Bar (main player UI screen, not compatible with some skins)Bottom Action Bar (for Equ/Folders/Lib screens) On KitKat, just the two: Action BarBottom Action Bar (for Equ/Folders/Lib screens) I hadn't noticed this myself as I prefer to use Poweramp's own themed menus option, along with the corner icons within the album art for feature sections (set to auto-hide for neatness). Andre
  15. Stupid question, but have you turned off Poweramp's "Resume on Wired Headset" and similar options? Andre
  16. The presets were saved to memory, but if you uninstall an app then you also uninstall all its settings, so if you reinstall it later you are back to the original defaults. An "Export/Save Settings" option is planned for the future, but sadly that won't help you now. Do you have a Titanium Backup of your old app settings by any chance? Andre
  17. Has your editing software perhaps changed the genre tag format from Rock/Pop to Rock;Pop ? Andre
  18. Good idea. Max, can this be added to the list? Andre
  19. Getting rid of hardware buttons is a major, major design flaw from Google IMHO. If I'd have wanted an iPhone, I'd have bought one. Having discrete menu, home and back buttons is a major deciding factor in any new phone purchase for me. Andre
  20. I don't think there are any immediate plans (iPhone would come first anyway) but that doesn't mean it will never happen. Andre
  21. Settings/etc backup is planned, as is writing ratings directly to the MP3 header tags, but I know that doesn't help you right now. Have you tried using an app like Titanium Backup to backup and restore all app data to your new phone? Andre
  22. "not working" in what way - do you not see the bar, or see the wrong buttons on it, or you can't press it? Would a screenshot help? Andre
  23. See http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323547-poweramp-unlockers-difference-error-24 Andre
  24. Have you checked out the FAQs section for install issues? Also, have you previously tried any (ahem) unofficial versions, which might be preventing the install from working? Andre
  25. Well hopefully more and more people will, but my comment was actually a joke at the expense of young master Bieber. Andre
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